aka Evan

  • I live in Massachusetts
  • My occupation is Overlord of the World
  • I am Male

Shoot for the moon, leave your footprints there. If you miss, you still land among the stars.

Howdy! Whether you're here from w42 or any other world, I welcome you to my humble page. My name is Evan, however a small amount of you know me as Liam the Big. I like to think myself an alright roleplayer, yet I know there is always room to grow. I have involved myself with politics of roleplay, and have been developing magical theory for a greater portion of my roleplay career. Where I truely shine is running private roleplays, each filled with emotion, and really making those involved make difficult descions with thier characters.

I LOVE MAKING ANTAGONISTS. I simply enjoy playing the bad guy. Without people to play the villian, there is no real story. I love the story.

Well I hope you enjoy my characters, and I hope to see you in-game!

Liam the Big

My Characters

When I am creating a character, I like to think of every single one of them in great detail. Their lives, their facial expressions. From my main characters, to my rofl-chracters, I like to put every effort in to them to make them all seem real. I take pride in each and everyone of my characters, and they are all their own person, with beliefs, hopes, and dreams of their own. I breathe life into these characters, and their stories breathe a life their own. I share them with you.

Main Characters

Lesser Characters

Dead/Retired Characters

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