Void Adept

aka Void

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on November 13
  • My occupation is Unemployed
  • I am Male
If I had a pound for every single time someone said ((Void)) during RP...

–Void, joking about his name.

Void's casual attire

Release Date

23rd December 2005

Combat Level




Members only


Quest NPC

  • Immortues
  • The Godless
  • Sliske' Countdown


Falador, Priffidnas, Freneskae, Tower of Life, The Godless Hall.

Sells Items

Scrimshaw of vampyrism, Seasinger's robe top, Tetsu body.




Behold, the Administrator Void, whose mind reshapes history into his own design. You feel disturbingly like the tapestry of your life is about to unravel.

Void, also known as Void Adept, is the youngest of the Wiki Adminstrators, and is responsible for the design of the current wiki theme, the Immortues Project and the Frostentome Transcripts, and is one of the only roleplayers who have had a character legitimately ascend to a demigod: Mephiles. He also created The Hoardstalker and Sephirot, though Mephiles came first.

He can be summoned only through the offical wiki Discord, under the name of "Void".


Void is a reclusive character, preferring to only commune with his fellow administrators, particularly Lor-Break. While not an expert with wikia’s stupidly-complicated code, Void has demonstrated a willingness to experiment with it, combing it with his talent with Photoshop and graphics to achieve professional results.

Often deferring his judgement until consulting his seniors, Void will generally reply with simple answers. If disturbed however, Void will not hesitate in enforcing his authority with draconic force, though punishments and bans that make the perpetrators a public example to others.


[Redacted, as per the Official Secrets Act]



  • Chancellor Cynfor Elis



The Immortues Project

Void is the main author of the Immortues Project, which sets to document and publish articles relating to the Immortues that he, Fraxtion and Super Ferret created. The majority of the Pre-2015 content is constructed from either personal account or a series of internal documents between them, such as short stories, plotline briefs and screenshots. Almost all post-2015 content is written by Void, with continutity checks by Fraxtion.

Only Void or Fraxtion are permitted to edit such articles, unless permission is granted.

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