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Hello, stranger welcome to my Profile. I am using this profile page to let my mind run wild. Aurora/Desomintia are two coneteints that come from the depths of my teenager mind. The planet is fully custom content but i'm allowing that Aurorian humans can be brought into public roleplay because they are much like normal humans without the magic (with a few expections.) However, due to this i will not allow Hdyra, Winged being, Demons or Immortaluis into public roleplay (unless you want private roleplay characters from Aurora.)

Anyway, enough about that, i am known as Pikmin Hero in-game and i have 1 year of roleplay experience under my belt and also 3 years of non-roleplay. My curret characters characters are: Krov 'Mizu' Weasly, Rose Weasly (Inactive), Kasai, Patchouli Knowledge (Inactive), Zore Juvini (from Aurora) and my first character, Stephen Weasly. I am a Morytanian Roleplayer.

Aurora/ Desmointia

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Aurora- The lower half

Aurora (real name lost to the ages) is the contient that was discovered in Early 6th age (for Genilior and 5th Era for Aurora). The acutal planet is seprated into two floating parts of the planet. The lower half is covered in forests, a costal region and also high altuide mountains The other Contient is covered by swamps, derests and forests. Aurora 's forest is mostly burnt out due to a civil war in Aurora's history. The Captial of Aurora also lies in the forest which is called Auroriam, the name of the state is called the Empire State is one of the richest states in the region. The Costal State of the planet is mostly unhabiated and once held the Tower of Life, the third tower on Aurora but wasn't ruled by the demons. The Costal State has no offical city due to it's inhabiats which are Hydras who are Nomadic. The third state is the Scarlet State (formally known as the Mountain State) is the state which lies on the Frostmeint Mountain range. The Scarlet state is one of the richest state due to it's Cystral forest and it's ore on Mount Anvil. Throughout Aurora's history the Mountain State (Scarlet State) has been the poorest state until it's empress appeared and took over the region. The currect year on Aurora is 275. 5 years have passed since the Aurorian civil war and the Aurorian goverment of the Empire state has crumbuled.

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Aurora is on the right, Desmointia is on the left

Aurora- the Upper half

There are the Aurorian demons who are much weaker compared normal demons but more powerful compared to Aurorian humans, many of these demons are spilt into types subtypes, Fire demons and Ice demons. The fire demons are the ruling demon kind and they own the Tower of Embers. The Ice demons are the minority kind of Aurorian demons that own the Tower of Frostbite. The upper half of Aurora is covered mostly in mountains. The two gods tower resides on there peaks and the cites on the base of the mountain.

Months of Aurora/Desmointia

In Aurora and Desomintia, there are around 20 months, Below are the twenty months starting from the winters and ending in Winter again.

Winter months, 1st month to 5th

  • Cirno, the coldest month.
  • Aisu, After Cirno, the temptures begin to rise but not below freezing, espically in the Mountain state.
  • Haili, The warmest month in the first half of the winter of the year.
  • Himlayian: the tempurates begin touching low above freezing.
  • Kade: The last month of the winter, Spring begins to come in effect.

Spring months, 5th to 8th.

  • Sakura: The temptures begin staying to around there tempeture for the rest of the year at 7 at average.
  • Cherii

Races of Aurora (if you wish to  use them icly)

Humans: The human on Aurora are much like the Fremmenik and are unable to cast magic unless they have the ability to do so. However, humans who are born on the Scarlet state are much shorter compared to Empoper State humans. The reason for why the Aurorain human lost their magic was due to the Light Forge asorbing the magical eneqry on Aurora. Human can however regain the ability to use magic by going into the Light Forge and touching it. However, this is easier said than done because the Light Forge is heavily guarded and even if you got into the castle, it's hidden behide the Throne. The Mage Society is the only group who is allowed to enter with new recruits for them to gain Magic.

Demons: Aurorian demons are much weaker compared to the normal demons. Unlike most of the Aurorian humans they are able to cast magic, however there is only two types of magics for them, Fire and Ice. They are also unable to create half demon childern. The Hero of Aurora is a Ice demon and holds a special sword that allows him to conjure fire.

Hydra: The Hydra on Aurora are much like humans but with one major difference, they have the ability to only regrow limbs at one time and they are extremrly weak to fire. Hydra throughout Aurora are hated due to their ability to regrow limbs. Hydra follow Seija and her teachings. Hydra were most liked in the 4th Era because 3 of there emopers ruled. Many of the childern who where the empoper have lived into the 5th age.

Winged Being: The Desmointia winged beings are very sillimiar to Aivanise but there wings are much smaller compared to Vampyres, Icyeene and Aivanise. The most Average wing size from a normal Winged being would be around 12inch. Winged Beings are known to wear cloaks to hide there wings. Winged Being are slighty taller than Humans, Demons and Hydras. Many Winged support the Desomintia's Wing and will defend it. They are known to be vicous when they were apart of Anti-Hydra cults. The Scarlet Mistress is a notable example of A Winged Being.

Immortaluis: The Immortaluis are the most rarest races on Aurora and Desmointia and they are only rumoured to have there immortaily because of many wars they have been invovled in. They are porably the most skilled race in magic and much like the Demons and WInged beings they weren't affected by the Light Forge's magic draining effects. Immortaluis share a mazzive hatred for the Hydra kind and can be compared to Mahjarrats. Many Imormortaluis change there apperance every 4 decades and also move away from family and friends to make sure that no-one discovers what race they are. Many known Immortaluis are known to live in the Scarlet State and follow the Scarlet Mistress.


Desmointia is competly different compared to Aurora because the conteint is more tropical and most of the inhabiated areas lie in the middle of the contient, the northern part of the countient is forests and swamps. The main inhabiats are humans who weren't involved in the war that happened on Aurora. The major settlements on Desmointia are Chesvoka, Port Hope and Ahpla city. The Southern part of the Counteient is derest and Chesvoka lies on the Southern tip. The Northern swamps are known for it's mind altering magic. Many people suspect that Black Guard members use the magic to create there Black guard expermeints that plauged 169 of the 5th Era.

