Accept the gift of your life.

–Urie Jakkan

Urie Jakkan Sicarius-Es'ir
Urie's default appearance pre-Scabaras' Chosen.

Date of Birth

Pentember 21st, Year ??? of the Fifth Age




House Jakkan (formerly)

Clan Es'ir

The Sicarius Coven (formerly)

• Brotherhood of the Holders of the Tattoo

• The Wicca

Al Kharidian Sovereignty (formerly)

Menaphitian Sovereignty (formerly)

The Vipers (formerly)

Scabaras' Chosen (formerly)

Aldaren's Amaranth


Human-Undead (Kharidian)


Alya Jakkan (formerly)

Nineveh Es'ir


Asyria Es'ir

Ashur 'Aquila Junior' Es'ir

Devaki Es'ir

Maida Jakkan (deceased)

Saif ibn Urie al-Jakkan

Sethe Es'ir






Chaotic Neutral

Urie Sicarius-Es'ir, born Urie Jakkan, is a Kharidian character.

Urie originated in the very depths of the desert. Life in the slums of Sophanem was a strenuous ordeal and during his early adulthood, Urie was the last to leave his home. It was then that his entire life changed and he began an adventure - but only for it to end sooner than expected...

With a turn of events, Urie was brought back to life. He was renewed, his life beforehand vague and difficult to recollect. By chance, he soon found himself the influential sovereign of Al Kharid and later a temporary governor of his home, Sophanem. He was thought to be a 'harsh but fair' ruler and generally was held in favourable esteem.

However, destiny had other plans: indoctrinated into the Sicarius, Urie's morals clouded and he became what he would have considered a monster only months beforehand. He managed to keep his independence - and sanity - and plotted with an ally to stay safe in the face of overwhelming danger. In a conflict with the Worshippers of the Dragonkin, Urie was captured and went through his second experience of torture; after months of interrogation, it seemed futile to keep him much longer and the bruised and battered Urie was returned back to the desert.

In his pursuit of survival, Urie opted to spend years - totalling up to six - learning and mastering necromantic practices in hope that it will sustain his life. It became apparent that the passions between man and wife had dulled in their time apart and it was decided they would indefinitely split. Urie henceforth moved north and enlisted in the Al Kharidian Intelligence Network under Emira Aadila.

Deciding to retire, opted to stay in Thea's tower. Hearing underworld rumours of him having a bounty placed on him by his former associates, the Vipers, Urie travelled back to the desert for a final time - reuniting with his wife and becoming leader of a nation. The two intended to spread their ideologies across the Kharidian Desert but ultimately failed to do so. Relinquishing control of the sovereignty, Urie once more delved into obscurity.

Disillusioned with the state of the Kharid, Urie embraced the Scabaras' Chosen sect in hopes that contemplation may lead to a revelation to restore the Kharid's purity. Unable to contrive anything of clarity, he continued to live with his family - and scheme alongside his wife for a 'greater good', when the opportunity arose with an invitation to assist Aldaren in his plans.

In league with Aldaren, Urie investigated the rumours of ancient magical artifacts to empower their cause in the Kharidian Desert. Upon the defeat of his allies, Urie likewise faced confrontation with rogue members of Scabaras' Chosen led by rival Canaan, who shattered his psyche in Brynmor. Mentally handicapped and left for dead, it was rightfully assumed his fate was sealed and the Menaphitian Myth perished confused and alone.

He was played by the user commonly known as Harry.



Following the turbulent Al Kharidian-Menaphite War, the desert was a hostile, untrusting place. Assigned to a group of Menaphite militants that were squashing remnants of an enemy force, priest Karuq Jakkan soon saw a woman. Named Erith Jonston, he was under the impression that she was in fact a spy hired by Al Kharid and in confusion, he assaulted her. She was taken as a slave and it eventually came to light that she had been impregnated.

They both knew that their familiars would not accept such a disgraceful act. They were forced to pretend they were in love, which led them both to take an oath of secrecy to never speak of the incident again. The pair then became married; in a private wedding, and hid together in Sophanem, away from most of the Kharid-Menaphite war action; to create a safe haven for the future baby.

As the years passed, Erith Jakkan found herself pregnant five times. This resulted in the family's children, including the eldest son Zhandar, who is fourteen years Urie's senior; Ghualar, who is nine years Urie's senior; the only daughter who survived childbirth, Alimara, whom is four years Urie's senior; and finally the twins Urie and Urhen. In order to keep a flow of money in for the children, Karuq became a priest and Erith became a part-time carpenter. It seemed that the Jakkan family were favoured by the gods, being gifted with so many healthy children.

An Uneasy Adolescence

The growing amount of children soaked up most, if not all, of the Jakkan wealth and food. At some point the taxation rate was raised in accordance with new spending priorities. Karuq and Erith lacked the finances and support to navigate these reforms, but they saw an extreme alternative. Ghualar, only nine years old, was to be sold into slavery. They felt so much guilt as Ghualar was roughly taken from them, yet Karuq and Erith watched idly, leaving the confused and fearful child to fend for himself. The two relinquished any ties to the child, barely even acknowledging rumours that claimed he was taken to the Kharidian Duel Arena. Ghualar's siblings were never informed of the ordeal and the parents never spoke of it again.


Erith soon decided the two twins could use tutoring to learn basic education. It was a favour from an allied family, staunch supporters of the Jakkan since the times of Jek. Although their tutor was poor himself, and didn't have the appropriate resources for efficient education, Urie seemed to have a fair intellect.

A year later, with Urie now aged six, the eldest sibling, Zhandar, announced he was leaving home. He packed his bags and set off a week later, to Varrock, supposedly because he wanted to research some data inside the Museum. Urie was almost indifferent to his elder brother leaving, later musing that perhaps Zhandar was the most fortunate of the family.

Hostilities occured inside the Sophanem Menaphite church when Karuq and his long-time rival, Mohammad, began to give each other verbal abuse, which increased by the day. It resorted to physical action; violence inside the church was not tolerated and both would have been kicked out if not for the cold-blooded murder of Karuq Jakkan. Mohammad hauled the body away and threw it into the southern sea, away from prying eyes. The other Menaphites were almost entirely oblivious to Karuq's absence, theorising that he had gone on a pilgrimage.

Erith grew ever worried when Karuq never came home. Urie, Urhen and Alimara were also curious. It was never officially confirmed how Karuq met his demise, but his prolonged absence - with no contact - was enough indication that he had indeed passed beyond his mortal life. Erith admitted as much to the children. Urie, only 9 years old, was fatherless. The twin's tutor declined further association with them, unwilling to be privy to such controversy, and thus, while a natural learner, Urie never received any additional education.

Alimara soon left. She was fifteen and ripe for marriage, and married a foreign man from Misthalin. Her husband was in a military faction known as 'the Void Knights', so she joined them alongside him. They were presented with a dowry which stabilised the family for a time, but Alimara's 'abandonment' soured Erith's personality further. Urhen left a couple years later to join the military, much to Erith's chagrin. Urhen had always been fascinated by the stories of glory while Urie had hated them. Erith swore that Urhen would never return, leaving just Urie with his mother.
A view of the cows!

A view of Sophanem, after the outbreak.

Hot, Sandy, Chaotic

It wasn't long before Sophanem and Menaphos were both put under quarantine, which was met with curiousity from neighbouring settlements. It was due to a spread of plagues, sent by 'the Devourer', Amascut. It marked the populace with facial red spots, while swarms of locusts entered the city and ate the food. The cows of the city, an important source of food, for both milk and beef, were infected with a disease that left their milk horrible and their meat inedible. Swarms of bloated frogs also came to the city, washed up on the Elid river; a threat to the people. The entire city went quiet and harboured themselves, stopping any major projects and even leaving slaves unmanaged. Menaphos soon found out, and a large slave riot began in the poor district which had to be controlled by the city guard.

Urie's overprotective - to the point of abusive - mother, worried for the sake of her remaining child, also put an entire lockdown on their house. All of those in the family that were left had to stay inside and watch the rest of the city suffer. She was adamant on ensuring their personal security despite their shortage of supplies. In fact, she even sent her son to fetch some more food, and if he caught the plague whilst doing so, she would not let him return.

Urie reached adulthood and he was still harboured inside. His mother caught the plague near his eighteenth birthday, so Urie had to look after her. Even when she was weak and sickly, she still managed to hold an iron grip on her family. But Erith was all Urie knew: he was determined to keep her safe and alive, giving her most of the food and water they owned, at the detriment of his own health.

Going Solo

Go; save yourself, and never return!

