300px-Pet green baby dragon

A baby green dragon, like Verde.


Aztarwyn as Verde.

Verde Genic is Holly J. Blakan's pet dragon. He is a baby green dragon who Holly has raised since he hatched. He is eight and a half years old. He is a nice and friendly dragon.


Verde was born as Verde Genic in front of the Al Kharid Palace. He hatched from an egg that Holly found on an adventure and took home as a pet. While waiting for the hatching, Emma played a song called Love Story. The egg finally hatched. Holly began feeding Verde kebabs and playing with him.

Attacks by Mother

Verde's mother, who happened to still be alive, was angry that her egg was stolen. So she began tracking down Verde. She found that he was in the desert city of Al Kharid, so she went to there, and attacked the house she sensed him in, almost destroying it. Holly teleported to safety, luckily.

Attack of Al Kharid Palace

One day, when Holly was at the Al Kharid Palace, Verde's mother came by again. She began clawing and blowing fire on everything to try to kill Holly, destroying the palace in the process. Luckily, Bruce Clough and the Vigilis Cruor came by and slayed the dragon. The palace was repaired soon after.

Kidnapping by Aztarwyn

After Verde and his family had moved to a mansion north of Camelot, Aztarwyn came by to look for Emma Bloikon, who he wanted to kill. He saw Verde, who he stupidly thought was a stray dragon, so he took him home with him. The Vigilis Cruor later came with Aztarwyn's orders to storm the mansion and kill Emma, which failed, returning Verde in the process.


  • "Verde" is the Spanish word for "Green", because this was not blatantly obvious (or noticeably cliché) beforehand, nope.
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