Aurorian states

Costal State: The Costal state lies among the eastern coast of Aurora's lower half. It's main races are the Hydra a race of Ambpihan nomads that live in small packs among the coast. They have no acutal city nor even a proper goverment. Due to the corruption to the Empire in the 5th era, they don't trust the Aurorian empire but wish to . When the Tower of Life fell in the 2nd era, Hydra became a Aietheis species until the 4th era where Seija returned to them to teach them her new teachings which she herself hasn't talked about. In the civil war, the costal state became sites of many battles. Many Hydras had to leave the State and many of them are in the Scarlet state.

Empoper State: The Oldest state on Aurora, it rules most of the forests on Aurora, the captail lies among the forests. It houses the Aurorian empire and the city is the oldest city on Aurora. The state reputation has been damaged in the Civil war of the State. Auroriam the captail has been heavily damaged and the Light Forge was nearly uncovered when the Hero of Aurora fought the leader of the Loyalist. In the Civil war, many patches of the forest were burnt leaving the acient forests of Aurora displaced. The state also has a major river through it that Auroriam has settled on. This river is very clean and has been kept this way even during the civil war. There are many villages throughout the forests but most of them are abonaded when the empire during the civil war began attacking these villages.

Scarlet State: The newest state on Aurora, it was formerly the Mountain state until the mysetrious Scarlet Mistress appeared and took the state by calming down two emeny cites by myestiouslly mapulaiting their leaders to join her. The captail is A'tonimia that lies in the western part of the state. The former captail used to be Forsthorn village until it was burnt down during a Black Guard attack. When the Scarlet Mistress first appeared in the then mountain state, she had a uprising that nearly brought down her new empire.

Former states

Mountain State: The Mountain State is the Frostmeint moutains states, Anvil and Cystral state. The state was infamous for it's low ecomial and also it's many Empire death camps were located. When the Hero of Aurora arrived, these camps were destroyed (Althought at the time, the mountain state didn't exist, it was still apart of the empire.)

Anvil State: Not much is known about this state because it only lasted two months, it had Anvilment as it's captail before it merged with the cystral state. The Anvil state was overall in bad state after Mount Anvil erupted, nearly destroying Anvilment.

Cystral State: Much like the Anvil state it was not known because it only lasted two months, It had no captail because it was infact Frosthorn Village which was burnt down 4 days before the merge happened. The Burning of Frosthorn Village caused the Black guard Portal Expermeint to happen.

The Anti Demon Cult State: A shortlived state that only existed in the civil war of Aurora. The state was loacted at the cenetral mine. In the currect day the mine is destroyed and the Anti Demon Cult state is all but forgotten.

Desomontia Countires

Minerea: A small country that lies in the swamps of Desomontia. The country's main inhabaits are the Winged beings. The Captail and largest city is Great Seprent city. The Desomontia Wings are based in Great Seprent City. Minerea is known to once held The Anti-Hydra cult base until it was destroyed in the 3rd era. Outside Great Seprent city, there isn't any roads nor any villages because of the swamp contidations. The swamps hold mind alterting magic that can only be accessed by Winged beings. This magic has been rumoured to be used in Black guard experiments. Minerea is famous for it's many cliff-side bases and houses.

Tir: The largest country that lies in the centre of Desomontia. It holds Alpha city and Port Hope. Tir was once the combonation of three smaller kingdoms that was formed during the 3rd era. Tir is famous for it's many villages and cites unlike Minerea or Deatea which have harldy no roads conntect them. The roads are heavily mantained expect in Western Tir where Stephen's Fort lies. Tir is sepratted into three regions, the centeral region holds most of Tir's richs. Eastern Tir is a mazzive coast line that holds many fishing villages and Port Hope, Port Hope is much like the Port Hamory of Aurora. Western Tir is the most empiest region because of it's forest maze and also lack of any major cites. The only landmark in Western tir is Stephen's fort, a fort that was once held by a Immortaluis who was called Stephen who died fighting in his own fort during a seige in the Tri-kingdom war. Western Tir has been the hiding place for crimails in Tir or Deatea.

Deatea: The largest country overall on Desomontia. Most of it's cites lies on the coast. The only noteworthy city in Deatea is Chesvoka and it's hold the captail of Deata. The border bewteen Tir and Deatea is heavily guarded on both sides. Many people have tried to get to Tir from Deatea but have been shot dead by the guards. Pri're island is a prision island and it's most noteworthy feature is the Black guard labatory that was built in it. In 275, the labatory was raided and the Black guard destroyed. Deatea is all derest and some mountains in the eastern coastline.

Orgazations On Aurora (the lower half)

Black Guard: The Black guard is a orgazation that follows the Demon god Mecry. They are known for their magic and using humans simply refreed to as Black guard Expermeints. At the Currect date, the Black guard is M.I.A after a portal experiment (Presumly created by Patchouli Knowledge as she opened a portal around the time.) blew up most of the Black Citadel, their base has been mostly destroyed due to said experiement. The Black Guard were also famous for helping the Demon League. They're also followers of Demon God Mercy. During the regin of the second Emoper, one of there best Experiments masquraded as a 14 year old girl who has no combat experience and single handely nearly took down the Aurorian empire and also nearly killed the Hero of Aurora. The Hero of Aurora returned in 189 revealing the death of the Black guard Experiment and leader simply known as Black Heart. After her death, the Black Guard was forced to be spilt up, On the 21 of Wuntumber, Zore Juvini found the Black Guard symbol on Genilior,

Aurorian Empire: The Aurorian Empire is one of the oldest empire on Aurora. It was formed during the 4th era after the recovery era and it unoffically fell during the 5th era after the civil war brought down the line of the empopers. The empire is famous for uniting the counteint but at the same time it's infamous for it's corruption of it's second empoper in the 5th era that was soon overthrown temopirally by his own advisor and soon ordered death to the Demon League, a group of humans who treat demons like humans and wishs to prove their existince. This soon led to the advisor being killed in a event known as the Light Forge Coup. The Coup was foiled by the Hero of Aurora. At currect, the Aurorian empire has no offical goverment and it doesn't have a stable emoper. The last true emopoer was Raius, and he died in 270 of the 5th era, his death began the Aurorian Civil war.