–Erith Jakkan

Weeks of hell passed and desperate times called for desperate measures. Urie's mother, Erith, was gradually getting weaker and weaker until she was close to dying. She worried for the sake of her child, and she finally accepted the gravity of the situation - if he stayed, he would not live long. So, Erith commanded the remaining child, Urie to go, and never come back. He was defiant and stood against her wishes. He stayed and continued to look after his sickly mother.

Another week later, and disaster struck. Urie had shown signs of infection. She commanded him once again to get the hell out, but he protested against it. Meanwhile, when he was cleaning up the floor of the house, she threw a bag at him. With the little strength she had, she went over to him and hit him, continuing to shout verbal abuse until he left. She had a knife in her hand, and Urie thought she was going to stab him; instead, she gave it to him and told him it was for any danger. Then, she hit him once again and marched him over towards the door, before she opened it and threw him out with the bag.

Urie stayed at the entrance and begged to stay, tears in his eyes and desperation in his voice, but to no avail. She ignored him. Abandoned by his family, he solemnly trudged to the north entrance of the city, avoiding the terrible sights left in the wake of the plague, before he found a crack in the wall and began a new life...

Northward Bound

For weeks, Urie trudged through the sand dunes, navigating north with a trusty map that he gained from his family. He had seemed to have picked the worst time to leave the shelter of Sophanem, as a vicious sandstorm crept its way of the desert landscape and settled itself just north of said city; trapping Urie in an absolute hell with little shelter. Whenever he could, Urie paused his journey and amidst the sandstorm, he began to make a high sand dune in the shape of a semi-circle, and rest in the area while he drank the few waterskins and ate the few loaves of bread that he took with him.
River Elid

Elid's source.

The Menaphite Pantheon blessed him on the fifteenth day, as Urie, shattered and broken from the lack of food and water and rest, stumbled upon the Elid. He went straight into it, swimming around and washing quite happily before filling up his waterskins and continuing north; he identified this as the Elid river, and thus, Pollnivneach was dead north.

It was not long after when he reached the town, and he began to explore it. He was given strange and horrified looks, though, as Urie still had plague spots ridden over his cheeks. Urie tried to rent a house from a seller, but was charged extra for his looks. Despite the clear discrimination, he paid extra and was allowed to use the house for a while. He settled there and lived normally, although his mother had given him no idea of what to do, and so, Urie was unemployed and his coin collection began to diminish.

It was on a visit to The Asp & Snake bar that he met a local woman, who turned out to be Nineveh Es'ir. She clearly didn't like his illness, and thus gave him some potions of her brother's to find a cure. He took one, and strangely, it was the right one; though he didn't know at the time. They introduced themselves, and when she travelled westwards to the Asgarnia region, Urie accompanied her.

The Es'ir Clan

Strangely, the Es'ir had been given a castle by a fellow servant, Vestimir Baudlesti, who had been grieving over the loss of his wife and wanted to rid himself of the casle which kept many memories of her. The Es'ir accepted, and moved their operations over into the castle.

Urie became familiar with several other Es'ir members and servants whilst he was staying. He even found out that his twin brother; Urhen Jakkan, was working as a servant, too! The young man had been considering to stay with them, and after Nineveh having saved his life, he pledged his allegiance to the family for all of time. Nineveh remarked that forever was a long time, but he simply replied that he was determined to do so, anyway.

On one occasion, a stranger entered the castle and was spotted. He was questioned several times his name, but he did not reply, and out of anger, he was promptly murdered on the spot. Urie was rather surprised at the ferociousness of the event. He didn't need to be told, though, and he quickly cleaned up the mess.

Days passed, and little went on until Rosemary Es'ir, wife of Aquila Es'ir, decided to go on a trip to Karamja while Nineveh was absent from the group. Rose had been put in charge and wanted to give the group some fun. They were told to pack for it, and they set off soon after on the boat. To everyone's amusement, Rose, with the help of her son, Smoke, managed to sail the ship herself!

They landed at Musa Point, and headed across the island to Brimhaven. They stopped at the volcano, though, as a few Es'ir members wanted to go inside and check it out, but it was decided not to. They continued on to Brimhaven, and ate some food at the pub. Mostly, after that, everyone did their own thing. Urie guarded the house that Smoke went inside.

Urie, Smoke and another servant began to head back to the ship. Urie got there first, and was confused to see Vestimir alone on the ship. Vestimir threatened him, and when Urie did nothing, Vestimir shoved him off the ship and into the water. None of the others saw this incident, so Vestimir got off with it freely.

Urie regained consciousness and rushed back to the port at Musa Point. He was saddened and terrified with the fact that they had left without him, and it even drove him into insanity. He went down the rope by the volcano, and settled behind some rocks which became his 'home'. In hope that they would find him, he managed to scrape a rock with a message saying how he was mad and they should leave him. He did not want to become a burden to them.

A few days passed, and a search party, lead by Rose found him in the volcano. Taking no heed of the warning, they talked to him; but failed to recieve anything that made sense. They decided to knock him out and took him back to the castle. He was awoken, and questioned, and Urie gradually regained his sanity. When he said Vestimir had done it, the Es'ir members became angry at his actions, and tried to find Vestimir. Vestimir was no where to be found.

Nineveh returned after a while, and a bond continued to grow between her and Urie. They grew feelings for one another, but none had the courage to admit it. Urie certainly had little to no experience with romance during his adolesence. Nineveh found the courage, and admitted it to Urie, but in a way he didn't understand. Urie reciprocated her declaration, albeit had not understood her true meaning. Curious at her reaction, he asked Jade Es'ir what she had meant. She knew and explained to Urie, who rushed out to find her. He admitted his real feelings for her, and even kissed her. It was certainly the start of something, but as time would tell, it would soon be the end, too.

Dwindling Days

Urie took a trip to Falador; mainly the Rising Sun Inn. He found his old friend and now enemy, Vestimir Baudlesti, waiting there. Urie was never one to fight, and instead of actually attacking him, he just sat down next to him and talked while they each took a drink. He wasn't paying too much attention to his own safety, so Vestimir put a dribble of some poison into Urie's drink, in addition to planting some kind of timer on Urie. Urie was none the wiser, and had it anyway. Vestimir insulted Urie afterwards and Urie responded by pushing him down the stairs. He left soon after.

The group travelled back to Pollnivneach not long afterwards, and the poison soon came into play. One incident involved Urie wandering outside of his house and collapsing, gasping for breath and water. Jade was quick to act and gave him some water before anything worse could happen.

Urie had a feeling he was going to die from it. He went back into his house and just waited. Nineveh came to his house and became very upset. He pleaded for her to not cry and stay strong, but she didn't listen. He unsuccessfully tried to comfort her. He then asked if he could see inside her Pollnivneach house, and she accepted. With an approving remark he asked her to do a favour. He said that she should step down from the risky business of running the Es'ir, and just marry and have children and live a real life. She replied that she wanted that to be him. The pair went upstairs inside her house and consummated their relationship.

He left the house a bit later, and the timer that had been planted on him activated, thus teleporting him to an unfamiliar house. Urie threw up after having been teleported for the first time. Curiousity killed the cat, and would soon kill Urie; he began to explore the house.

He had to travel through an underground entrance to the main building, and he found ghastly corpses in said underground area. He ran through before he could throw up again, and emerged in the main building; in the same room as Vestimir, who was sitting smugly on a throne. Vestimir gave him a cure for the poison; having a more appealing way to deal with Urie, of which Urie drunk, before he knocked him unconscious.

Urie awoke with his limbs spread apart, having been tied to a kind of cross. Vestimir then began his torture. He sliced his body; whipped his body, severed the right ear off, severed the right ring finger off, and taunted Urie when he removed Urie's left eye. Vestimir asked him what it was like to lose an eye, having lost an eye himself. Urie didn't reply, and stayed completely silent. Blood trickled out from his mouth due to having bit his tongue so hard.

Vestimir poured oil over Urie, and then set him alight. Urie screamed like he had never screamed before. His screams echoed around the entire mansion, and he didn't stop. He kept going, calling names of his friends and family. This was futile though, and Vestimir continued his practice. Urie's screams fell softer and softer, before not a sound was heard from him. Urie had died before Vestimir could carry out much more.

Rose caught Vestimir in the act, and just when she was about to attack him, Vestimir teleported to Pollnivneach with the corpse. The corpse was hung up and this time, Smoke caught him in the act. He alerted the rest of the Es'ir, and the group hurried over. Urie's body was cut down and left on the sand. The Es'ir then took turns to hurt Vestimir and eventually murdered him, and Urie's body was taken away from the scene and hidden by a slave to be preserved.

