Xena Bathory
Xena Bathory

Full Name:

Xena Marie Bathory





Religous Affiliation:

Loyalist to House Drakan


Chaotic Evil



Xena Bathory is a vampyric warrior under the servings of Allisa Foryx. Once in the Draculesti (Once Draculea) Coven, she is officially covenless as of current. At present, she might be found wandering in the swamps searching for things to amuse herself.

She is played by Allisa Foryx


Humanoid Form

Xena stands at a mere height of 5'6 while in this form, her physique being lean and fit with a snow-white complexion. Her hair, a deep red which is dyed from blood, lays at shoulder length, while she normally ties it up when it comes to any sort of combat. She dons a sleek black blouse along with a pair of tight fitting trousers. She more than often has her clothes tattered or torn from fighting, as she normally has no care for how others may view her or think of her.

Full Form

Xena gains an inch of height from her elongated ears while in this form. Her skin pigment turns to be light gray in color, while her wing membrane shows to be a magnificent black. Her attire whilst in this form is tight to her body, still providing for her quick paced movements, and serving to provide for her attack styles. Her wings give her the span of a total of 17 feet in length including her shoulder length.


The Birth of The Black Lamb

On a cold, storming night, Tara Bathory went into labor with her first child, her husband accompanying her in the birth as they had a family friend help recieve their child. After cumbersome hours, the Bathory family recieved their first child, whom was deemed the name Xena Marie Bathory. In the following year after Xena's birth, it would be noted to her parents that she was a child unlike most others. Xena was curious about the world, but much preferred to be alone when in groups.

Family Affairs


Under A Rock


An Unfinished Adventure..


The Life Unwanted


An Open Offer


Family Like Before


Allisa's Disappearance


Cherished Death


Recent Events

Notable Relationships



  • Mother: Tara (Nyett) Bathory ~Deceased~
  • Father: Gabriel Bathory ~Deceased~


  • Older Brother: Lucas Bathory ~Deceased~
  • Younger Sister: Melanie Bathory ~Deceased~
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