Demon League: A small band of humans that was formed during the end of the first regein of the first emoper but gained attetion in the second empoer of the age which his advisoir attempted to kill off the group and most of the members of all ages were put into camps across the Costal state and Frostmeint mountains, However, many of the killing were stopped in uprising thanks to the Black Guard assatince. The Demon league were also assanaits in the Emoper state civil war. After the war, they are trying to repair and find the true hier to the throne.

Mage Society: Formed in the 2nd Era it was many years after the Aurorian spellbook was made. It's purpose is to test new spells that was being used in the 2nd Era. They were also the reason why the Light Forge was fired. During the 3rd and 4th era. the Mage Society was disbaned because when the Light Forge was used, the magical eneqry was asborbed. In the 5th Era on the year 169, The Hero of Aurora stops the Light Forge Coup but goes missing after the Portal indicent and the Magic Eneqry that was held inside the Light Forge was Released and the Mage Soceiety returns. At Currect there is 15 spells within the spellbook. After the Civil war, many of it's member are trying to repair ties with the destroyred Empire.

Scarlet Empire: The newst Empire on Aurora, it's terrotoiry is only the Scarlet State and it's ruled by the Mysterious Scarlet Mistress. The Empire is one of the Richest empires within Aurora. The Scarlet Mistress has been known to be unstable espically with tratoirs. Rumours has it the Black Guard has reformed in the Scarlet Empire picking at cracks in her unstablness. In the Civil war, the Scarlet Empire stayed out of it until the last 2 months of the war where the fighting began to spill into there borders. The Scarlet Mistress was in the battle of Frosmeint pass which was the second to last battle in the Civil war, where she displayed magic only capable of a Winged being.

Hero Guild: A new faction on Aurora that the Hero of Aurora formed perosally. After fighting with the Demon League in the Civil war, he began to feel like not enough people were helping or supporting the Demon League. He later bought a disused shop in Auroriam's outer market. He began recruiting people to turn them into Hero's. So far there is only 15 members of the Hero Guild. The Scarlet Mistress has asked that the hero begins making a seprate branch in the Scarlet state.

Orgazations on Aurora (The Upper half)

Demon Council: The Demon Council is the only way the two demons kinds can create order among the upper half of Aurora, the fire demons are the main leaders and runs Tower of Embers. The Ice demons are the weaker council but are more stable compared to the fire one, they rule the Tower of Frost. The Fire demons are known to comment on the Hero of Aurora being a Ice demon, but yet the Ice demons consider him a true hero of there kind.

Mercy Cult: A Cult of Fire demons who follow Mercy, many people consider them a demon version of the Black guard. Most of there members were put to death in the 3rd Era. The Mercy Cult is considred to founded the Black guard. In the 5th era however, the Mercy cult took control of the Fire demon and rule to this day.

Orgazations on Desomtina

Anti-Hydra Cult: The Anti-Hydra Cult is a cult of Winged beigns and Immortaluis who wish to end the Hydras and inhabit Hydra bay themselve. A Notable Immortaluis was Daruis, a commander who fought in the war, he attempted to wipe them out during the Aurorain Planetary war. He was techinally the first Desomitinan on Aurora.

Desomtina's Wings: The Desomtina's wing is a orgazation who act much like the Aurorian Empire or the Scarlet Empire expect they own the Minerera, the country that inhabaits the Winged Beings. The aim of the Wings is to destory the Anti-Hydra Cult, Throughout in the 5th era, the orgazation has been corrupted but hasn't fallen. At the currect date, the Desmontia Wings have recovered from it's corrupution and has plans to repair links with Tir.

Derest Force: A Orgazation that works mostly in Deatea, they are dirtect servants of the Emir of Deatea. Like most offical orgazations during the 5th Era, the Derest became corrupted and still haven't recovered from this. However, some rumours have spread around that the leader of the Derest Force has been striking deals with the M.I.A Black Guard. However in 230, a Black guard Laboratory was discovered on Pri're, a small island that lies to the south of the captail Chezvoka. Many guards on Pri're was murdered in a massacre caused by a lone and premused Black guard member from the Derest Force. This has lead the Emir to doubt his own Derest Force.

Unknown Orgazations/Orgazations that didn't orgnaite from Aurora.

Drageisur: Drageisur is a orgazation that orgnaited from Genilior, Patchouli accdentialy brought it to Aurora when she visted. The ideals of the Drageisur were brought about by 9 guards who arrested Patchouli Knowledge, a member of the Drageisur. These 9 guards plus Zore wanted to persevre there already shattered world. These Drageisur members have took resiedance in Frosthorn village, attempting to bring it to it's former glory. All of these guards have broken away from the Guard force in Auroruim and are considered crimails among the Auroruim inhabiatins.

Scared Weapons from Aurora/Desomtina

The Scared weapons from Aurora are weapons that have been prettry much lost to history. Only two of these weapons exist and they're bound to a person so if they die the wepons will return to there resting place and can't be removed until someone of that power can remove it. These two weapons are know to give off a magical aura enough to drain magic and also creates it's own field of magic.

Yria: The Battlestaff that once laid in the throne room of Aurora. The Court mage later stole it and to this day hasn't been recovered. Althought sightings of Patchouli Knowledge lies with it.

