Roleplayed by Vynri


Those that have met the mysterious warlock know that the man is very lax, even with his odd, salty glare. This man at first approach can be seen as self selling and as selfish though it is known that this man has a peculiar taste and an artists flare.


Childhood- Grew up in Ardougne with his brother. He was originally named Galset Gram by his parents

Teenage years - The mans teenage years were filled with turmoil with the news of his mothers death, his mothers soul being eaten by a Deborah Amore during an event only known as 'the Black Feast'. He was given his mothers cottage in Ardougne and her workshop in Rimmington.

Adolescence - Begonia Montis, a woman, bore his child. Both Begonia and the child were killed and raised as zombies during the events of the Hunger, which was orchestrated by a Thorvald Souleater . He moved from his family cottage to get away from the memories fully moving to Rimmington after the events in Ardougne, living his days out trying to help people with their problems via magical means or not.


This man stands at the height of 5'7" with a farmhands build. The mans hair is ratty, black and a dyed neon green, his eyes this verdant green as his face gives off his age of late thirties. He wears a top hat at all times as well as a matching attire of noir. In his hands are either a jagged cane or a staff made from Yew and a large ruby.


Listed below are things that the man is known for, rather than what he can do.

  • Acute knowledge in otherworldly beings.
  • Large knowledge of the magical world.
  • Precise craftsmanship of magical items.
  • Rumor that he is of Moonclan blood.
  • He has this ability to see fragments of the far future, A seers ability.
  • He has been seen to be a very astute Geomancer.
  • Known to be able to cook.


Dark mithril serrated athame

Golden Cane

Agathas Grimoire


A Witch Coven. - It is heard that this man is a member of an old Rimmington witches coven.

Jean Cadarn - A Loyal friend

Edhel - His faithful satyr familiar

Tehlo Gram - His brother.


This man has created objects of interest for magical folk and non-magical folk together. Some of these are:

  • Horn of Wrath - A wand made from the horn of a creature whom calls herself 'Fauna'. The wand is especially good at casting elemental spells, but not much else.
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