Back to Life

Four years after Urie's brutal death Craex using the guise of the familiar Aquila Es'ir revived the servant back into life. Urie suffered amnesia and had little to no knowledge of almost everything. Aquila didn't fill him in, either; he left the confused man alone after having completed his job.
Pollnivneach street view

A street of Pollnivneach.

Urie eventually began to regain some of his memory and thought that further investigation could piece it all together. He travelled back to Pollnivneach in hope of finding a member of the Es'ir, but alas, for he could not find any. He was left feeling isolated and dejected. Convincing himself to start anew, he made a new beginning for himself by working odd jobs around Pollnivneach in return for a bit of money and or food to keep him going.

One usual day, when Urie was sweeping sand out of a shop, he managed to find one of the Es'ir members. It was Jade. After a discussion about past events and a catch-up, Urie was permitted to live along with her.

Urie's soul searching was far from over. Coincidentally a friend gave him some of his wares. He instructed Urie to travel north, to the town of Al Kharid, and deliver and sell his goods to his customers there. This gave Urie the opportunity he desired. A chance to take a break - and so he took it.

In Al Kharid

He soon began to feel a regret after moving his operations to Al Kharid; the town was much duller than where Urie considered his new home, Pollnivneach. In his opinion, it was hardly worth arriving; barely any of the customers actually came to see his friend's stock. He was too focused on selling the products that he had been given, afraid of returning home a failure, to notice that the Emir, Arhus Kahir, resigned from office, and was replaced by a member of the foreign Hawke family, who chose to use the title King instead.

Burthorpe-Taverley dock

A view of the Taverley dock.

Soon after King seemed to have disappeared. Urie himself had heard, from some drunken youngsters who clearly made no effort to conceal their dislike of the King, that he had travelled west; to Burthorpe. His stock was going nowhere, so he packed in into crates as before and set off, on behalf of himself, to see what the King was up to.

He took the ship route, sailing from Al Kharid to Taverley, which took about a week or so. He had hated the journey so far; he had thrown up several times due to seasickness.  He arrived and headed straight northwards, and was about to walk into the castle when a figure stopped him. Unbeknownst to Urie, it was in fact the King; and he had some news. He was old, and had decided to resign from service too; Urie being the first Kharidian he met, he gave the leadership to him, despite Urie's protests. Even on the trip back, where he threw up more, he still could not believe that past few days of his life.

Burthorpe Castle

Burthorpe Castle.

More Than He Bargained For

Shortly after his return to Al Kharid, a local Elder proposed Urie wed his eldest daughter. For financial and diplomatic reasons, he agreed to become betrothed to a complete stranger. Naturally, he had his doubts, but once the deal was made there was no going back. He had to go along with it.

Before she even arrived, Urie was already in business. A member of the Detryke family, Seth; a family in the middle of a war between their rival, the Trykes, met with him. Urie agreed that he could reside in Al Kharid to lie low, Seth having said that not a thing would be suspected. Not long after, a freelance slayer, whom Urie imagined was a bounty hunter, requested a job; he was given the job of being the Emir's personal slayer. Then, finally, a shady group of 3 arrived. They turned out to be Sicarius. They had heard that the Emir was offering sanctuary, along with he had the ability to provide them with resources in exchange to be a defence. Thinking nothing of it at the time, he accepted, like he had done with everything else that day.

A day or so later, Urie's fiancée, named Alya-Ali-Hani, arrived in Al Kharid; he was not present at the time to greet her, and he suspected she would probably hate him for that, but he did not mind. He was only 'with her' because he had to be. His adviser, Issar Ankar was there, though, so he did. Urie, despite not being present, soon enough find out what had happened that evening; a Burthorpian had supposedly assaulted his fiancée and his adviser, and Issar had taken the situation into his own hands; he had ordered the execution of him. Not all was bad, though; a diplomat from the distant Renderran Isles arrived and after a discussion, an alliance was declared.

Urie was furious at Issar's reckless act; the threat of war was imminent by the Burthorpians, who would surely not take a death or their own lightly. He discussed what to do with his guard captain and former Emir, Arhus Kahir and Seth Detryke. They decided to punish him, and that they would. He took it upon himself to deliver the justice. Urie was only angered more by Issar's insolence, and even more so by putting the blame on Alya. With a small audience, he cut off Issar's left hand with his own knife with no regret, leaving him in pain and his table and knife soaked in blood. Urie commanded Arhus to get someone to clean it up and left the Palace.

Urie as the Emir of Al Kharid.

A member of his audience followed him out and revealed his name - Zaovyr Es'ir. The memories he still remembered flooded back, and Urie thought he was cursed; that the name Es'ir will forever haunt him. He managed to keep his sanity in front of Zaovyr, who became the Grand Vizier, but inside he was troubled.

Urie wrote a letter of apology to Burthorpe, which was sent by a trusty courier. Varis Knives, their King, later responded positively, and they managed to sort out an alliance. Soon after, he recieved a letter from the Coalition, requesting assistance in the fight against the Dragonkin Worshippers. He declined when he sent a letter back. Within the same space of time, Urie decided to promote Seth Detryke to an adviser; and so he did.

The Emir's troubled past caught up with him; a man by the name of Talbot arrived in Al Kharid. When Urie met him, his attitude and appearance was similar to that of Vestimir Baudlesti. Urie figured that Talbot knew, and he was going to kill him. He ordered Zaovyr to "take care" of Talbot; Urie later recieved Talbot's head as a present. Urie had tried to keep his real feelings guised, but he ended up questioning himself. Surely, he was going insane; his past had come back to haunt him. He wasn't fit for the job of running a town. He wasn't fit for anything. He considered running away, a coping strategy that harkened back to Sophanem.

He eventually calmed down and travelled to Yanille by sea; he met with the local Duke, Darius, and they organised another alliance. Urie considered his actions good; he was keeping Al Kharid in safety from foreign kingdoms. Nevertheless, Urie soon cracked under the pressure, and could take it no more. With the concurrent beginning of defensive renovations he had organised, he packed his bags and went to leave; he found Zaovyr before him. Urie explained his feelings and eventually granted Zaovyr the title of Emir. He had hopes for him; he knew he could manage it as he certainly couldn't. With that, Urie abandoned Al Kharid, and faced the tough trek home.

The Important Interlude

Urie set off without a goodbye to any of those he had called friends or allies. Perhaps the Pantheon disapproved of his decision; a day after his trip through Shantay Pass, and as he was camped out in the desert, its harsh landscape brought upon a fierce sandstorm which he barely got through. It was a serious struggle against his body; he thought he was going to die. After a day of suffering, it died down and he was able to continue back south.

He arrived back in Pollnivneach and checked to see how Jade was faring. After a conversation, Urie discovered she had feelings for him; he had no idea how to respond, but practically pretended he shared the same. He realised he couldn't live a lie and refused to stay with her. He went south again.

The governor of Sophanem appointed by the Pharaoh took ill; the authority of the cities, the Pharaoh decided to call upon checking documents for previous nobility and royalty. Their search was almost futile until they found records of the Menaphite Champion Jek Jakkan, an ancestor of Urie. They also found Urie's previous experience with overseeing urban areas and considered him a good picking. He was contacted and Urie felt obligated to see to the task.

Despite the fact he had refused to keep leading people, his governance began prosperous; Urie remembered the cure he had found before and was able to give some to the city, who then attempted to copy it. Though it would be some time before it was widely available, the Twin Cities finally had hope.

Urie still doubted himself. Daily, he prayed to the Pantheon for guidance and on one fateful day his prayer was answered; Alya, his partner from Al Kharid, had found him. He discovered she was pregnant and expecting his child. Urie was astounded - he was to become a father, his lifelong desire. The proceedings brought the two together to be married - officially - and Urie eagerly expected the arrival of his child.

Urie's Dark Deeds

On a business trip to Pollnivneach, Urie made a mistake. After his meeting, he took to the Asp & Snake bar for a relaxing session. He was the only patron inside before a woman came in; they had a conversation, despite Urie's previous judgement and lack of wanting to talk, they found they were so similar. Laila, as it were, had been in slavery and had been scarred. Urie felt a strange connection; he had no idea what was on his mind when he allowed himself, a married man, to sleep with her.

Guilt filled him up; he was fit to burst. After an emotional talk, he left Laila and went home, fighting an inner battle with which he was losing. He had no choice but to tell Alya what he had done; she took it better than he expected. She was quiet the entire time, citing that she had to discuss things with her father as a reason for leaving. Urie, the wreck he was, could not cope. She gave him comfort, and now that comfort had gone, along with his unborn child. He sobbed until his heart was raw and resorted to self-harm by flagellation to deal with it.