Dream and Eater: The twin swords of Tir and Deatea. The swords have only been briefly mentioned in the two countries. The swords were lost during the 3rd era. The owner has not been found as of 235 or 1. However, around Wintumber of the Sixth age on Genilior, Dream and Eater's husks were finally found by Zore Juvini, a soilder from Aurora. He states that the swords have been burned out due to the amount of enegry used.

Aurora's History 1st Era, The Age of Peace

  • Year 0 to 100: Sejia, godess of Nature arrives with Bekuija, the ruler of the gods. Sejia brings humans and Hydras to Aurora. Bekuija builds the Tower of Embers and Tower of Frost and brings in demons to Aurora, Sejia doesn't build any tower.
  • Year 121: Mercy a fire demon is born
  • Year 136: Mercy challanges Bekuija to a duel, Mercy wins and Bekuija makes him a god.
  • Year 136 to 500: Sejia declares war on Mercy, the auctal war took place in the god's realm not on Aurora. The war ends when Bekuija interferenced, banishing Mercy to the Banished realm.
  • Year 500 to 1200: The human race begins settling the forests in Cenetal Aurora.
  • Year 1250: The humans and the Demons races begin building the Light Forge. The Aurorain Palace is built upon the Light Forge to hide it.
  • Year 1255: The Costal region is inhabiated by the Hydras races after spilting off with the humans settlers.
  • Year 1300: Anvil Mountain Erupts leaving most of North Frostmeint Moutain (which is today apart of Upper Auora) in ash, Mercy is blamed for this.
  • Year 1301: Tension bewteen Demon and human kind begins as Mount Anvil polluates most of North Frostmeint. Fire Demons who follow Mercy begin preparing for a war. The Light Forges are completed.
  • Year 1302: The First Era of Aurora ends in the Winter months, The Aurora war begins.

Aurora's History 2nd Era, The Age of war.

  • Year 1: Demon forces begin pouring down from the Ash mountains and is met with human forces from the acutal mountain. The Human forces are defeated soon after reformations from the demons.
  • Year 2: Demon forces begin raiding many humans villages on Frostmeint Village. A'tonmina and Frosthorn village are the only villages to withstand the raids
  • Year 5 to 10: A'tonmina begins to raise a army of it's own to stop the raids. The Frostmeint Forts are built throughout many parts of the Mountain.
  • Year 10: The Battle of Mount Anvil begins and last for 5 months. It's ends with humans winning as the demons begins fight among themselves.
  • Year 11: The humans in Central Aurora hear about the first 11 years of the raid of the human force. Many of the people consider building forts and begin to gather resocures. Frostmeint mountains takes hold of the Cystral forest and also Mount Anvil. The two areas begin trading during the year of peace.
  • Year 12 to 20: A Allaince is formed bewteen the mountain people and Central Aurora, the demons begin their invasion in Year 17. The Aurorian spellbook is also made in Year 19.
  • Year 20: The demon forces form the Demon Council and begin to take down strike down important areas in the mountain.
  • Year 21: Demons destory atleast 50% of the forts built in the Mountain. The battle of Mountain pass begins and the Demon breaks through into Central Aurora.
  • Year 25 to 50: The Seige of Aurora's captial begins. The seige ends as Mountain State army breaks the seigers back lines, killing many demon commanders in there way.
  • Year 50 to 150: Many battles on Aurora takes place. Bekuija leaves Aurora as he is ashamed of what the planet has become. Througout the war, a hooded figure is sighted, many demons followed this man. In Year 149 this same man begins to fight in the war focusing on the Hydras tribe. The Hydras tribes are forced to join with the human forces to save there existience. Sejia later joins Bekuija in the God Realm
  • Year 150 to 1000: The attempted Genocide of the Hydras begin. The Genocide ends as the man is killed. The man was later found out to be a Immortaluis who was named Daruis had a hatred of humans. The Populution of Aurora drops to 3 million during the war. Mount Anvil erupts again, Temoprailly making the Demons unable to make reformations.
  • Year 1005: The Hydras builds the Tower of Life for Sejia to end the war. However Sejia doesn't show up and the War coutines.
  • Year 1010: The Tower of life is put under a week of Seiege. The Tower falls and many Hydras are killed.
  • Year 1010 to 1565: A 565 Year Cease Fire is called so that both side can recover for abit, Hydras recover from the Fall of The Tower of Life.
  • Year 1565: The War begins again
  • Year 1565 to 1569: A segie begins on A'tonminia and last for 4 years. At the same time, the Mountain forts from the beginining of the War are repaired and put to use again. Many Mountain cillivans are trained in Medics, mages and also miners. The Central forets Forets are formed. The Mage Socity is formed.
  • Year 1570: Mercry returns from his banishment, he creates a god creature known as Genesis, Genesis becomes the leader of the Demon Council.
  • Year 1600: 30 years of firece fighting on Aurora brings the Populution to 1 million, many people are worried that if the war doesn't end soon or if another cease fire is formed. The First Mage Socity meeting is held talking about the Populution issue and also methods to end it.
  • Year 1650: The Mage Society disides that it's time for the Light Forge to be used.
  • Year 1700: Many mages arrive at the Light Forge to use it. Genesis leads a final push on it, Demons who didn't follow Mercy seals Genesis in the Banished Realm. The locks are hidden from the Demon kind.
  • During the early spring of 1700 The Light Forge is actiaved efficvtilly tearing Aurora into two parts. Magical eneqry is destroyed within Lower Aurora. This act caused Bekujia to appear infront of the demons ordering the Demon to destroy there Light Forge.

Aurora's History 3rd Era, The Age of Recovery.

