aka Livviy

  • I live in Leeds, England
  • I was born on March 24
  • My occupation is Flinging colours at a canvas and calling it art.
  • I am Female
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Well for a start I'm Livviy, or Livvi or Livs or Livia. I began forum roleplaying when I was twelve and I advanced onto World 42 when I was thirteen after me and my friend decided to try it out. 

About me

I am seventeen years old, and I go to a Sixth form college in the magical area known as Northern England. I am very interested in the Political system, as I take political and social sciences at my college for my a levels. After spending two years hiding from it, I finally tried political roleplay in 2014 and found it enjoyable so I spend most of my time in that field. I am hoping to advance into University in two years to study Politics at a degree level along with Security and International relation studies. I also enjoy gaming quite obviously, and have taken up gaming on my computer. I like Fantasy games, quite obviously along with the more gritty type of games. I also write, I actually write in most of my free time at school these days, I am hoping to gain an AS level in English Language during my time in Sixth Form also. I am a Shakespeare fan, and a George R.R Martin fan due to the styles of plot the writers choose.

My Skype name is: xxlivviyxx

My Runescape name is: Livvi

Steam name: Livitloveit

My characters

Main characters

  • Annabella Nocte (Overall main) - 25 - Human hybrid - Medic
  • Sierra Amaranth - 18 - Half Elf - Traveller
  • Viktor Grey - 26 - Human - Advisor
  • Katalynne Le'gaunt - 25 - Human - Lion's guard Vanguard
  • Clarissa Dae - 15 - Human/Mahj mix - Student
  • Maia Vahar - 17 - Human - Witch
  • Arielle Foryx - Hundreds of years - Born Vyre - Student
  • Victorié Le'Gaunt - 17 - Hybrid - Mercenary
  • UPCOMING: Cass McCorrigan, Michelle Irongrey and Anastasia Le'Gaunt (Too young to play)

Shelved characters

  • Ella Rovin
  • Julian Rovin
  • Kristina Everric
  • 'Eldrin Iorwerth' (Zithyr)
  • Veronica Vaeyl
  • Asyria Es'ir
  • Alexander Olivriar
  • Victor Arkon
  • Evelyn Aren
  • Adrea Aerendyl

Dead characters

  • Adelaine Arkon
  • Isla Grey
  • Ebony Sicarius
  • Ellenore Xear
  • Lenea Renderra


  • Livviy 
  • Alise
  • Daeslius Tyran
  • Zithyr
  • Pelly, guard of Burthorpe
  • Cindy, guard of Kandarin
  • C.B.V.C.W ( Crazy blonde varrockian cultist woman. )
  • Kelly, guard of Varrock

Roleplay groups


  • Aren ( Evelyn Aren - Family member.)
  • Freelancing ( Evelyn Aren. )
  • Camelot/Asgarnia/Kandarin
  • Wizard tower


  • Es'ir ( Asyria Es'ir - Family member. )
  • Sicarius 2013 ( Ellenore Sicarius- Elder. )
  • Sicarius 2012 under Craex ( Ellenore Sicarius - Child/Ebony Sicarius - Servus/Disciple.)
  • Sicarius 2012 under Aevan, Zaovyr and Kel. ( Ebony Sicarius - Servus/Child/Disciple. )
  • Kinshra ( Adelaine Arkon/Lady )
  • Asgarnian empire ( Livviy/Guard. )
  • Worshippers (Adrea/Ak'Artemesian)
  • Renderra
  • Everric
  • Taverly
  • St Jude's Asylum
  • Temple Knights
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