Dark thoughts niggled in the back of his mind, tempting him to do things he had never done before. When he saw a courtesan waiting outside a house at night, he erupted; his blame was forced upon her, and he brutally murdered her. Her partner whom she had just been with saw and Urie killed him too, his vengeance satisfied. For some time, the district acted incredibly paranoid due to the two murders and none expected Urie to have done it.

Urie went away once more; he couldn't stay. He went north to Al Kharid, a place of mixed memories for him. If only he had decided not to; he found silks similar to what his family had worn and caused a disturbance between him and the trader, before Nineveh found him. Urie found it difficult contain his emotions upon seeing such a significant part of his life. He didn't understand why she wanted to find him until she admitted things of her past. Urie accepted her, regardless of what she'd done; she also told him of his child, Asyria, and how she felt. It was decided they'd stay together for mutual reasons.

Taking a walk to calm himself not long later, he saw Issar once more; he felt angry that he had been disobeyed after he had explicitly warned him to stay away from him and out of his sight. Nobody else around, and Urie being corrupted, he harshly gave Issar a quick slit of the throat and left him to die in the sand. He felt little emotion when he did it.

Not long after, Nineveh seemed to be distracted by a whistling which she thought was her father's; she was half right and half wrong. It was Kel Sicarius, who seemed to be completely unaware of what he was. Urie did little and took a back seat role as she suspected a plot and called Sicarius including Tyrael and Rai to the scene; Kel fled to the palace and the group split. Urie went the roof way with Rai and Tyrael, unknowingly being one of the first to witness the Sicarii return. When Rai had repledged his allegiance, Urie left, utterly confused.

Then the Sicarius left and Urie did not know what to do until Nineveh came back; this time, it was to recruit him. It took longer than she wanted, Urie protestant and refusing to her pleas; a group of around a dozen Sicarius appeared and surrounded him. His ultimatum had completely backfired. He had no choice but to join them.

Sicariian Service

Immediately, the group went to Port Sarim; they assaulted the area with a stolen ship, blowing smithereens into the port. They soon set off, however, bound for the Kandarin coast; they never made it by ship, however, as when Kel removed one of the masts the ship began to sink. The Sicarius had to swim the rest of the way; it was one of the hardest things Urie had ever done, being a novice swimmer. He detested them already.

They went south from Witchaven, into ogre territory, and then west to the coast; Abbas Kel instructed them to find something, and it was an artefact. An orb, which had the power to control any blooded Sicarius; as a demonstration, Nineveh was forced to almost drown herself. The orb was known was the device of Althar, unknown to most of the current Sicarius. Satisfied, Kel decided to blood three other servii (servants) along with Urie: Arden "Slug" Kazlov, Arin, and Melody Dean. Urie became a Sicarius within hours.

The Adult Child

Through blood and fire, you are reborn; and into the fold, we welcome you.

–Sicarius, Urie's blooding

Strangely, Urie managed to settle quickly into the Sicarius; he figured being resistant would get him killed. The Sicarius travelled back to Misthalin and their old hideout, Draynor Manor, and performed a ceremony in which amulets became an alarm signal for them, which they were always to wear. Urie didn't care much about it.

It wasn't long before a small group, Urie included, went out to get some servii; a bounty hunter by the name of Jacques caught their attention, and in turn, he was caught in the Blue Moon with ease. His initiation was amusing to say the least, including him being woken up by piss. Afterwards, he finally had a moment of peace, and after some banter with Nineveh, she admitted she loved him. Encouraged by her words, his doubts were cast out, at least briefly. Maybe the Sicarius weren't so bad after all.

A few days later, Eravvi, another child, lead a hunting trip to Piscatoris; at first, Urie was sceptical of the idea, but he soon came to be fine with it. The group, who killed an animal, disturbed a pair of bears; while three dealt with one of them, Urie and Nahkriin dealt with the other from behind. It charged and almost killed Nahkriin, but Urie brutally axed the bear and ended its life before it could do the same to Nahkriin. He skinned the bear and kept the pelt.

Around now, the Sicarius got their hands on a fort in the desert. On the hunting trip, they introduced two new servii; Lucie and Miranda. The demon child, Na'kur, instructed servant Jacques to juggle chinchompas which provided some decent entertainment. Soon, they all went back, and Urie shared a meal with Blade Tyrael, whom mocked servant Julia's heritage of Princess of Asgarnia.

It was far too soon before his old friend from Al Kharid, servant Seth Detryke, was murdered in front of his eyes; Urie was unable to save him and vowed revenge. Urie was given the Detryke dagger on his deathbed, and in a commune with Nahkriin and Seth's spirit, he instructed Urie to keep and use it. Seth also said he wasn't going to return.

To make matters worse, the Sicarius also plunged into war with Asgarnia. Urie himself never found out the reasoning, nor did he ask. Things were mostly uneventful and insignificant besides the vigorous training and when, in a meeting with Kel, servant Julia made a threat; she had meant to kill her father, Joe, not Kel, but Urie was instructed to beat her. She was rewarded with a backhand, her face hit against the stone fountain twice, being winded and having her wrist broken. Unsatisfied with some lust for control, Felix also joked that he trimmed the ears of an elven servant, Lucie, and Urie literally did. When Felix joked that they should cut the hair of a servus they called "Bonerhair", since her hair stood on end, she teleported away; the Sicarii did not find her and cared little.

Soon enough, Disciple Arin had discovered something and sent a group consisting of a few Sicarius inside Varrock sewers; they came across many obstacles such as a boulder rolling through a narrow passageway, undead hands, a pool of acid to cross, a family of several large spiders before they came across some dark magi. The group were forced to attack, but in vain, the dark magi managed to escape; his guards, kurasks, were disposed of. Urie even rode one.

Back at the desert fortress, a stranger came; he revealed himself to be Sator Yei and after a hostile opening, discussed teaching the blooded Sicarius Sicaricae magic; a form of magic that can only be used by blooded Sicarius upon other blooded Sicarius through means of willpower. Urie was interested and learnt a few spells, but he was not much of a wizard. In addition, Kel called the Sicarius and they met with Richard Grosvenor and Ehrick Elderon of Asgarnia. The negotiations were shortlived; Ehrick was killed by Ellie and Richard teleported away. He hadn't brought any reinforcements, but some locals decided to join in on the fight and they too died, one by Urie's hand.
Urie Sicarius; new

To think and reflect on his past, Urie decided to head to Karamja and took a detour to Shilo Village. However, it wasn't long before he was called back; this time, Arin needed him. Nahkriin and Xilen were in a spot of trouble and Urie had to shoot and kill some banana-headed man, which he did. They moved on into the Kharazi jungle to continue but soon after they found a cave of interest, Danté Sicarius requested back-up; then he died. The Sicarius, in rage, killed all but one at the scene and took the survivor as a servus; it wasn't long before he ran off.

Finally, Urie signed up for some mission to rid the Wilderness fortress of a particular annoyance known as Artio, whom was a large, monstrous bear. Urie, along with Na'kur, Jacques, Miranda and Julia, headed northward. They found the fortress to be in a ruined state and the weather harsh, and they soon met Artio. It advanced, felled Na'kur, and Urie shot the beast in the eye with his crossbow, rolling out the way. When he tried to repeat the same action for the other eye, Artio learnt; the bolt missed and Urie was forced to back away while the others tried to stop it in vain. Urie hid behind a tree and threw an axe when it came for him, but the axe did little and Artio felled the tree; it clashed Urie's back as he went to run with his claws before it took his weakened form away in his jaw. It looked bleak until Urie managed to return when the beast had almost killed Na'kur, the rest trapped inside the fort, when he avenged himself and murdered the bear, letting it fall into the pit Na'kur was meant to fall into. Urie pulled him out and the group evacuated, mission complete. Upon their return, Urie and another, Daevi, were made into Disciples of the Sicarius.

Death's Disciple

With Artio cleared out, the Sicarius were able to head back to their fortress in the Wilderness and quickly settled back at what they called home. It wasn't long before they were called to their first mission, under lead of Marshal Domovoi; the group travelled to Rellekka and defended the town from a massive pack of wolves, Urie himself killing at least nine of them. One, likely the boss, proved almost too hard to beat, and most were forced to flee.

The Sicarius often spent time training in the Lexicon when free; the Lexicon was a creation of Althame Sicaria, one of the founders. The Lexicon was a good place to train combat due to the fact when one died in there, it did not affect the person out of the Lexicon. Such events involved combat tactics and strategies; under the lead of Anye, Urie was killed by fire to the face in a game of Capture the Flag. He won under the lead of Domovoi, as expected.

