Yt-Rek-Xil's Diary






Yt-Rek-Xil's life from first person


Unfinished; with Yt-Rek-Xil

Translated from TzHaar.

[1] +: Zar mug es teecing mi hw tu rit


[5] #: Yt-Rek-Xil finali got mi nam rite!

[Random words, some spelled correctly]

[10] *: Saar-Meg sed Yt-Rek-Xil shud write diari, like Jaalit. Toodei Yt-Rek-Xil foht in Fite Caves, and beat +* [20] Tz-Keh!

[Similar accounts of fighting]

[61] #+: Yt-Rek-Xil asked TzHaar-Mej about the not-TzHaar and showed him TokTz-Ket, but TzHaar-Mej just said not to go to the them anymore.

[More accounts of fighting]

[121] *+: Yt-Rek-Xil met strange Ket, not TzHaar, not TokHaar, not JalYt. Yt-Rek-Xil not sure who it was. [Accounts of normal, everyday life]

[125] *#: Yt-Rek-Xil finally saw outside TzHaar City! Many strange JalYt, calling Yt-Rek-Xil "wench". Yt-Rek-Xil also got asked to "suck" JalYt, but Yt-Rek-Xil not know what that means.

[More exploring of Karamja]

[130] **: Yt-Rek-Xil got on big TokJal-Hurt! It went all the way to big JalYt city, and Yt-Rek-Xil met JalYt-Bite, who called me "friend". Not sure what it means, but JalYt-Bite seemed to like me.

131: Strange things happening, don't have long to write. I'll make sure it's all in properly next time.

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