The tired editor wandered down the recent edits page, looking for spelling mistakes and categories to add when they see a line of text. It was the editors ancient nemesis, the Span Tag. The editor, already long since overdue to go and play another game decides to quickly make the necessary changes, and head off to plan the next addition to their blocky fortress. Before long, the Span Tag was gone and the editor was closing their tabs to leave. Then they realised. This was an old guide page. There are numerous guide pages! They editor should check to see if any others have their cursed nemesis lurking within the source code.

Before they editor realised it, half an hour had passed. They had lost so much time trying to vanquish the unending foe that the editor no longer had time to really do anything in this other game. The editor, grieving the loss searched for some way to beat into the brains of the other editors that Span Tag must not be nurtured, if the editor was to survive. The editor begged and begged the others to paste their information into notepad before adding it to the wiki, or at least look at the source code themselves, to defeat the menace before it gained a true foothold. The editor spoke, knowing that few if any would ever listen.

Please. Let the editor rest. Let them build their blocky stronghold with a clear mind. Do not let the Span Tag grow.

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