White Knight Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of Asgarnians. The desired outcome of the messages include further recruitment, support, and funding for activities such as war. The propaganda is almost always displayed on papyrus posters which are often posted around Asgarnia, especially Falador. Most of the posters are designed by a White Knight named Sir Renitee.

White Knight propaganda posters are often simple and straight forward. They usually focus on demonizing enemies such as the Kinshra and glorifying Saradominist forces. The White Knights have been using propaganda posters as techniques for recruiting since The War of 164. After the war, propaganda had slowly halted to a stand-still. However, with the return of the gods and The Battle of Lumbridge, propaganda has started appearing in mass amounts.



  • Most White Knight Propaganda posters are based on real-world examples of propaganda, mainly seen during World War II.
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