So we all know that different races speak different languages, which would predictably lead to a different sort of accent for each group when speaking common. From the time I've spent about and in different parts of Gielinor, these are the general parallels for accents by region/race that I've seen in use. Feel free to leave your own interpretations or preferences in the comments.

Region  RW - Equivalent and Demographic
Asgarnia, Capitol

Posh English (Higher Classes)

Cockney/Inner Londoner (Lower Classes, Denners)

Asgarnia, Southshores

South UK (Sarimer)

West-Country UK (Rimmington, Countryside.)

Asgarnia, Highlands Northern English (Ice Mountain Foothills, Taverly.)
Misthalin, Southlands

New-England U.S. (Lumbridge, Draynor)

Southern U.S. (Farmlands)

Misthalin, Capitol

Posh U.S. English (Higher Classes)

Inner-City U.S. (Lower Classes, Slummers)

Tirannwn, Elven Welsh

South African (Musa Colonies, Pirate Ports)

Nigerian English (Tribespeople, Shilo Villagers)


Middle-Eastern (Al-Kharid, Shantay Pass)

Morraccan (Pollnivneach)

Saharan African (Sophani, Menaphosi)


Russian (Canic)

Modern German (Darkmeyer, Vyres.)

Slavic (Human)

Wushanko Isles

(Up for debate)

Chinese, Mongolian (The Arc)

Japanese (The Skull)

Northern Lands

Scandinavian (Fremmennik)

Icelandic (Lunar)

Inuit (Acheronian)

Ancient Germanic (Wilderness Tribespeople)

Kandarin, Capitol

High French (Higher Classes)

Urban French (Lower Classes, Westerlings)

Kandarin, Southlands/Northrons

Irish (Whitewolf Highlanders, Fremmenik Borderlands)

Italian (Yannillians, Southrons)


Broken English (Bandosian races, Trolls)

Scottish (Dwarves)

Native American Accent (Gorajo)

Keep in mind this is just my interpretation and what I've seen some other RP'ers using about. After all, there is no real rule about this sort of thing, and it is what you make of it. Tell me what you think in the comments.

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