Cross X

aka Mac

  • I live in East Coast, USA
  • I was born on September 8
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male


Hello viewers of my profile! 

My /current/ Runescape display name is Zrie, however this is likely to change. Anyway, my name is Shepard, and I'm an alcoholic (a joke). No I'm not, I'm a role-player on Runescape, who makes his home on world forty-two. I've been playing Runescape for over seven years now, role-playing for about the last six months of that time. I currently only have one character named Ronan Gilde.

Before turning to role-playing, the majority of my time playing Runescape was holding administrative roles in clans that had mild role-playing elements (P.O.C.s). I started role-playing late in August 2012, after my long term home, The Grand Kingdom, collapsed following a change in leadership and catastrophic inactivity on the part of many members. 

Personal Update: June 1, 2013

The 2012-2013 school year put a strain on my schedule so I have just recently returned to RuneScape. I plan to get back into role-playing with a new character in this upcoming week. It would be interesting to be a follower of Sliske...

Update: December 22, 2013

I'm back! Over the next few days I'll be working on my Ronan Gilde page (rereading it as well so I can remember my IC thoughts). I will also be starting another page for my new character!

Update: December 13, 2014

I'm back again. I have decided to move my developed characters into the inactive session for two reasons: (1) they are boring and rofly, and (2) I don't really remember much about them (why? see 1).

About Me!

  • I write in an odd combination of cursive and print.
  • My favorite seasoning is Sriracha sauce, a hot Thai sauce, I put it on just about anything- I do /not/ have a mild pallet.
  • My favorite food is probably some egg dish.
  • I am Scottish-American living on the East Coast.
  • My birthday is on September 8th, making me a Virgo!
  • I may be a bit cynnical, but if anyone needs any help I'll try my best to do so.



  • None as of yet.


Yona A.V. - Inactive (Alive)

  • Yona is a 1/4 elf, 3/4 human cross-breed born on a mercantile vessel from the Wushanko islands.
  • He is quite fond about lying about his age, 427, even if a character is good at guessing, few come close to that sum, most rounding off under two hundred.
  • He is an avid user of magic, skilled in most forms varying from ancient, modern, and lunar teachings. Above all other spells he uses air magick to enhance his other abilities.
  • Yona is now an enforcer of the Sanctum of Heroes.
  • His full brother is a character that I may have plans to further develop out of Yona's biography.

Elruc Rolkarson - Inactive (Alive)

  • Elruc is a half elf-human, born on a island north of Relleka. He is well known for being an troublesome yet heroic, for he takes the longest route to solve the problem at hand.
  • He is a weapons specialist, carrying an average of six weapons and a shield on him at all times. To offset the weight of this he wears scale armor or furs, along with thin layers of chain mail.
  • As a young man he was imbued with demonic energy against his will. Those that can sense such energy often mistake him for a demon.

Bard Thrallson - Inactive (Alive)

  • Bard is a middle-aged Fremennik man, whose father was a thrall-- a slave.
  • He is an expert Archer preferring to use a yew composite bow. Additionally, Bard is a decent swordsman, however his pride lies with his skills as a cook.
  • True to his name, he is a musician.
  • He is a member of Eirikr's warband.

Ōkami Haruno (春の狼) - Inactive (Alive)

  • Ōkami is a teenaged war-orphan from the Wushanko islands. Born on the island of Hanto, Ōkami lost his parents when the Khan of Ai Jei waged war-- this drove him to flee to Tokoko, the island of Assassins.
  • Formerly a member of the Death Lotus, Ōkami has turned West and now wanders Misthalin.
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