  • Year 1 to 100: Aurora's lower half has a populution boost bringing it up to 10 million with humans and 25,00 hydras. Frosthorn village and A'tonmina is repaired after the war. The Tower of Life sinks into the Hydra's bay. Anvilment is founded. Anvilment is built upon a old fort. A'tonmina has it's wooden walls replaced with stone walls.
  • Year 101: The Mage Society is disbanded and the Auorian spellbook is removed but still kept around. The demon destory there Light Forge after witnessing the desuturction it caused at the end of the War and also being ordered to do so.
  • Year 102: Mercy extremiests attempt to overthrow the shattered Demon Council. The Demon Council setencens all Mercy following demons to death.
  • Year 103: The first Port Hamory is built among Hydra bay, Hydras make sure the port isn't expanded nor humans are allowed to expand on the costal region. during the Autumn Desmontia is discovered and more humans are discovered. Trading begins bewteen the two countients.
  • Year 104: Port Hamory is destoryed in a attack by Winged beings who share a hatred for Hydras.
  • Year 104 to 108: Desmontia bans trading with Aurora until Port Hamory is repaired. The Fire demons begin to repair the Demon Council and also they begin to build a city around the Tower of Ember and the Ice Demon do the same.
  • Year 109: Trading resume bewteen Aurora and Desmontia.
  • Year 110: Attacks on Hydras inscearce. The allaince bewteen the Mountain People Central Aurora ends. A Famine begins on the Mountain.
  • Year 111: The Famine ends and Desomontia sends it's leader of the Winged beings across to Aurora Captail. The Winged being later tries to break his way into the Light Forge. He is later killed. Tension rises bewteen the two counteints
  • Year 111 to 121: Desmontia declares war on Aurora. Aurora unties and fights back it's invanders.
  • Year 122: Desmontia agolies for declaring war on Aurora. Trading resumes.
  • Year 122 to 150: Hydras begin to lose intrest in Sejia goddess of life. Mercy begins screaching for his next God Creature. The Aurorain captial begins to expand into a fort that would later become another fortress in the captail.
  • Year 151: Mount Anvil erupts again but not as voilent as the other two eruptions.
  • Year 152: Aurora suggest forming a nanotional currecry.
  • Year 153: The Gold system is brought into use. Ice Demons begin to lose there rights.
  • Year 154 to 160: Another famine begins on the mountain, many people assume that the Mount Anvil 3rd erupution caused the Famine. The Ice Demons populution drops from 14,500 to 9,000. The cause of it was the Fire Demons taking away food.
  • Year 160: The 6 year Famine ends leaving Anvilment and A'tominia with a low guard force. Many people consdier remaking the Alliance bewteen the two regions.
  • Year 161: A'tominia becomes the captail of the Mountain region. A avalacnhe cuts off the Mountain from Aurora. Mining begins to create another path onto Aurora.
  • Year 162: The Allaince is formed bewteen the two Countires.
  • Year 163: The new Frostmeint pass is made. Guard powers begin guarding the pass.
  • Year 164 to 178: A Temporay Rogue from Desomontia fleet begins terrorising the Hydra bay, Port Hamory is later attacked again, Aurora reiliates with their own fleet. The Rogue Fleet is later found out to be Extreminsts Winged Beings. Desmontia asks that Aurora begins screachs on Ships that enter there waters.
  • Year 179: The Anti-Hydra cult's base is blown up by Aurora's ships. No Surviours were found.
  • Year 180 to 500: The Mountain regions has a 480 years of terribile winters and hardly no Sun light. New born babies after 180 and onwards are shorter due to the cold. The Arverage temptures on the mountains drops from 10 to 3 during the summer and 1 to -11.
  •  Year 500: Many roads that were made before the "Ice age" were buired in Snow.
  • Year 500 to 505: Frosthorn village walls had to be taken down, Frosthorn village was later move to a Mountain side near Wintera Forest. The Village's walls are never replaced.
  • Year 505: A'tomina extends the allaince until 750.
  • Year 505 to 600: Many of the Forts on the Mountain are used to extend Frosthorn village and also many of the forts are buired in snow.
  • Year 600 to 1000: Auroriam's guard force expands. Many villages apear in Centarl Aurora. Port Haromy bans Hydra to enters it's walls in 665. The Hydra leader begins to raise a army to forcefulyl remove humans from Hydra Bay. In year 666, the Massacre of Port Hamory happens, in the end Hydras defeat the human and razes the port. In the early autumn of 666, the Hydras apgolise and exile most of the Hydras who were involved of the Massarce. In the year 700 Mining begins in Central Aurora. In the year 710, the mine is attacked by a unknown group of people. No Suviours were found.
  • Year 1000: Bekuijia returns.
  • Year 1001: People begin worshipping Bekuijia again.
  • Year 1002 to 1010: The Moutain region starts a civil war over a lack of resoures, the war was halted by A'Tonmina. Bekuija makes a law that gods can't interfere on Aurora. Mercy ignores this law and still searchs for his God creature.
  • Year 1011: The Desomontia wings forms.
  • Year 1012 to 1015: The Desomontia wings begins to unite the Swamplands.
  • Year 1016: The Tri-kingdom war begins on Desomontia. Stephen, a immortaluis dies in his Fortress. Winged beings stay out of the war.
  • Year 1017: Tir is offically formed.
  • Year 1018: Pir're island and Chezvoka are formed during the early spring of 1018.
  • Year 1019 to 1020: Chezvoka and Aplha city begin to form a border across the two lands.
  • Year 1021: The Mine in Central Aurora is used again. The Desomontia unties the swamplands and call it Minerea.
  • Year 1022 to 1028: Chezvoka raises their first army to unite the derest. It is done but many of the soilders die due to the heat. Chezvoka expands to where it's currect day borders are.
  • Year 1029:  The Seal on Genesis weakens.
  • Year 1030: The Seal is repaired and the Orb of Flames and Frost are created to strenghten the seal.
  • Year 1030 to 2000: The villages in Central Aurora are abonadoed. Many forest fires begins. The orbs are hidden.  The costal region begins
  • Year 2001: The Forest fires creates more space. Chezvoka's exclave, Kirlea is destroyed by a unknown force.
  • Year 2001 to 2031: A 30 year war begins in Deatea. The war in the end begins the Eior family line which rules Deatea to this day. Deatea is unofficaly founded.
  • Year 2032: Deatea is offically formed. Eior the first is assnaited by a unknown person. Deatea's attempted genocide on fogierners begins.
  •  Year 2033 to 2040: War begins bewteen Deatea and Tir begins, ending with the twin swords, Dream and Eater being lost to history. In Year 2039, A heatwave affects many point of Southern Tir.
  • Year 2041: The first form of goverment is formed in Cenetral Aurora. This would later become the base of the Aurorain empire.
  • Year 2042: The goverment becomes more stable.
  • Early Spring of 2043: The goverment in Aurora is overthrown in a coup ran by the milltiary, the leader of the miltary takes the throne of Aurora becoming the first Aurorain Empire.

