St. Virgil the Prophet is a Mahjarrat originating from Freneskae, but has had absolutely no contact with any Mahjarrat on Gielinor besides his brother, Skraedos. He has had minimal interaction with any beings beyond his needs, and often resigned himself to libraries and studies around the world for solitary study. Unbeknownst to him, a complication work of his written in the fourth age would become the basis for the Deistic Faith, and he is known as Saint Virgil the Prophet on Gielinor. As the Codex never talks about it's writer, and no other historical reference to Virgil exists, he is assumed to have lived and died a very simple, and likely short, human life in pre-unification Asgarnia.

Known History

Virgil, during the fourth age, compiled doctrines from books of Law, Balance, and Order, and interjected an early form of Godless idealism to writte what is today known as the Sacra Codex. Fresh from the horrors of the God Wars, the Codex took the position that the Gods were aspects and forces of nature, and their power should be revered and their philosphies studied and discussed in scholarly manor. However, to believe fully in any one doctrine alone is to be singleminded, in Virgil's view. It is only through understanding all the facets of what the Gods have to teach that one truly achives a complete spiritual union with the greater universe around them.

This book was circularted in small circles for centuries, but was merely seen as the scholarly work of an early 'progressive' theologian. Finally, in the Sixth Age, the return of the Gods sparked serious consideration of Virgil's ideals. Almost over night, the Deistic Church rose to prominence in Asgarnia, and has slowly begun to spread interationally. Two thousand years after he had written the Sacra Codex, Virgil was declared a Prophet, and Sactified.

True History

Virgil is an old Mahjarrat whom came to Gielinor from Freneskae along with his brother Skraedos during the Third Age to investigate the fate of their former tribesmen. Having discovered the activities of their kin, including the startling rise to Godhood of Zamorak, they endeavoured to continue their studies secretly and surpress their presence on the plane as best they could. They took to attending Rituals in the forms of small insects or animals to remain incognito. They never fought in any battle or aided any one side during the wars. Sometime during the fourth age, he returned to Freneskae with Skraedos. However before he did so, he wrote a compliation of his ideals on the Gods, which would later become known as the Sacra Codex. Although Skraedos has returned to Gielinor, Virgil remains in Freneskae to this date.

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