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  • I live in Ohio, United States of America
  • I am Male

Hello. I'm Howdia, a roleplayer on World 42. I started roleplaying in mid-June 2010 in Conza41's Life of Ardougne sandbox roleplay. My claims to fame on World 42 would probably be roleplaying as a girl so well that some people wouldn't know that I'm a guy unless I told them, running the first land claims thread to become stickied and to exceed 2,000 posts from August 2011 to October 2011, and ruling Kharidia as my character, Emma Marie Genic, from March 2012 to June 2012. My most well known characters would probably be Holly J. Genic and Emma Marie Genic.


This is a screenshot of when I found World 42 Falador empty at 2:05:11 PM Eastern Time on July 5, 2013.

My Characters

Here are a lot of the characters that I've had in public roleplay. There may be some minor/insignificant characters that I've had that are not included. I have forgotten about some, so as I remember them, I'll add to the list. Characters who are or were main/major characters at one point are in bold. The ages in parentheses are as of December 31, 2013.



These characters are ones that I'm likely to hand to other roleplayers for them to fill (As long as they're active and would develop the character). Private message me in-game if interested in roleplaying one of them.

  • Atiya Es'ir-Bloikon (5 years)
  • Andrew Es'ir-Bloikon (5 years)
  • Shaun Es'ir-Bloikon (5 years)



  • Raldur Bloikon
  • Howdia Blakan
  • Fiona Blakan
  • Blake Blade
  • Edmund Jeweler
  • Zee Yewtree
  • Suzanne Copper
  • Brittany Swords


(Name - Age - Cause of Death)

  • Kharo Kharis - 30 - Murdered by Henrik Harlowe
  • Joe Bloikon - 14 - Leukemia
  • Samuel Graves - 21 - Killed
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