4th era. The Aurorian Empire.

  • Late summer of Year 1: The Aurorian empire begins improving Auroriam and the surroding area. The Aurorian Empoper meets with the Mountain leader to discuis forming a allaince with the newly formed Empire.
  • Year 2 to 50: A 48 year war begins angistan the Moutain leader army and the Empire. The Empire armies are destroyed in Frostmeint pass. The Mountain leader takes a armed segie angistain Auroriam Province and becomes the second Aurorian empire begining the Hiar line of empopers that lasts until the late 4th era.
  • Year 51: Yau Hiar is born.
  • Year 52: Aurorian is repaired and Yarh Hiar begins to expand his terrority to Port Hope.
  • Year 53: The Mountain people agrees that Yarh Hiar is the first emoper. A educution system is introduced in Aurora and is made free for all childern, indlucing Hydra childern.
  • Year 54 to 56: Yarh Hiar has his second child, Yi Hiar the first female of the Hiar line. Yarh makes it so that Yau rules the Mountain state.
  • Year 57 to 66: Yau beings exploring Aurora, premusly looking for a potenial wife for himself. Yarh begins recruiting people to join Yarh into a expotion to remove a corrupt Mountain Leader from the Mountain State Council. In Year 65, Yarh is killed in the battle and the Young Yau takes over the emoper. He also marries Yowi Hiar at the time of his father's death. Yau within a year begins making new laws allowing Hydras in Port Hope at last. The Hydra leader meets with Yau, attempting to assisnaite Yau and bring down the Hiar line. Yau kills him.
  • Year 67: Yi Hiar begins a year long exporlation to learn about the world. She returns with a friend who would become her advisor.
  • Year 68: Yau Hiar has his first Daugther and son, Jali and Raou. The only twins of Yarh's family.
  • Year 69: Yowi is exucuted for attempting to kill Yi Hiar during a formal dinner patry.
  • Year 70: Yau Hiar repairs links with the Hydras by allowing them into major Aurorian cites.
  • Year 71 to 73: Riots begins in Aurorian cities due to the Hydra being allowed rights.
  • Year 74: The Riots end and Yau allows the Hydra leader Towi into the captial. Yau is challanged to a duel by Towi, the duel ends with Yau losing but at the last second, a guard who wanted Yau dead kills Yau and brings the empire into a temopary Dictoraship.
  • Year 75 to 100: A 35 Dictorship is held on Aurora. Towi and Yi Hiar team up and in the Late summer of 100 and defeats the empire. In the forced holding of the Empire. Many guards were forced to kill the Hydra camps. The Hiar line continues.
  • Year 101: Yi and Towi marry after what happened in the Dictoraship.
  • Year 102: The Hydra camps are repaired.
  • Year 103 to 105: Raou Hiar marries Awrie, a human who claims he's some sort of demon. Awrie is killed in 105 by Raou after learning that Awrie was a spy attempting to remove the Hiar line again.
  • Year 106: Raou dies after being unknowlying drunk a long effect posion, the posion itself was put into her drink by Awrie a day before his death.
  • Year 107: Yi and Towi have there first human Child, Ari.
  • Year 108: Auroriam and A'tonmina are heavily expanded to there currect day postitions. Yi and Towi also have there second child who's a hydra, Gi.
  • Year 109: Jali dies a natural death, the only child of Yau and the Hiar to die a natural death.
  • Year 110: Yi Hiar dies after apart of the castle begins to break. The Death is treated as accidential death. Towi becomes the third empoper and 4th leader of the Aurorian empire overall.
  • Year 111 to 120: The Aurorian empire is heavily improved with many eductonials factalies being opened up in Hydra parts of the coast. Some Humans begin to accept the Hydras. in 119, tension begins to rise in the poor mountain range.
  • Year 121 to 150: The Mountain range armies begin invading the coastal region not to harm Hydras but gain back the pass that was lost to them. This battle lasts for 29 years and in the end, the pass is regained but at the cost of not many supplies are sent through the mountain range.
  • Year 151: After ruling Aurora for so long, Towi steps down as Empoper and lets Ari Hiar the terribile take over. Towi begins to head back to the Hydras camps.
  • Year 152: Ari begins creating armies for a unknown purpose.
  • Year 153 to 160: The armies that Ari rose turns out to be a force to unite Aurora under a iron foot. He then orders these special armies to destroy and kill anyone in their way. In the end, Aurora is united once again but under Ari's rule.
  • Year 161: Gi is arrested for apprtant tresion angistan Ari.
  • Year 162 to 164: Gi in the prision begins rallaying the prioseners to fight back angistan Ari. In 163, Gi and a bunch of prisoners break out of the Prision begining the most volient war on Aurora since the 2nd Era war.
  • Year 165 to 175: The 10 years of Bloodshed begin. Aurora is soon split up into two factions that are the Anti-Hiar armies and the Emopopers armies. The battle ends as Ari is fought by his own brother, Gi. In the end Ari is captured and Gi becomes the Fifth empoper and the 6th leader of the Aurorian Empire.
  • Year 176: Ari is exucuted for his war crimes.
