aka Hayley

  • I live in District of Columbia
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is Temple Knight
  • I am Female

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Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Hayley and my current Runescape username is 'Hit the Hay'. I am the current Commanding Officer of the Temple Knight Auxilary 'Order 171'. There isn't much to say about me, but if you are ever in need of anything please do not hesitate to ask. You can also contact me on Skype; my username being 'hitthehay'.

My Current Characters & Their Titles

  • Hayley Kimberly Spears, Dear Lady of Rimmington, Commander
  • Anya Korsokov, Lady Knight Commadore of the Renderra, The Knight-Witch of the West
  • Zeena
  • Kevin Decker, Initiate
  • Kelly Beckett, Proselyte
  • Astrid Gustafsdottir
  • Cordelia Hutchings, Kinshra Squire

My Current Clans

  • Order 171 (Commanding Officer; Multiple knights)

My contact information

Skype: hitthehay

Runescape: Hit the Hay

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