Na'kur Sicarius formed a group consisting of himself, Eravvi, Xilen, Anye, Miranda, Melody and Urie to investigate something of interest to him. The adventure took them to a strange place and they faced several obstacles, before they came face to face with an enemy. All but Melody and Xilen were teleported into some cage where they were tied up, gagged, and naked, forced to do nothing but watch. Needless to say, it was awkward, but they were eventually freed and returned victorious.

Things went quiet, but the occassional appearance of a Wiccan Sicarius, whom were founded by Althame Sicaria. One such encounter lead to the death of the Wiccan at the hands of Ellie due to the attack on Naylim and the family were anxious of an attack. Luckily, the response was not as bad as expected. Kel soon left for an unknown reason. It wasn't long before Rai Sicarius declared the family to be of Wicca ideals. While some of the Sicarius were sceptical of the quick change, it went forth regardless. Urie had no complains, seeing as the Wiccans were Sicarius with morals.

It wasn't always so easy; tension began to rise with the anticipated return of Kel at any time, and Urie was soon asked by Domovoi what he was. Urie answered Wicca and after some conversation, was invited to join the Brotherhood of the Holders of the Tattoo, a form of elite under Domovoi himself. Urie had been recommended by Tyrael and Felix, finding himself joining without much hesitation. He was gifted with a new weapon; a repeater crossbow from the Eastern Lands and special ammunition for it.

Action came straightaway thanks to the return of Kel, who announced a war between the family; Wicca versus Althae. The war even brought in other sects, such as the Wushanko, Acheron and Archipelago Sicarius. As soon as he was inducted to the Brotherhood, he was involved in a plot to kill Danté Sicarius. The plan went well, except it did not go as fully intended; instead of Danté, Jac and Ellie Sicarius were killed instead. Things went insane, everyone questioning the motives of others; ultimately, no one really knew who it was. Thea in particular was devastated by the loss, demanding information. Urie's good intentions forced him to admit his presence, and he was soon able to calm Thea down; she didn't seem to judge him as her anger more focused on Domovoi. Back to her normal state, Thea asked about Urie's relationship with Nineveh and their child, Asyria; as a result of this, it was decided Urie would consider proposing to Nineveh.

Wicca Urie

Urie Sicarius during the Wicca-Althae split.

Fights became commonplace and there were several casualties, notably Legendairé Kazlov who was on the Althae side. The Sicarius began to question what they were fighting for, and that was when the Dominus, the highest authority of the Sicarii, arrived. She demanded for Kel to hand over the orb - Althar's device. After the savage brawl, the Dominus was slain, and the other sects were mostly wiped out with the device. The sect became known as the Kelcultii, followers of Kel.

Urie had been absent for a lot of the time, and he found the fact Kel married Thea to be an interesting piece of news. He congratulated Thea, and she told him of Nineveh's return; she had been captured by the Althae beforehand. He was warned she was unstable, but it mattered little to him. She was still often absent.

Marshal Domovoi called the group once and announced they were to hunt after artifacts; the first was to be the Arm of Nal. They found the Arm of Nal in a cavern with some surviving Wiccans and Althae, whom they killed to show the Kelculti's domination. The group faced a figure by the name of Marik and killed him before they exited themselves.

Soon enough, the Kelculti began to return into view of the rest of Gielinor. It was sparked by Domovoi's easy takeover of Burthorpe and Taverley. Tension rose in Kandarin, and the Sicarius were instructed to stay alert and were informed of plans to deal with the potential threat. Meanwhile, the Kelculti had formed a friendship with Straton Kull, and the Sicarius went to Falador to deal with Straton's enemies, the Ryders, at a coronation party. However, it seemed the Ryders did not show.

Afterwards, Urie personally went to overview the progress in a meeting with Straton and a worshipper, Pyralis. It had seemed that things had not gone according to plan. Regardless, Urie moved on, and it wasn't long before betrayal took place.

Once friends with Straton, the Sicarius plotted to eliminate him. They assaulted his home; Straton's wife, Lucy, escaped, but a worshipper and Straton were casualties. This brought the war to a head, and the worshippers declared to be hostile.

Promised with rewards, it would ultimately be Urie's downfall to search Sarim for worshippers to slay; he was ambushed and assaulted by a handful of them. Urie was knocked out and lost his armaments, teleported to Daemonheim and put into the prison room. Elder Urie of the Sicarius became a captive.

Gone and Forgotten

On a daily basis, Urie was interrogated and tortured. Primarily his interrogator, Karme, asked him of his motives, Urie sceptical of her and the Worshippers' idea of spreading the influence of their own idol for no apparent gain. She found his sarcastic and brief answers unsatisfactory and, curious of the Sicarius mark on his left wrist, flayed it off; they planned to send it back to the Sicarius as a message, and they did as much, causing a commotion that harmed Rai in the process. 

Their methods of torture were varied. Urie was often beaten, cut and whipped without remorse. In addition, asphyxiation, water torture, denailing, hanging him upside down and their favourite method of foot-roasting were common. He was abused left, right and centre; Urie never struggled though, merely accepting the pain and his fate.

He became an insomniac. He could never sleep; other slaves and prisoners could never stop screaming, often still replaying in his head. He was starved until he was utterly weak and fatigued; it seemed they were trying to break his hope, but Urie was ever faithful in something..

Lucy, the wife of the recently deceased Straton thanks to the Sicarius, visited him once. She was not hostile surprisingly and found Urie's regret to be confusing. She explained that Thea had visited her and she would try and help him. Urie, with little other choice for survival, agreed to it.

And so, the lost sense of time passing by soon lead to the end of Urie's captivity. He was interrogated once more by Roach and Pyralis, this time about the location and defences of the fortresses of the Sicarius. Urie was hardly informative, causing Roach to use a special way of his - namely, a hallucinogenic drug, which was forcefed to Urie.

He was told to imagine that he was at his home, Sophanem, but it was destroyed; everyone he knew and loved was dying or were dead infront of him. People were screaming to Urie, begging for help, but he found himself unable to. Urie was then shot in the back with an arrow, falling into the sand; in agony, all he could do was look up to see whom had shot him - it was revealed to be his trusted friend, Thea. Betrayed, it seemed the imaginitive Urie died of the pain.

The next false instance in his mind started with him being dragged into a crowd inside the Sicarius fort by two Sicarius. They mocked him, untrusting of him due to his apparent betrayal and prolonged absence. His name was chanted to die, superior Sicarius demanding him dead. One moved into position to decapitate the demoralized Urie but not before Nineveh rushed out of the crowd, pleading for him to be spared. He could all but watch as she was strangled and ruthlessly piled before his very eye. Then, he himself was killed and everything went dark - he was brought back to reality.

Urie was sobbing wildly, feeling like his heart was breaking. He was in mental and physical agony; everything he knew and loved was gone, there was nothing left for him. Roach and Pyralis tried to comfort him, saying that was a prediction of the future - a future that would happen if Urie did not fight the Sicarius. Regardless, Urie was in no state to fight them, nor would he choose to, and he was fed by the hospitable Roach before he was freed and taken away - home - by Pyralis.

Out and About

Pyralis took Urie home to Sophanem, even in his unwell state. It seemed Pyralis was marvelled by some inhabitants, such as the sphinges. There, Pyralis picked out a random woman who was busy checking over market stock; he said Urie had been attacked by the Sicarius, and although she was sceptical of the idea, she offered to nurse him back to health. It was eventually revealed, come Pyralis' leave, that her name was Kasai and her father, much to Urie's amazement, was Aquila Es'ir. Maybe it was luck, fate, or destiny, but Urie found himself back with the Es'ir.

Even as they were discussing arrangements, a zealous man of the Abdul-Qadir was recruiting men and women for his group. He explained that they had recently had an inner civil war due to religious reasons. After a lot of consideration, Urie and Kasai both agreed to join. However, it wasn't to be - during one of the nights after their introduction to the Abdul-Qadir, Kasai and Urie fleed.

Kasai chose to head back to Pollnivneach while Urie went to Sophanem. He figured he should re-adjust to his old lifestyle, picking up the carpentry business the Jakkan had years back. It was tough; memories of times before, and especially old customers flooded his unstable mind, but he coped well, blocking it completely.

