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  • I live in Wisconsin
  • My occupation is Lore Collection
  • I am Female
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I am Claire, your goddess of lore. I write when I feel like it, the results vary. My in-game name is "Lore Goddess".

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Most(all) of these are name generators, because I need those, badly.

Seventh Sanctum, a useful site for creating names and plots. It has distinct benefits for story writers.

Forge Name Generator, a site that greatly assists with naming species, locations, and spells.


This is every character I can think of that I've ever played. I've forgot a lot of them. Some of these are from private roleplays. There are dozens of others that I either had no application for or simply don't remember. This list does not include the twelve or so I made after I stopped updating it.

  1. Veronika Alchimous
    • Custom Species, Aeromancer/Portal Mage
    • Status: Very Dead/Retired
  2. Arro Tiic
    • Human
    • Status: Alive/Inactive
  3. Telara
    1. Jaina Aldarona
    2. Saevio
    3. Maiestas
    4. Absit
    • Human, Complicated
    • Status: Alive/Active
  4. Nudara Mitarah
    • Human, Priestess
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  5. Phacthoraal
    • Inferal Demon
    • Status: Alive/Inactive
  6. Larissa Aldarona
    • Human, Void Knight/Pirate
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  7. Saphith
  8. Neryes Anwyl
    • Elf, Archer
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  9. Sangria Tat van Erst
    • Human, Exiled noble
    • Status: Dead/Retired
  10. Adura Singuli
    • Custom Species, Pyromancer
    • Status: Alive/Inactive
  11. Aetas Plaga
    • Lich, Necromancer
    • Status: Undead/Retired
  12. Vaera Niamous
    • Human, Craftsperson
    • Status: Retired
  13. Namira Niamous
    • Human, Con Artist
    • Status: Dead/Retired
  14. Detiria
    • Human, Oneiromancer
    • Status: Dead/Retired
  15. Rosetta Niamous
    • Human, Translator
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  16. Athame Lauiole
    • Human, Knife Fighter
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  17. Liselle Aetheane
    • Human, Mercenary Captain/Entrepreneur
    • Status: Alive/Active
  18. Sanliten
    • Halfbreed Human-Demon, Slave/Mercenary
    • Status: Dead/Retired
  19. Laila Rannoch Nidhogg
    • Human, Antagonist
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  20. Lucilla "Red" Bennett
    • Human, Portal Mage
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  21. Atyrt
    • Human, Savant Mage
    • Status: Dead/Retired
  22. Almera Vaine
    • Human, Magical Theorist
    • Status: Dead/Retired
  23. Nyphr
    • Human, Pyromancer
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  24. Agneste Epola
    • Human, Craftsperson
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  25. Iaormhatrothdenbelradechrod
    • Earth Primordial
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  26. Alexandria "The Banshee" Luthien
    • Human, Soldier
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  27. Ablemae Tis Cull
    • Human, Geologist/Theorist
    • Status: Alive/Inactive
  28. Thyssia
    • Icyene, Photomancer(Light Mage)/Healer
    • Status: Alive/Inactive
  29. Alicia "Voice of the Sun" Braithwaite
    • Human, Cultist spokesperson
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  30. Marie "Alchimous" Niamous
    • Human, Mage
    • Status: Alive/Active
  31. Haleen
    • Elf, Soldier
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  32. Nef'Rek
    • Custom Species, Deathknight
    • Status: Alive/Active
  33. Rosalie Le'Gaunt
    • Human, Aboraculturalist
    • Status: Alive/Active
  34. Jae
    • Siren, Seasinger Trainee/Pirate
    • Status: Alive/Inactive
  35. Çekici
    • Halfbreed Human-Demon, Slave
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  36. Nefis
    • Human, Singer
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  37. Jannah Godsbuilder
    • Halfbreed Genie-Dwarf, Smith
    • Status: Alive/Active
  38. Constance Niamous
    • Human, Bankworker
    • Status: Alive/Inactive
  39. B.B.
    • Giant
    • Status: Dead/Retired
  40. Kristen Sethington
    • Human, Diviner
    • Status: Alive/Retired
  41. Chasca
    • Custom Species, Former Tribune
    • Status: Alive/Active
  42. Valerie Lapucet
    • Human, Mercenary
    • Status: Alive/Active
  43. Elos-Ethael
    • Infernal Demon, Succubus
    • Status: Alive/Active

About me

My name is Claire, as you read above and I hate talking about myself.

I am a fanatical lover of stories, particularly high fantasy and sci-fi(and wish it was easier to bridge the gap) and will devote most of my time playing a game learning it's story, or if it doesn't have one, creating my own(I have this amazing story about Minecraft...). I generally obsess over this for the duration of the time I play a game, which can be a while, I'm a bit of a completion.

I enjoy making odd connections from stories to real world things(such as mithril and titanium), most kinds of music(When I roleplay, I usually listen to nightcore. Don't judge me.), cooking(I will not make you a sammich), and trying to write stories(I have some on blogs here on the wiki). I have something of a fascination with demons, though not in a typical way. It's hard to describe.

I have for many years passively been creating a fantasy world in my head. I once tried to get some roleplayers to help me refine the idea, but you can guess how that went. I used to be an admin on this wiki. When I left I asked to be removed from the list.


If you see a page on the wiki that could use any of these pictures, feel free to make use of them.

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