aka Grand Child

  • I live in your mind
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is secret society member
  • I am an attack helicopter


Anima Malum

An aberration of the Anima Mundi sealed in three sacred clay masks.

Brian Graves

A warlock and pirate.

Dan K. Fresh

One of Drok's divergent personalities that manifested as a shadow spirit.


An artisan who was tired of the living conditions in Keldagrim East and left to become a member of the Fremennik.

Ferruccio Rovente

A firemaker who works for the Metal-Knights.


Drok's brother, a general officer of New Yok who is missing in action.


An improbable merchant.

Ivos Mogano Conoscere

A druid dedicated to preserving nature.

Jerry Denaro

The Gannet's lookout.

Kirol Velare

A division leader of the Metal-Amalgamation responsible for the exploration of distant planes.

Leo Munson

A Saradominist monk.


A psychopathic cave goblin scientist in charge of New Yok's Research & Development division.


Kirol's subordinate.


A revolutionary engineer and the Metal-Knights' leader.


A mogre who fishes for the biggest catches.


An Alistellian general officer.


One of Drok's divergent personalities that manifested as an earth spirit.


An eastern scholar who works for the Metal-Knights.

Serafino Velare

Kirol's brother, a thief who works for the Metal-Amalgamation.

The Black Hand of Yokrad

One of Drok's divergent personalities that manifested as a nature spirit.

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