Then, Vaako Sicarius came. It seemed he had found him. Urie did not recognize the westerner at first, up until Vaako showed him his Sicarius mark - now bigger than before, having been promoted in Urie's absence. Urie, thinking he had come to kill him, challenged him, pleading for death. Vaako explained that was not the case. Urie soon calmed down and the two went inside to discuss how he was settling. Urie said he wasn't ready to return to the Sicarius and he had little to pass the time. Vaako, being told about Nineveh, suggested he went to find her. Urie's reactions made Vaako threaten to tell the other Sicarius, even if he ended up not doing so. When it came for Vaako to leave, he was given selection of a few products to give to his woman. He took out a gift and while Urie said he didn't have to pay, Vaako quickly gave him the money before he teleported off.

The Es'ir Clan (II)

Things started to become dull and the business slowly ground to a halt. Urie decided to head north to Pollnivneach, figuring Kasai was still waiting for his return; she was, but she was also waiting for the rest of the Es'ir family. They had been summoned.  A couple soon arrived, revealing themselves to be called Cassie and Blake. Cassie was heavily pregnant and in the midst of discussion to prove she was an Es'ir, her water broke. She was hurried in by Urie, closely followed by Blake. Urie helped deliver triplets; two boys, one girl. He left the couple in peace afterwards, heading back outside to find Kasai with a little girl. Kasai had a wound to the face, and there were some ashes on the sand not too far away...

The girl was also an Es'ir and it eventually came to the conclusion and realization that she was Urie and Nineveh's daughter, Asyria. Urie and Asyria shared a heartfelt reunion and she was to live with them. She went to get her things from her carer (whom was actually dead, thanks to Kasai) while Urie tended to Kasai. Kasai said she would help look after Asyria.

Initially, Urie was overjoyed with the fact he'd found his little girl. Ultimately, he found it too hard to cope; the guilt he had for not being present the first ten years of her life and then the loss of her mother, who was nowhere to be found. Urie mourned alone before he decided it would be best to leave.

Third Time Lucky

Urie took the advice Vaako had given him weeks before to search for Nineveh once more; travelling around the expanses of the desert, he found her easier than expected. She was no longer with the Sicarius and the pair agreed to "retire". It did not take long for Urie to finally propose to her. A week later, they were married in a private ceremony during the night.

Strangely, Urie never fully felt settled with his 'normal' life. Raising his three children and running the carpentry business his family had in Sophanem was not enough. Although he truly loved his family, he felt that he wasn't suited to a life like this - not anymore. 

Unknown to Urie, events in the Sicarius had left Vaako - whom he considered a good friend - dead. He hadn't been sure if the tinge he felt at the time was the mark telling him he died or if he was ill. Regardless, he continued to run his business - he was surprised to be visited by Thea Sicarius shortly after who brought news. Despite the fact he hadn't seen her in years, there was no time for a catch-up. She promptly informed him effects of the mark had gone and the Sicarius had changed completely. Urie was now believed safe. However, it was only during Thea's meeting did he finally conclude that he had to do something else for a living.

He soon found himself in the world of underworld crime. Urie had joined a syndicate which took part in many unlawful activities such as trafficking humans and drugs and encouraged bounty hunting. Urie soon became a name for his efficiency for dealing with bounties, becoming a renowned figure in the cartel. All the while he did this in complete secrecy, his family unaware he lived two lives.

Refusing to believe it, Urie finally had to come to terms with Vaako's death. He travelled north to Varrock to inform the widowed Ranah and his child, Malthael. On the outside he looked like he was coping; in the inside, he felt guilty that he - who brought Vaako into the Sicarius - had brought him to his death. With his condolences, he left the pair to grieve, promising to find out more about how he came to his demise.

A Cult's Conspiracy

Note: the events of this chapter were in a semi-private role-play plot. It is possible that events may not coincide with those of public role-play.

Urie soon found himself contacted by Sihrus, an old friend in the Sicarius. Albeit surprised to be contacted out of nowhere, he was eager to cooperate with Sihrus in a job he had. Apparently, Urie was fitting for it; and so, he soon set off west to the isle of Karamja where was instructed to head to a bar in Brimhaven, told that an 'armoured shaman' was enlisting volunteers.

Sirus was correct, as Urie found the shaman and a mage. He was told that strange happenings had been occuring on Karamja; there was a dark cloud looming over the jungle and undead had risen out of nowhere, and they were to locate the source - believed to be a spirit - and end it. He announced that he would assist and soon enough a brute joined, if only for the promise of pay and blood. The following day they set off southbound, only to find a bunch of natives running for their lives. With them were injured ones, and the group was given a choice; they could leave some supplies for them or carry on. They opted to help, so the shaman was left behind briefly.

Soon they encountered the first of the undead; large gorillas charged the three. They were quickly dealt with by the talents of the team, but then as the shaman returned, a massive demon armed with a flail appeared in their path. After a strenuous fight which almost got the mage killed, the demon was defeated by a simple honey badger summoned by the shaman. A villager came out of his home; he was the elder and the only one still around. He invited them for some tea which invigorated the fatigued company and told them that the thing they were searching for was a dark spirit which had been hunting a 'spirit of the stars'. If it were to succeed and kill it, they were told the world would be in eternal darkness.

Moving on, they found a crater that they believed the spirit had arrived at. It was decided they'd camp there and so when Urie went to get leaves for a makeshift tent, he privately contacted Sihrus and informed him of what they had learnt. It was revealed to Urie that it was actually a man who was the 'dark spirit', made insane and given power by a necromatic amulet. He was also told that if they found a man, he must accompany them. His ulterior motives meant he did not reveal this to the rest of the group when he returned, only to find an easterner had joined the company. There wasn't much time for greetings when the shaman, Ivan, put up a barrier around the crater to prevent the undead from getting in - but a golem was already inside; it was quickly dealt with. They then rested and slept in preparation for the next day.

They were getting close to the source. They all heard a screaming man and rushed to find him, revealed to be a divining wizard that was being attacked by groups of suspended skulls. The skulls were soon destroyed and the easterner's skills were met with Urie's grudging respect. Urie realized that the wizard was the man that they needed to recruit, and so subtley expressed that he should accompany them. The easterner agreed and the wizard joined them as they came to a river. The only way across was a single log; when the shaman and the easterner tried to cross on it, they lost balance and the log - and them - were taken downsteam. Urie used his trusty grapple on a tree to swing across. The three including Urie, the brute and the mage regrouped and searched for the shaman and the easterner. Before they eventually found them, Urie found a mound which covered a door engraved with runic symbols. He insisted that the shaman see them; when he did, he opened it and rushed inside. They were very close.

The group exluding the shaman entered the cavern and went after him. For something that was a source of all this drama, it was quiet and there were no undead to be seen, making Urie uneasy. Throughout the twists and turns, they finally found the shaman; along with a girl, the daughter of the elder, and a lion which was revealed to be the 'spirit of the stars'. At that moment, the wizard showed his true colours. He was the man hunting it, and his appearance shifted into a malicious one; including the amulet that was his source of power. The wizard summoned several behemoths and assaulted the company and a hard fight followed.

They managed to kill the behemoths and the wizard made a final attempt to kill the lion. He incapacitated the shaman but the lion fought back and killed it. All that was left was the amulet and a wand; the group were all injured, but the easterner and the mage went to retrieve them and were suddenly intercepted. Sihrus appeared and mocked them all. His betrayal frustrated Urie as the mage took off his disguise, revealing an undead necromancer mage. The easterner, brute, shaman and Urie unable to stop him, he empowered the amulet and a being stood in its place; the necromancer and Sihrus' master, Fer'Ireth. He revealed his age-spanning history and future intentions; the amulet was a source of power he had made. He wanted to create a civilization where intelligence mattered, not strength. Fer'Ireth announced that those who joined him there and then would be rewarded and those that were entirely against it would die which brought a mix of reactions; the brute spoke out in protest, the easterner declared his loyalty, and Urie used careful words to express he'd rather leave. He was allowed to leave, as well as the shaman and the girl, and received his payment that the shaman had offered first thing as he left. The disheartened Urie swore that one day that he would kill Sihrus before he began heading back to the desert.

Learning to Live

Urie often liked to sit on the hill near Pollnivneach, wondering what life would be like if things went differently. One fateful day meant that a golem disapproved of his moping and was strangely aware of his impending doom; the golem-like thing declared that he could assist Urie so he could stay alive. Urie was uncertain whether he should go through with it and needed time to think. He had been told it would take years and he'd require absolute solitude. He expressed his desire to save himself - for his family's sake - to his wife and surprisingly, she accepted that he should do it. He promised to return and left soon after. 

It turned out he needed the supplies to last the years of learning to do, and the golem transported him to Varrock to get some runes. He managed to cause a bit of trouble before they departed to a remote sanctuary. It had begun.

