The Logo

The Weston Printing Company was founded by Varis Grey. Based out of Yanille, Weston Printing will deal primarily in scholarly works, cartography, and commissioned works.


WPC offers the following services to it's customers;

Commissioned Works

Ever wanted to write a book? Have a book you would like written and published? Weston's team of writers and editors will take orders and garuntee customer satisfaction with their commissioned works. We highly encourage commissioners to be a part of the writting process, however this is optional. Commissioned works will be availible for public purchase unless explicitly requested to be private.


Weston Printing will produce maps, large and small, for any needs. These maps will be distributed for public use unless explicitly requested to be private.

Scholarly Works

Scholars, Magi, Scientists, Engineers, all are encouraged to visit the company and offer their expertise in their feilds of study. In an effort to expand public knowledge of the Arts and Sciences, we offer percentages of profits to those that offer their knowledge to this section of our catalog. All these works will be availible for public purchase.


  • Weston Standard Political Map, 1st Edition by Varis Grey

In-Progress Works

  • None.
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