The Thief

Full Name

William Alec Munroe





Current Location

The Deck


Joker of the Deck


Father: Alec Munroe

Mother: Aleisha Merryweather

William Munroe is a down on his luck theif who chose the wrong people to steal from, and is now in service to a bunch of mercs, this thief is played by Rhys.

Pre roleplayed history

William was born to the former patriach of the red order Alec Munroe of the wizards tower a former zmi agent who had left behind his zamorrakian ways to help teach young talent in the art of magic, and a common barwench known as Aleisha Merryweather who worked in the local Varrockian inn known as the Jolly Boar, Alec went missing soon after William was born and had little to do with the boy.

Without a father William grew up to be fairly unruly and a handfull for this mother,he often got in trouble for pickpocketing the local patrons as he helped his mother in the inn,as William got older his crimes became bigger and he often took to looting villages after they had been raided, this was what eventually led to him joining the deck.

Roleplayed History

While looting a nearby village while it was under attack by local goblins, Will was caught of guard and was forced to hide under a general stores counter as the goblins began to fill the buildings,lucky for him and unlucky for the goblins the Mercenary company known as the Deck has been hired to clear the town of the green menace.

After a while one of the deck entered the building he was a semi tanned man with a strange ponytail and a rather nice looking bow, seeing a chance to steal the bow and make away with it to sell, he charged from under the counter and tackled the merc to the floor, he would use this distraction to steal the bow and leg it.

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