Urie learnt more than he ever had in his life. The identity of the golem, named Caius, and his reasoning for ending up like that. Urie found magic fascinating and was eager to continue his learning. Initially he found it difficult, but practice makes perfect; months passed and he could do the simplest forms of magic used by many wizards.

After a few years, it was decided Urie was ready to delve into the darker area of magic - necromancy. With the guide of Caius, Urie pushed his mentality to the limit to reach his success. Six years had gone by when he was finally done. In gratitude, and as they had sworn years beforehand, Urie went on errands to enable Caius to get a body. Both had won.

There and Back Again

The revived Caius and Urie travelled primarily to Varrock, where Caius caught up with one of his friends, Alexis Renderra. She too was undead. They bid their temporary farewells and Urie decided to head south back home where his family awaited him. Alas, for he would never reach them.

He contracted a disease and was unable to defend himself against it. Within hours, he lost stability and became weak to the point of near death. Urie was given shelter in a halfway house by a sympathetic landlord but the following day, it looked like Urie had died for the second time. The landowner had no idea of the identity of the recently deceased and decided to keep the body in his cellar.

He soon got a surprise when he found Urie alive and well, as if it had never happened. It became apparent that it was intentional - he allowed his body to focus moreso on repairs and not 'living'. He thanked the man for his care and left.

Life was home wasn't as easy as he expected it to be. Clearly, the pair acted differently since his absence and their behaviour became increasing erratic. Despite what feelings the couple had for each other, they acknowledged that it was unstable and agreed it would be beneficial to be apart for an indefinite amount of time. Nineveh kept the children, the now teenage Devaki and Aquila Jr., while Urie said his goodbyes yet again and left.

He settled down in Al Kharid for what felt like the millionth time. In need of an occupation, he found himself in an audience with the Emira, Aadila, asking for suggestions. His recorded history prompted her to enlist him in the Al Kharidian Intelligence Network. Urie was not aware that he was untrusted and took the offer.

After proving himself to be efficient in numerous assignments, Aadila personally gave him his most crucial yet; to investigate the Menaphite Empire's military plans. Urie took offense to this as he was effectively told to spy on his own family due to the fact Imek Es'ir was married to the Pharaoh, Khepri. At face value, Urie grudgingly accepted the mission. In actual fact, it caused his prompt resignation.

Laying Low

Urie was convinced that he had inner peace. He even explained such things to Lily Sicarius when she came to visit him. While she was tormented by her past, Urie suggested his time of solitude had taught him to be at peace with himself. He wasn't entirely correct, however, continuing to suffer phases of instability.

Accepting his friend Thea's invitation to stay with her - her tower had practically become a haven for former Sicarius, including her husband Aldaren - Urie left the desert. Given his own level of the tower, Urie spent most of the time doing a form of meditation. Somehow, word of rumours surrounding the underworld scene involving Urie having a bounty on him caught him offguard. Luckily, he was somewhere where they would never find him - the placers of this bounty, the Viper group, stuck mainly to the desert or parts of Misthalin. Urie was safe, but it wasn't enough to convince him. He decided to head back to the desert and deal with it personally.

One More Time

Coming across his wife, she explained her mission to him. She received visions from an Es'irid ancestor proclaiming for them to prosper or be punished. Partially aimless, and always susceptible to Nineveh's words, Urie naturally agreed to assist. With the death of the sovereign of Al Kharid, they soon elevated to a significant stance in Kharidian politics.

Beginning to spread their ideology of traditionalism and nationalism, Urie implemented several laws for the people of the Kharid in the name of a "better future". Whether this matched his ulterior motive was hard to say, but the majority did not resist.

A westerner, Alfred Klios, arrived with the intent of rebuilding the Abbey of St. Elspeth. The two only came to an agreement on the condition that their heretical western religions would be heavily controlled so that the Pantheon would remain the Kharidian's dominant religion.

Nineveh was impatient and was bitter at the length of time it needed for everyone to well and truly be controlled. This resulted in the pair's abandonment of the sovereignty, leaving Al Kharid in a state of confusion and uncertainty.

Seeking Comfort

Urie became engrossed in religious scripture to find an answer. He researched vehemently for alternatives until he came across the Scabaras' Chosen sect. In his earlier life, he would have deemed them heretical and monstrous, but his inquisitiveness and desire for a revelation surpassed that. He abandoned his duties and joined the secret society.

He was forced to undergo trials to show his dedication and genuineness. This involved levels of physical and psychological harm. Eventually he was accepted into the fold and the Prophet, the Peregrine, notably considered him to be an asset for his extensive knowledge of the outside world - particularly the governments of the Kharid.

Urie was accustomed to solitude, as he had spent several years earlier in his teachings of magic. It was easy enough for Urie to focus, but it took months for him to finally receive a vision. He did not understand it and asked the Prophet for guidance and interpretation. The Prophet was unable to decipher it, deeming Urie's life 'particularly clouded'. Urie soon abandoned the Scabaras' Chosen but remained in contact with an unofficial alliance.

He returned to the comfort of his wife and family for the final time, as he would not leave permanently again. He only left twice; once on an 'expedition' with Clan Tarkhan allies to investigate the ruins of the Worshippers of the Dragonkin. He was able to retrieve some of his old Sicariian gear and hoard it with his personal belongings.

Continuing to meditate to clarify his visions that grew in frequency but remained hard to decipher, Urie was somewhat surprised to see the arrival of Aldaren in Pollnivneach. Aldaren chastised Urie's passivity and proclaimed there was a greater purpose - to strike back at a wrong world. Uncertain, Urie was finally encouraged when Aldaren promised his visions would become clear, and Urie left for his stronghold, Brynmor. As soon as he had arrived, he witnessed the tortured visage of Daeron Sicarius, a pure son of Kel, be murdered by Aldaren in order to resurrect his son - and Urie's friend - Vaako Sicarius. Reflecting on the times that had passed and the events between, the group went straight to business.


Urie served Aldaren's ends by investigating rumours of ancient arcane artifacts in the Kharidian Desert. Urie did not directly assault the innocent - using only summoned familiars if the need arose, which was the case when he stumbled upon a likeminded expedition from Varrock Museum. He was able to find some ancient texts, but the concurrent crusade against Aldaren headed by Janus Delmoran led him to keep these for himself. Despite this misgiving, he nonetheless rallied to Brynmor in Aldaren's defence. Both his hesitance and the wake of his campaign would allow his rival Canaan and his followers in the Scabaras' Chosen to follow his trail.

They failed. Janus' forces destroyed most of Aldaren's reanimations and forced him to flee. Trapped, Urie was forced to face justice from Canaan. Once again condemning Urie and his deeds, the cultists delivered swift retribution by using magic to shatter Urie's mind. Believing that to be more torturous than direct culling, they left him there. The incident left him retarded and unable to fend for himself. A short time after the siege, a group of Forinthrian nomads came upon the destruction and found the broken man, but decided not to adopt him fearing it would be an omen. His last salvation gone, the shell - his shattered body - degenerated into nothing; with his prior resurrection, whether Urie would ever reach the afterlife is uncertain.


Even without the necessary confirmation, Urie was presumed dead by the majority. His worldly possessions, such as wealth and weapons, were stored in his personal ossuary in Al Kharid. Urie's ossuary was raided in the Sack of Al Kharid by King Aeran, leading to an unaccounted-for ceremonial dagger. He likewise has a designated memorial in the vault of Jek Jakkan. He is continued by his sons and daughters and other relatives in the Es'ir and the Jakkan. He remains in both Kharidian and Menaphite annals for his reigns, typically regarded as 'harsh but fair'.



Urie, like most, if not all other Kharidians, has jet black hair. In wake of event after event, Urie's hair has taken a mind of its own; hairs are seemingly wound together to form locks, hanging from his scalp down the sides of his head. His face is a sort of rounded triangle shape. His skin appeared weathered through exposure to hard labour, accentuating his apparent maturity. His full-sized dark lips are seemingly always coiled into a solemn frown. Urie has high cheekbones and a definite jawline, which is normally covered with a blanket of rough stubble. His left, piercing amber-brown eye attracts attention with its definitive intensity. The other eye, formerly covered with a dark fabric eyepatch, has been replaced with a fake glass eye.  In addition to his lost eye, Urie's right ear has also been cut off, leaving but a patch of skin where it should be. This is generally never visible due to his dreadlocks.


