Wayne Clough is the older deceased brother of Bruce Clough. Wayne has served as a guard and a soldier, an average military background. Wayne wasn't too much of interest, as he was mostly a side character, his brother taking his spot-light.


This is the history of Wayne Clough.

Pre-Roleplaying History

Wayne was born in the 5th age, his parents named Jacob and Zoe Clough. Being Zoe's first son, he was praised much during the first six years of his life. His father Jacob would begin to teach him how to use a knife at the age of 3, beginning his own little school then. Wayne had never really picked a religion, as he was naturally a Guthixian as his father was Zamorakian and his mother was Saradominist. 

Then he had a brother, Bruce Clough. His parents were away on a vacation in Morytania, for some odd reason. Wayne's life during the two or so weeks was quite boring with his nanny. He'd be practicing his combat skills, eat, sleep, shit, all that. Then when his parents came home with the new baby, he was confused, until he learned that this was his brother. 


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