  • Year 177: Gi begins repairing many hydra camps. Towi returns having surived the onslaught of the 10 year war. The cites itself were repaired and many walls were reforced. The Light Forge's door is moved to beneath the throne which only the empoper or the Empress can access.
  • Year 177 to 250:  Desomontina begins trading with Aurora after not doing so since the begining of the Empire. People begin to doubt the Hiar line becuase of what Ari did and the Dictaorship that happened. However, Gi marries Aoli, a human who was his perosonal advisor.
  • Year 251: Seija returns to her destroyed tower to the Hydra kind. She attempts to reason with the Hydras to rebuild her tower and her faith with her. The Leader Towi agrees to this, the Hydras begin following Seija again.
  • Year 252: The Tower of life is repaired but some anti-Hydras Winged beings destroy the tower, killing Towi. Two weeks after killing Towi. This creates tesion with Minera, even thought Minera said all Anti-Hydra cults were destroyed. Towi is buired in the royal family crypt that was built when Yarh died. Ari's body is the only one that hasn't been buired due to his crimes.
  • Year 253: Aoli commits Suicide after learning that her mother and father have been died since 252.
  • Year 254 to 1000: Gi beings ruling for 746 years, the longest the Hiar line has ruled. He has three hydra childern with his second wife who died in 445.
  • Year 1001: Gi steps down and is killed by a guard after dealing with him for 46 years.
  • Year 1002: Milia the second empress and the 3rd Hydra ruler and the 7/8th leader of the Emoper. She begins improving the farm quatily in Centeral Aurora. Her brother, Ki and Ji begin travelling around Aurora to learn about everything and they don't wish to become emopopers. The two of them vist many villages across Aurora, acting not like princes but as normal people.
  • Year 1003: Milia is met by Seija, the first time a god appeared to the the Hiar line.
  • Year 1004: Mecry begins gathering enegry from a unknown location to make his second god creature.
  • Year 1005: The swamp alerting magic appears in the Minera swamps. Many winged beings who live in the swamp become warped by it.
  • Year 1006: Aiceint tombs are discovered under the Tower of Life.
  • Year 1007 to 1020: The seals on Genesis are at breaking point as the second creature is brought to life. The God creature is simpily called Airock. Airock begins destroying the demon world. Airock in 1019 wakes up revealing that he's destroyed most of the demon's cities. Airock leaves Aurora after his descurtion.
  • Year 1021: Ki and Ji are kidnapped, this insults Milia to the point where Gi orders her whole army to vicously attack Minera where they were took.
  • Year 1021 to 1040: Minera at the end of 1035 is destroyed, many of the cliffside bases are destroyed and Milia is arrested. Before her arrest, she frees Ki to become the 8/9th ruler of the emoper. In 1039, Milia is exucuted. This anger Seija.
  • Year 1041: Major natural disaters happens over Minera and Northern Tir. Mecry and Seija begin attacking each other in the God Realm.
  • Year 1041 to 2000: Seija and Mecry begin fighting again and there fighting lasts until 1050. This ends when Bekujia creates seprates bubbles realms for the two and sealing them inside of it. In 1100, Ki marries Lopl, a human who met Ki in the prision, they later marry and have 4 humans and 4 hydras childer before Lopl dies after having her last child. Ki in 1059 disbands his royal guard and laters takes up swordfighting again and allows any challangers to face him in combat. In 1060, his first challanger, Darli a female fighter from the nobel line of Balit, Darli. Ki and Darli fights and Ki wins. For the next 15 years, Darli begins have a weekly fight to win anigsatin Ki. In 1075. Darli challanges Ki to her final fight in the Frostmeint at the base of Mount Anvil. Darli finally wins by smashing a torch into Ki's heart, ending the 8/9th emoper. Darli doesn't get the chance to celebrate because Ji was watching and kills Darli, Darli brought reformrations and Ji fights to the death. In the end, Ji comes out as the 9/10th and final emoper and the shortest emoper lasting a whole 35 years. In 1100, The hydrain's childerns are told to keep the Hiar line alive by acting not like royatly and is told to move throughout the empire. The human childern however are killed in a bloodbath massacre of Port Hope which was caused by the Balit assasin group.
  • Year 2001: Mecry appears towards a small group of humans, telling them to wait for the "Avatar" to be found.
  • Year 2002: Around the Early summer of 2002, a fire demon simply known as Agilio is born to the world. At birth, he was brought into the Mecry cult becomes the falbed "Avatar". The Black guard is formed around this time.
  • Year 2003: Ji Hiar is killed by a Balit assasin group. Ji is buired in the crypt by said assasin with the rest of the Hiar family. The leader of the Balit, Maruis Balit takes the throne.
  • In 2004, Maruis announces to the empire that the 4th era would come to close after annocuing that Ji Hiar was killed by a assasin group claimed to be ran by him.

5th era, The Hero's Era.

