Wilkins the Beaver

Drencrom Wilkins, known simply as Wilkins to most, is an unusual beaver who is capable of speech. He claims to be the first of his kind to ever sail with a pirate crew.

He is usually seen with Midwyn Meadowborn, who is played by Midwyn.

Early life

Wilkins was born together with four siblings in a lodge near the Baxtorian Falls. Being extraordinarily intelligent for a beaver he soon realised there was more to life than just gnawing on twigs all day and decided to attend Mr. Mordaut's academy, where he studied mathematics, science, history, drama and several foreign languages.


Wilkins likes to reminisce about the many jobs he's done throughout his life. His first job after graduating from the academy was assisting Postie Pete, which allowed him to travel across RuneScape.

He would later move on to work with the PBJ, doing undercover missions and spying on the KGP, though he was soon caught as this was before the time of the clockwork penguin suit.

After escaping the penguins and quitting the PBJ, Wilkins joined a pirate crew off Brimhaven and sailed the seas until the ship ran aground (about a week later) and he was imprisoned at the Rock Island prison for piracy; luckily for him, there was a giant hole in the outer wall of the cell.

Wilkins has also done excavating jobs for the Varrock museum, filled in for the Mime and repaired machines at Diango's underground workshop in Draynor Village.

Personal life

Wilkins lives outside Varrock with his beaver wife Felicity (she is, however, incapable of speech). He is a good friend of Midwyn Meadowborn and several important figures such as King Arthur and Harold Death Esq.

Wilkins often holds lectures in his BOH (beaver-owned house) and is also an avid reader of the Varrock Herald but criticizes the fact that it hasn't been updated in nearly seven years.

He is currently attempting to establish a dimensional rift in his basement that he hopes will allow him to explore the multiverse.


  • He is godless.
  • He enjoys cooking and claims to be Level 97.
  • He dreams of one day sailing with the Canal Barge to Kudos Island.
  • He is fluent in the common tongue, Beaverspeak, Old Gnomish, Ancient Dwarvish, Catspeak and Swedish.
  • He is fourteen years old.
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