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SsVivid is a roleplayer who started during Runescape Classic and began In-Game Runescape Roleplay in Summer 2011. Before joining, she had experience with roleplay on forum-based websites away from Runescape and primarily used the game for questing. When her quest list ran low, however, she needed another story-based part of the game to hold her attention, and so she turned to this community.


SsVivid is known among friends for illustrating facial portraits of Roleplaying characters. This started as an absent-minded doodling project between class lectures, and grew into a full-scale series that attracted peer attention. The first several were done with prismacolor pencils in a sketchbook, but since then it has evolved into a glossier medium, photoshop painting. For information about getting one for yourself, see this blog.

In order to illustrate others' characters, she asks the user to find a photograph of a model's face who closely resembles his/her idea of the character. By taking this as a guide and working with external details like hair style, eye color, and indentifying marks (like scars), she produces the most accurate rendition possible.

Characters Done:

Active Roleplay Characters

These are currently my main characters. If a character is in this section, I am either already involved with playing her in a group, proactively looking for a group to enroll her in, or actively using her in public freelance.

Gwyn Cadell Val of Ardougne


  • Age: 38 
  • Origin: Varrock
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Drill Instructor
  • Residence: Varrock
    • Primary Combat: Ranged

Valkyrie Vekon

  • Age: 39 
  • Origin: Lunar Isle
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Mage/Cook 
  • Residence: Wizard Tower
  • Primary Combat: Magic

Asurja Val

Asurja child chathead.png
  • Age: 16
  • Origin: Shilo Village
  • Race: Half-Mahjarrat
  • Job: Child/Student
  • Residence: Undecided
  • Primary Combat: Undecided

Secondary Roleplay Characters

These are my secondary characters. If a character is in this section, that means that I hope to play her again in the future, but I am neither actively playing her nor am I currently looking for a use for her. 

Shane Jäger


  • Age: 31
  • Origin: Void Outpost
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Void Knight Ranger
  • Residence: Void Outpost
    • Primary Combat: Ranged

Aynaet du Marais


  • Age: 972 (turned at 19)
  • Origin: Ardougne
  • Race: Vyre Vampyre
  • Job: Vyrewatch
  • Residence: Port Phasmatys
    • Primary Combat: Melee

Fairy Fen


  • Age: undecided
  • Origin: Zanaris
  • Race: Fairy
  • Job: Water/Wetland Ecosystems
  • Residence: Zanaris
  • Primary Combat: None


Accip rejuvenated chathead.png
  • Age: 60
  • Origin: Troll Mountains (Scorpiana + Marethyu)
  • Race: Mahjarrat
  • Job: None currently
  • Residence: None currently
  • Primary Combat: Magic

Sifiye Al Gazzar

  • Age: 27
  • Origin: Nardah
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Trader
  • Residence: ???
  • Primary Combat: Melee

Retired Roleplay Characters

This section is for characters who have not died, but who have been decidedly removed from roleplay. Characters marked as "permanently retired" will not be brought back into play. Characters simply marked as "retired" should not be expected to play again, but may come out of retirement should there be a specific need or family revival.

Sweep Sheik Viv Hellfire

  • Age: 26
  • Origin: Varrock
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Travelling Scholar, Know-It-All
  • Status: Permanently Retired

Annie Sweetwater

  • Age: 16
  • Origin: Ardougne
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Messenger/Translator
  • Status: Permanently retired

Godiva Sweete

  • Age: 29
  • Origin: Burthorpe
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Artisan
  • Status: Retired

Ali (Alina) Aasim

  • Age: 35
  • Origin: Pollnivneach
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Enchantress/Entrepeneur
  • Status: Retired

Christina Harvin


  • Age: 13
  • Origin: Varrock/Harvinwood
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Student/Daughter
  • Primary Combat: Melee

Saelyth Yr Neleseth


  • Age: 3​88 
  • Origin: Priffdinas
  • Race: Elven
  • Job: Historic Scholar/Noble/Crystal Healer
  • Residence: Priffdinas
  • Status: Retired

Deceased Characters

Deceased Characters are characters who have passed away in roleplay and who I have no intention of playing again in any form.

Old Woman Agatha

  • Origin: Lumbridge
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Mentally Unstable
  • Cause of Death: Hit with blackjack, blood hemmoridged into brain.


  • Origin: Karamja
  • Race: Human
  • Job: Tribal Diplomat
  • Cause of Death: Cannibalistic public murder

Sarik Farmer


  • Age: 18
  • Origin: Lumbridge
  • Race: Human/Dorgeshuun
  • Job: Scribe/Librarian
  • Cause of Death: Cave in under Battle of Lumbridge

Nox Fumus

  • Age: 30 
  • Origin: Kharidan Desert
  • Race: Human/Elemental
  • Job: Thief
    • Cause of Death: Froze; Hypothermia

Vivid character alignments.png

My Favorite Pages

Fun Facts

  • The "Ss" stands for "Super Saiyan." It's a throwback to her original username from the early 2000's when Dragonball was popular.
  • She has a deviantart page. The username is "vividcamouflage."
  • Any time SsVivid gets an interesting new outfit she compulsively makes a new character.
  • SsPortraits are available on commission.
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