  • Year 1: Maruis Balit is killed after his rule in 2003 of the Fourth era. He isn't claimed to be the first emoper due to his 2 year rule.
  • Year 2: Maruis's son, Marcus begins a more stable ruling to the Balit line. He first hides the Hiar crypt but reguluary pays respect to each one, expect for Aoli after learning what he did. The Black cult begins kidnapping people and sends regular ships disgused as merchant ships to harnase the magical enegry in the swamps of Minera. The Black Citadel is thought to be built in a hidden mountain range in the western part of the forests.
  • Year 3: Many Aurorians beilive that Aurora is better off with seprate state. The first signs of curroptuion is shown as Marcus begins removing people who say it.
  • Year 4: The Black guard creates there first Black guard experiement who is simply called Project 1. Project 1 walks into a local inn in Auroriam, Project 1 becomes unstable and releases all of the magical swamp enegry, the inn and the outside of the inn becomes infected by the magic. The black Guard takes away all of the infected people to expermeint on them.
  • Year 5: Marcus meets with the leader of the Black guard who agrees to allow them to assit behide the scenes.
  • Year 6 to 10: Many more people are kidnapped, Frosthorn village becomes a unregonicesed free state. Some people note that Mount Anvil never erupted in the 4th era. Anvilment's stone buildings are replaced with stone made by Mount Anvil itself, a myerstious camp appears on the base of Mount Anvil. In year 10, the camp reveals that people prusemly from the Black Guard expermeint on the stone. The Black Citadel is improved with said stone.
  • Year 11: The Mecry cult takes over the Fire demon court, bringing Mecry's views to the fire demon populution.
  • Year 12: Seija begins sreaching for her own avatar.
  • Year 13: Agilio tries to remove the Mecry control from him. He laters just prolongs the control from him, Agillio meets his future wife who remained unamed.
  • Year 14: 9 more Black guard expermeints, few which where from the inn accident 10 years ago were turned into full Black guard members. The black Guard inflirates the Derest force, unknown to the Emir at the time. They set up a base on Pri're island, a prison island that holds prisoners from Chezvoka.
  • Year 15: Agillio and his wife are married but vows not to have an child yet.
  • Year 16: Kali, the ex fire demon leader defects to the Ice demon terrority and is killed by the currect leader. Agillio fights the leader and heavily scars his face.
  • Year 17: Marcus begins to expand Port Hope's naval by pruposely removing the hydra quater of it. This move leads the Hydras to rise up in anger, leading to a war.
  • Year 18 to 26: The Hydra war begins with a heavy attacked pressed on the Empire's fargile coastal army. Said army is defeated and the hydras regain control of there coast. In 25 however, the empoper strikes back with a army that the hydras barley defeated, Marcus is captured by the Hydrian leader, descensent from the Hiar line, ending the war with a hydrian victory.
  • Year 27: Port Hope becomes the captial for the hydras. Marcus is forced to withdraw his soilders from the area and leave the coast forever.
  • Year 28: Marcus breaks his word and attacks the coast again, Port Hope is destroyed and Marcus is killed. The Hydras give a warning to the next in line of the throne, Kiila a adopted child of Marcus to not attack. Kiila takes the throne and begins to build a wall to block the hydras from the rest of Aurora.
  • Year 29: The hydras begin to repair Port hope, giving it a more hydrian feel to it.
  • Year 30: Hydras living in the cities are deported to the coast. Kiila begins talking to Minera to discuss a plan to remove the hydra from the world.
  • Year 31: For 9 months, the hydras begin creating there own army, allowing them to defend themselves.
  • Year 32: Seija appears to the Hydras again, explaining that she may of found a plot to remove them premeltry, the hydras begin to create a naval force to defend themeselves.
  • Year 33: The attempted genocide of the Hydras begin with a heavy naval strike on many hydra camps. In the end, the hydra genocide is stopped when Kiila betrays Minera and saves the hydras. Upon defending the Hydras,She gives the hydra full control of the coast.
  • Year 33 to 40: In year 33, a great storm begins to affect the coast and it begin to alter the landscape. In 34, Kiila myesterious vanishs from the planet. In 36, she returns but more crazed. She became know as Kiila the crazed. She begin to alter history in how it is written to teach that the Seija and Bekuija are in-fact fake gods and that Mecry is the true god.
  • Year 41: Killa falls into a coma and is then killed by the black guard and ending the Balit line. The black guard however makes the population beileve she's alive. The Black guard goes slient after that.
  • Year 42: Aurora begins to get colder again.
  • Year 43: The Black Guard attack the coast of the Hydras again and they reclaim it for the empire and they shun the Hydra leader who remains unamed. The Black guard begins to take Hydras from their camps to their base.
  • Year 44: A Black Guard couple called Yina and Yang take the throne to the empire and they reveal that they're going to a Mecry based country.
  • Year 45: Yina and Yang begin to create a squad of soilders to destroy the regilions of Seija and Bekuija. This plan is however halted by the Frosthorn village who had already heard news of the plan in the spring.
  • Year 46-50: Yina and Yang have their first child who is quickly stolen from the Frosthorn spies, angered by this, Yina goes to the villager herself to reclaim her child, Yina is then killed by the leader, but they release the child, to Yang, unaware of his wife's death. In the 50th year, Yang adopts 2 more childern, along with having Forst.
  • Year 51-100: In year 51, Yang is finally told about his wife's fate and he invites the murderer to the capital, at the capital, the murderer is arrested and is put onto trial for murder, the murderer reveals that he wasn't the murderer and he was framed. However, he is exucuted by a angered Yang himself, In the 52nd year, the murderer who was exucted was infact framed and Yang was revealed to be killed by Seija. Angered by this, Yang orderes a full scaled assault on any Seija majority family. The remaining part of the year ends with Seija appearing before Yang, the last time she would appear before a human and mentally scarring him. In the 55th year, Forst and his adopted brother called Yoav and sister called Aravi are forced to learn how to use swords. In the 60th year, Yang commits sucide after a nightmare that shows Aurora being torched by fire. Forst takes over as the 3rd empoper of the final line of the Unifed Empire of Aurora. Forst, unaware of the Black Guard who had remained slient in the 46th year, begins to repair damage to Seija majoirtiy regions. In the 61st year, Spring is quite late and many crops are unable to be grown in the spring, the Empire is forced to rely on the fish, in the winter, there is a shortage of food and the Mountain state is the the most affectes state.

Year 153-169.

5th Era after 169.

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