Ziran the warrior ( scims are attached by a rope )

Ziran is a male human character native to the Kharidan desert.


Ziran was born in the Kharidian desert, during the midst of a sand storm. He grew up happily with his family there. His father teached him the noble art of fighting with scimitars, wich Ziran learned with eager. He had to work hard in his father sword shop during the day, and after work he would train with his father. He had no further education then swordplay and the noble art of it. His parents raised him to believe to the menaphite gods. Therefore when his father died when Ziran was 18 years old they mummified him for Ictlharin. After the death of his father he took over the shop and started making quiet some money. He would still practice his swordplay with some friends after work but he was living the good life.

After a night at the local bar he and his friends got wound up in a bar fight. His friends ran but Ziran and his brother stood tall and proud, not backing down. They only realised afterwards that they were heavily outnumberd. His brother was killed in the fight and Ziran was only clinging on to life when the guards arrived. The guards not even willing to look into what happend just exiled everyone who was involved in the fight.

Ziran now hangs around in the pub of Falador, trying to forget his past and fit in somewhere. When he visited the Port of Sarim he thought he had found a place to call home. But due to the fact that no one was ever found lingering in the Port he decided to go forward with his life and continue his journey for a purpose.


He is a nice hard working man, but when somebody insults him or insults the Menaphite gods he can get quiet upset. As a friend he could be the best friend you can ever imagine, but as an enemy Ziran is not to fear, he forgets disputes quiet easily.

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