Hi! I am BaldorGreyfur, a RolePlayer on W42. I am mainly known for my namesake character, Baldor Greyfur. He has had many accomplishments, such as the slaying of Dagannoth Rex, Becoming a Grandmaster of the Academy of Heroes, among other things. I now play the character Taldor Greyfur after the final death of Baldor. I am under the username Baldor.


Battle of the Beards

Active Characters

  • Forseti Greyfur: A Fremennik warrior, and son of Baldor Greyfur.
  • Sigrak Red-Hand - An experienced Fremennik slayer, bearing many wounds from his countless assignments. Has a hatred for demons of all kind, especially Abyssal demons. Lost his left eye and right leg to a Renowned Abyssal Demon of Pain. Also a distant cousin of Baldor Greyfur.
  • CHOCOLATE STARR, DISCO COMBATANT. The name says it all. An African-gielinorian fighter who uses rainbow colored beatsticks and has an afro full of gadgets.
  • Archard Corbin III - Former Ardoungian noble-thief, now a member of The Guild.


Inactive/Retired Characters

  • Utungu: A Karamjan assassin/cannibal who worships a perverse goddess of death. Spirit now stuck in his mask, possessing anyone who wears it and continuing his killing spree.
  • Einar the Unbeating: An undead Fremennik who was once a Slayer. He was killed and used in a necromancers experiment to re-create Zemouregal's spell over Arrav. Due to partial knowledge of the spell, he failed to control Einar. In a last act of spite before being struck down, the necromancer teleported Einar's heart to a place only he knows. Einar now searches around morytania for his heart, slaying beasts along the way. Looking for his heart somewhere.
    Dethklok - Skyhunter-0

    Dethklok - Skyhunter-0

    Einar's themesong

  • Baldor Greyfur: A Fremennik warrior and legendary hero. Dead.
  • Doctor Rotcod: Mad Scientist, killed by an experiment gone wrong.
  • Gudrik Runesson: Fremennik exile and mage. Retired and moved to Draynor.
  • Mighty Baldnad Leech: A mutated leech gone wrong. Retired.
  • Lorvar Meadhelm - A Fremennik adventurer. He earned his honor-name, Meadhelm, after an interesting series of events during his youth.
  • Many other generic/rarely used characters.

A Song

This is a parody I wrote. Baldor: Gonad ? (Knocking: Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock) Do you wanna be a Beardlord? Come on lets go and fight! We never punch each other anymore. Come out the door. It's like you've gone away We used to be beard buddies. And now we're not. I wish you would tell me why! Do you wanna be a Beardlord? You dont have to have a Mustache.

(Knocking) Do you wanna be a Beardlord? And ride our yaks around the world! I think some battle-time is overdue! I've started talking to The muscles on my arms, (Hang in there, Phil!) It gets a little boring. All these untouched foes,

Just watching the training go by (Hrah-Hruh, Hrah-Hruh, Hrah-Hruh, Hrah-Hruh, Hrah-Hruh)


Baldor: (Knocking) Gonad!? Gonad, I know you're in there, People are asking where you've been. They say "Wheres Gonad?", and I'm trying to find you. I'm waiting out here for you, now let me in. We dont have much time now. It's time to fight. The battle is here for you.

Do you wanna be a Beard- Hrah!? Forgot did Baldor... At Fancy Tournament is Gonad! Back to Training Baldor Goes!

Parody of "Do you wanna build a snowman" Sung By Kristen Bell, and seen in Disney's Frozen. Lyrics altered by me for comedic purposes only, ect...ect...

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