• I live in Little place in Norway you wouldn't find if you looked
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is Doing things.
  • I am wondering if it matters.
Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.


I joined the community somewhere in the later months of 2011, and I had a lot of fun. My first groups were the Aren Family and I remember the Wizards' Tower under Samarodion- they were good days, and I spent probably far too many late-night hours roleplaying wherever I could find it, in whatever event was currently going on. Most importantly, I quickly decided that my first and main character was to be a Mahjarrat. They were good times, and I always felt I had all the creative freedom I could want, with options for jumping into new groups and events left and right. Even- or perhaps especially- the Mahjarrat Rituals that evolved later were a great joy.

However, everyone knows that the community went on a decline. It's a sad truth, and it affected me as well. Not only was there less roleplay and fewer roleplayers around to interact with, I also grew older and as I grew older, it became less sensible for me to stay up until times like one, two- sometimes even three in the morning to roleplay. At this point, I'd discovered the wiki and fully unfolded my love of editing and writing articles here. That earned me the position of Admin, an honor I've always been quite proud of. When 2014 rolled around and the Dragonkin Worshippers invaded the entirety of '42, I was there and I joined them. Here began my journey of disillusionment, perhaps.

After the Worshippers, one more large peak on the downward slope, I stayed on for a few more years, but roleplay was getting more and more sparse and definitely less entertaining to me, until I finally decided to take a hiatus. I came back twice; neither time lasted long. The community had outgrown me, or perhaps I have outgrown it- and as roleplay itself is scarce now, its appeal decreases. As roleplayers get if not lazy, then perhaps at least a bit more unwilling, the lack of good initiators makes itself painfully known. Roleplaying until late at night was no longer something I enjoyed, and the roleplayers I met had become more competitive which made roleplaying for the story and fun of it much more difficult.

Finally, I've decided that it must be enough. For all the good years in my teenage years that I spent here, having fun with the stories and ideas people were creating, I can no longer find that joy- neither in the playing, nor in the people. Moreover, it has become clear to me that where I have always made an effort to be nice and accepting, there are more deep rifts among the community that I cannot bridge, cannot overcome and unfortunately, cannot ignore either. In such an environment, I realized that the negativity these differences created were affecting my overall enjoyment- not of the roleplay, but of the community I had once loved. I encourage those who remain- on the wiki, in the community- to find a tone with one another that everyone can tolerate and possibly even enjoy, but I cannot say that I am particularly hopeful. But perhaps I am wrong, and roleplay will blossom into a wonderful experience after my departure. For myself, I will cherish the fond memories I have gained and forget, as best I can, the hate.

Write good stories, roleplayers.

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A particular note is hereby dedicated to The Rock named Dwayne, who went into our hearts and memories with the line *The Rock was pressed to his groin by the embrace. It was hard.*

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