aka Shalashaska

  • I live in Space
  • My occupation is To poorly troll forty-two
  • I am A mang gang member
King or beggar - What's the difference? One dh'oine less.

–Scoia'tael Commander Iorveth.


My current In-Game name is The Tower.

Dainéal. Future idea.

Max cape colours. 0-4-33 red. 5-5-60 gold. 6-0-40 gray.


  • Kemses2Kemses - Former Zamorakian, Former Warmongerer. Now just wants a peaceful life and the Mahjarrat to stop fighting each other.
  • Yokrad12 Yokrad: A Bandosian human from the god wars that overcame impossible odds and became a god Deceased.
  • Jardar Badass: A Fremennik warlord and hero. Undead.
  • Ar'qal: Amascut follower and thug.
  • Eitri Chathead
    Eitri Avatar
    Eitri: Former Black Guard officer and Red Axe thug now turned merc. Status unknown.
  • Ming Nobunaga: An easterneer wanting to put an end to the Tyrants of the Wushanko isles.
  • Arlor Iorwerth: A racist terrorist Iorwerth elf that kills Humans for the sake of it.
  • Joe Barbaria: Mercenary, Drunkard, Friend may he rest in peace. Deceased.
  • Stephen: Thug and ally of Joe. Deceased.
  • "Shalashaska": Spy and Interrogation master in The Metal Knights. Status unknown.
  • Small Boss: Commander of The Metal Knights.
  • The Weasel: Varrock crime lord. On the run from the law.
  • Achmel The Scarab: Undead power hungry pharaoh from the 2nd age that wants to take back what is rightfully his. Undead.

  • Warchief Snotaxe: Incompetent, Stupid, Chef and a goblin.
  • Cadlywydd Cywir also known as "Attila": A bloodthirsty elf infiltrating Bandosian armies on orders of his clan leader. Currently trying to dismantle and take control of Corrupt Yokrad's forces and Sakhr's forces.
  • John Wilkons: Pirate Captain, Drunkard and a terror of the seas.
  • Wizard Askia: A senior Wizard and Runecrafter of the Wizards tower.
  • Private Kleiner: A human sharpshooter serving in Kemses' army.
  • Latho of Misthalin: A hunter and slayer of monsters and anything else that threatens humanity.
  • Siegfried Voorhis of Asgarnia: A high ranked white knight that does everything to support his home kingdom of Asgarnia.
  • Corrupted Yokrad: Yokrad except now corrupted by Xau-tak and being forced to use his armies for Xau-tak's goals.
  • Shaka, Slayer of the Dead: A hobgoblin and slayer of the undead.
  • Voices of Amug: A mysterious and insane minion of Xau-Tak.
  • The Tower: Armour that was created ages ago by some unknown force and currently controls an Ork.
  • The Hammer: Former Saradominist healer in the god wars who gained an insatible bloodthirst after picking up a cursed Bandosian artifact, currently an Overlord in Dark Yokrad's armies.
  • King Radovid the Great: The king of a far western kingdom.


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Iron Maiden - Holy Smoke Official Music Video

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