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King or beggar - What's the difference? One dh'oine less.

–Scoia'tael Commander Iorveth.


My current In-Game name is The Tower.

Dainéal. Future idea.

Max cape colours. 0-4-33 red. 5-5-60 gold. 6-0-40 gray.


  • Kemses2Kemses - Leader of the Kemses Army. A Mahjarrat, too.
  • Yokrad12 Yokrad: A former Bandosian Human from the god wars now turned a god. Deceased.
  • Jardar Badass: A fremennik and a master of Daemonheim from Neitiznot. Deceased.
  • Ar'qal: A desert bandit king and Amascut worshipper.
  • Eitri Chathead
    Eitri Avatar
    Eitri: Former red axe dwarf, now a mercenary and an innkeep.
  • Ming Nobunaga: A Gu Daimyo from the Wushanko Isles that wants to bring an end to tyrant Khans.
  • Arlor Iorwerth: An Iorwerth elf with a strong hatred for humans.
  • Joe Barbaria: A bandit that pretty much does anything for money. Deceased.
  • Stephen AKA "Steve": The most trusted Enforcer of a Varrock gang. Deceased.
  • "Shalashaska" Ocelot real name Adamska: Interrogation specialist of The Metal-Knights.
  • Small Boss real name John: Leader and Agent for The Metal-Knights.
  • The Scarab: Mummified Pharaoh from the 2nd age.
  • Edward "Eddie" Miller: A convict on the run from Dark Yokrad's army.
  • Warchief Snotaxe: Gk'rath's goblin chef asssistant, Sakhr's personal chef and Warchief in Dark Yokrad's army.
  • Attila: A bloodthirsty Cywir elf and overlord in Droks's rebellion army.
  • John Wilkons: Cruel and fearsome pirate captain of The Gannett's Revenge.
  • Wizard Askia: A senior Wizard and Runecrafter of the Wizards tower.
  • Philip: A Kandarian Baron.
  • Private Kleiner: An Archer in Kemses' army.
  • Latho of Misthalin: A powerful slayer.
  • Siegfried Voorhis of Asgarnia: A white knight and asgarnian patriot who isnt religious.
  • Dark Yokrad: A corrupt and dark form of Yokrad corrupted by Xau-Tak that was created after his body got destroyed.
  • Shaka, Slayer of the Dead: A hobgoblin Overlord in Drok's rebellion army that hates undead.
  • Voices of Amug: A minion of Xau-tak from the first age he is currently Dark Yokrad's Spymaster and Overlord of Secrets.
  • The Tower: Armour that was created ages ago by some unknown force and currently controls an Ork, Overlord in Dark Yokrad's armies.
  • The Hammer: Former Saradominist healer in the god wars who gained an insatible bloodthirst after picking up a cursed Bandosian artifact, currently an Overlord in Dark Yokrad's armies.
  • King Radovid the Great: The king of Kaedwen, a kingdom to the west of Great Kourend.


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Iron Maiden - Holy Smoke Official Music Video

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