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"In death you will finally experience my true beauty"








Chaotic Evil

William Donovan is a character roleplayed by Aero Vlade.


Early Life

William was born in Lumbridge, his father a guardsmen his mother a milkmaid. He was an ugly boy, not any of the girls ever had attention for him. Many of the boys teased him, and sometimes even threw rocks at him. When one day he came home with bruises from a fight he had gotten into his mother decided to keep him home.

William thusly never enjoyed the gifts of friendship at a young age, because of this he started reading a lot. His father often brought home books from the castle for him. He called him "his little scholar". 

At the age of 12 his father had arranged for him to go and study at the wizard's tower. William was overjoyed and his family was proud of the progress he was making there. His tutors called him a friendly and humble boy. However, yet again boys of his age started to pester him about his looks. William became quiet and bitter. 

The First Crime

On his 17th birthday the pestering intensified. The boys of the acadamy were chasing him up the stairs while shouting loudly. When they were on the top floor they surrounded him and threw all kinds of garbage on him claiming it to be his perfect present.

At that moment William had had enough in a fit of rage he launched an assault on one of the boys. In his blind anger he pushed to boy of the top floor, the poor boy fell to his death. Everyone was stunned that such a friendly quiet boy would be capable of something so horrible. Before the tutors could find him he took off, never to be seen in the wizard tower again.

The Hunted

William would get into touch with evil wizards, learning their ways. The sweet friendly boy hand turned, all the mockery had made him into a new person. After many years he learned Chaos Magic and Necromancy. The man, now 45 years old, would return to Lumbridge, feeling powerful now. William returned home. He contfronted each of the boys who used to tease him. He killed them all, in their dying moments they all heard the same phrase "In death you will finally experience my true beauty". Soon however stories of a maniac on the loose would spread troughout Lumbridge. Dissapearing never to be seen again.

The Return

Today William, aged 67, can be found in the College of Mages, teaching magic. His acts long forgotten by the people. He waits, he waits untill the time is right.

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