Winry Winlet
"Did it really have to be spiders?"





Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Blue




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Winry Winlet is an aged pyromancer, under the employment of the Aren Family. He has spent most of his life as an adventuring mage, accompanying many parties on a slew of adventures. Among his Adventures are a trek to the Eastern Lands, accompanied by Magus Concendo, to rescue several friends form the clutches of giant spiders.

Owned Items

On his person

  • A fire rune core wand, the outside a polished maple.
  • A fairly large rune pouch, capable of carying upwards to 500 runes.
  • A steel dagger at his hip.

At Home

Within Winry's home in Rimmington, he has the following collected:

  • A set of weathered leather armor, having seen all manner of battles and adventures.
  • A staff, topped with a symbol of Saradomin.
  • Various valuables collected on his adventures.
  • Several hundred books, spanning all forms of literature, from plays, to poems, to magical theory.


Birth & Youth

Winry Jebidiah Winlet was born in Falador, his mother and father owning a gem shop just outside of town. In his young years, he was always getting in minor trouble with the guards, his father simply sighing as he shakes his head apologizing to the guard for his son's misdeeds. It was never anything serious, Winry loved to to toy with the guards. 

The First Adventure & The Wizards

Magus & the super friends

Time spent off

Back to the road



  • His favorite color is orange
  • His favorite drink is strawberry tea
  • Due to one adventure, Winry is deeply arachnophobic
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