Zachariah,or Zach for short, is a Vampyre Juvenate living in Morytania. He is a former member of the Nourom Coven.

Zachariah during his time with the Nourom

Physical Appearance

Zachariah stands taller then most Juvinates. Physically large and powerfull his strength is greater then most normal Vampyres of his age. 

  • He stands about 6'3" and is strong built. 
  • His hair is grown into long dreads and he now has a beard. 
  • He has the Nourom Red eyes and fangs.

Early History

Zachariah was born Zachary Webb to a White Knight and a common noble woman in Falador. He grew up idolizing his father and dreaming about being a holy warrior. Zachary never understood the dangers of his profession and it came to cost him eventually. As a young teenager he was beaten bloody by a group of Zamorakian Zealots. This event changed his life, making him cold and dark at heart. Determined to prove himself as a warrior he ventured to the Nourom Coven of Vampyres to kill one or more of the creatures. Zachariah lost badly to the Nourom family members, being made a servant for awhile before he was turned by Taralani Nourom into a Juvenile. 

Nourom Coven

He began his life as a Vampyre rough, often being beaten by the older Vyres of the Coven. Having lost his human memories he was often dull or dim witted in social settings. Upon his transformation into a Juvinate, Zachariah gained knowledge of his Sire and a understanding of the world he lived in. He eventually got on the bad side of Lucie Dawn, who challenged him to a fight in the Swamps of Morytania. Zachariah accepted her challenge and was ambushed by her on the way to the fight. He took a silver throwing knife to his temple, damaging his mind in the process. Lucie left him for dead, thinking he would not recover from the injury.  

100 Years Lost

When he finally awoke he had lost all his memory of who he was and what he was. This began a long span of time where he lived alone in the swamp, feeding of wandering adventurers and werewolves and killing any rouge wild Vampyres he encountered. 

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