Lord Vladiyad I Draculesti
Portrait of Vladiyad


Date Unknown, Vampyrium


Year 169 of The Fifth Age, Morytania




House Draculesti

Lord Vladiyad I Draculesti, was an elder vampyre. He was the founding father of House Draculesti, a minor vampyre clan from Vampyrium.

Vladiyad was slain in the Year 169 of the Fifth Age. The remaining members of House Draculesti were later wiped out by an unknown vampyre hunter carrying out a slayer task in Darkmeyer.

He was played by Midwyn.



Vladiyad Chathead Humanoid
In his humanoid form, Vladiyad was a tall and muscle-bound man, standing at a height of 6'5. He had a thin, crooked nose and pointy ears with bat-like features. His eyes were a brownish red colour, shifting to bright red when fully rejuvenated and his dark brown hair was usually kept long. He also sported a small half goatee.

When weakened, Vladiyad became much thinner and wrinkled. His irises turned white and his hair colour shifted to a pale grey.


Vladiyad Chathead Full
As Vladiyad shifted into his vyre form he grew even taller. His skin hardened and turned leathery to the touch and turned dark red. His eyes shone with an even deeper, blood-red hue.

The robes he wore as a vyre were similar to what most vyrelords and vyreladies wear, with a slightly more regal touch in the form of gold and red ornaments, much like his human clothing.

(Thanks to Lothorian Foryx for making the icons.)

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