Urie stands at roughly 5'10" at best. Throught the last decade, Urie has put on extra weight in the form of musculature due to extensive combat training. He has a soft caramel coloured skin, evident from his birth and living in the Kharidian desert.  His legs appear to be the limbs that add the greatest amount of height to him, looking to be a bit longer than his torso. Some may also notice the fact that Urie's right ring finger is no longer attached to his body, leaving only 3 fingers and a thumb. Only a meagre stump is all that is left from the ring finger. He also has large, deep gashes and thin, pale scars on his torso from his humiliation, variating from cuts from blades and burns from fire. They're abundant on his chest, upper arms, and back; they're not particularly off-putting, but they aren't that attractive either. 

While a Sicarius, he does not have a mark on his left wrist; it was flayed off and presented to the Sicarius as a threat during his captivity in the Worshippers of the Dragonkin. As a result, where it once was contrasts with the untouched skin on his left arm. It is uncertain if the mark will grow back in the same place. In addition, he has a vast tattoo of a helmet and crossed swords upon his back to symbolize his joining of the Brotherhood of the Holders of the Tattoo, a form of elite under Marshal Domovoi Sicarius himself. On both his front and back are long cuts from whipping during his torture, deforming the tattoo. His body, from head to toe, has an assortment of small cuts and violet bruises from physical abuse at the hands of Worshipper torturers. Finally, on his right brachium there is a tattoo of a Kharidian scimitar on a right to left diagonal. The hilt of the scimitar is at the bottom right and the blade points up to the left. Coiled around the scimitar is a thick viper with its jaws open - a symbol of it being ready to strike. 



Urie's crossbow, gifted to him by Marshal Domovoi, is what's often called a 'repeating crossbow' from the Wushanko Isles. The wood of the stock and lath is singularly yew while the bow shape is recurved for war purposes. The lath, or "prod", is shorter compared to bows with a short draw length meaning it needs a higher draw weight. The bow string is animal sinew twisted time and time again into a strong cord. The firing mechanism is worked by pushing a lever back and forward. It's also fitted with an adamant bayonet, pointing outwards parallel to the stock; this is a few feet long, primarily for stabbing attacks. 

The repeating crossbow can fire 10 bolts before the magazine is exhausted.  Its maximum range is 120 metres, being more effective towards 60. It has little penetrative power, more used for flurry attacks. 



The tomahawk's shaft is just less than 2ft in length made of some intricately carved maple; for example, the central part has semi-circular markings. The "handle" part has grooves inside it for extra grip and it's decorated with a single feather attached by a string (which also has a few dull beads on it). The metal head, made of steel, weighs about 400g and its cutting edge is about 5 inches. The head is made in a triangular-like shape, the cutting edge rounded. There is a small spike on the reverse side.

Trench knife

Urie's trench knife is the dagger-like weapon that he uses most in combat, seeing as his athame as other uses and has quite a bit of value. The metal of the trench knife is a tempered steel and the handle is wooden; the handle measures 4 inches long, and the blade measures 6.5 inches long. The blade itself is a triangular stiletto-like design, being slender with a needle point; its main use is for stabbing. It can also be used for slashing attacks, but the blade edges are not as effective at cutting through.

Trench knife

Urie received his trench knife from Marshal Domovoi Sicarius with induction to the Brotherhood of the Holders of the Tattoo. The trench knife was in the hands of the Worshippers of the Dragonkin until their dissolution. Urie eventually retrieved it.

Sicariian Athame

As with all blooded Sicarii, Urie has his own personal Sicarius dagger, made when Sicarius blood is spilt onto a blade. His is a steel alloy, mixed with another metal to form the dark purple-black colour it is. Urie's athame has a dark clothed handle for comfort. The handle itself is about 3 inches long, and the blade 7 inches long. The athame is a double edged blade with a razor sharp tip; if held in normal (not reverse) grip, it is revealed that the bottom edge of the blade is serrated for extra cutting effect.

Urie's athame is used mostly for ceremonial rituals including things such as blooding or to use his Sicaricae. The athame itself has had some history to it; with Urie's capture, it was taken away from him. It was taken with one of the Dragonkin Worshippers, Rikkardo, to Ardougne; there was a plot to kill Vectis with an explosion, and Urie's athame was to be used as evidence. Things did not go entirely to plan, and Urie's athame is now back in Sicarius hands; specifically, Tyrael Sicarius'.


Urie has always been reserved. He is a man who says little, preferring to listen than to speak due to his belief in the significance of what is to be said. He is often distant, too; his focus tends to be inside his own head, responding with an inner monologue during a conversation. He is what people would call an isolationist.

Urie could be referred to as judgemental and harsh, and this is generally true. He boasts an almost eerie calmness and an unsettlingly intense stare, both features of his calculative nature. He likes to retain a calm composure; he believes it shows confidence, authority and could be inspiring. Even if formerly he lacked the self-esteem. Additionally, he was taught to be alert and ready to act at any given time, meaning that he often analyses his situation.

His resurrection had a profound impact on his persona. He felt that he had lost his honour, pride and his dignity and that they would be difficult to recollect. He had memory lapses, which contributed to a mistrusting and indecisive ego; he possessed an air of uncertainty. His cognition was indeed faulty; in his irrationality, he was prone to episodes of paranoia and outbursts of emotional upset. Perhaps most dangerously, a desire for vengeance and divine retribution, a thirst for blood and justice that was barely present in the pre-trauma Urie who was more akin to a pacifist. Years of solitude and temperance rectified this weakness, regaining control over his mentality, although Urie henceforth never fully let go of his newfound aggression and violent tendencies.

Perhaps an overarching aspect of his personality is his emphasis on loyalty. Urie feels pressured and prefers to honour any commitments he has made. This is heightened if he holds affection or approval of the individual involved. Destiny is not a factor that has influenced his behaviour, rather the belief that he should do anything required to remain loyal and honour his debts to an extent of grudging, blunt passivity. Even with good intentions, there have been cases where the outcome was neither desirable or ethical, and this has caused great conflict upon Urie's morality.

Urie eventually grew to disapprove of many authority figures. Even during his governance over two nations, he disliked the special treatment he would get for being 'royalty', refusing to hold a royal title in the Twin Cities. This could be to do with his background of an impoverished district of Sophanem, or his lack of faith in their ability to make judgements he agreed with. He was devout until the death of his father but became disillusioned within the following years of adulthood, opting for a pseudo-agnosticism. It was only until he reached mid-age that he accepted and welcomed faith back into his life.



Karuq Jakkan - as Urie's father, he had a profound impact upon his life. Notably Urie was religious and he was inspired to believe in something. Karuq's ideals later developed Urie's traditional attitude. Considering their closeness and the positive relationship they had, Karuq's death caused instability that would last for decades.

Erith Jakkan - Erith was possessive and in a sense, abusive towards him. Urie did not enjoy a secure emotional attachment with his mother and his well being was often neglected in priority of his mother's. Erith eventually allowed him freedom but Urie was not particularly grateful. He is not fond of her.

Zhandar Jakkan - Urie's eldest brother, he did not know him well initially given the age gap. He was relatively indifferent to him in childhood and was not affected by his abandonment during Urie's youth. The two shared letters in adulthood while Urie was still in his birthplace.

Ghualar Jakkan - Urie's elder brother, Ghualar was the one he looked up to. He was greatly upset when Ghualar was taken from his home. He does not remember him.

Alimara Jakkan - Urie's elder sister, he was generally fond of her. He missed her presence at home as she balanced and added reason to Erith's erratic behaviour.

Urhen Jakkan - Urie's twin brother. The two were always different, given Urie's passivity and Urhen's temper, but they were close nonetheless. He was very pleased to see his brother again in the Es'ir. The two last saw each other before his initial death..

Enrico Cartenza - Urie's brother-in-law, he somewhat approved of her sister marrying him. However he did view him to be rash and reckless.

Nineveh Es'ir - Urie's wife. The two have shared something of a turbulent relationship but he is attached to her emotionally and genuinely loves her in his belief. He is effectively tied to her through personal promise of servitude but did not expect it to become much more. He has made sacrifices in favour of her. He sometimes worries that she does not truly reciprocate, due to her personality, which caused great turmoil on his own mentality.

Alya Jakkan - Urie's former wife. He began courting her to please the nobility of Al Kharid and didn't invest in their relationship. He eventually warmed up to her and holds affection for her, believing her to be the first woman he's shared a child with (an idea later proved wrong with Nineveh's revelation). Urie felt guilty for his betrayal, seeing its effect on Alya, and felt much regret when she left him.

Aquila Es'ir/Nal Sicarius - his brother-in-law, Urie greatly respects him and is in eternal gratitude for his plague cure. He regrets that he does not see him often.

Rosemary Es'ir - Nal's wife, Urie had a good working relation with her during his servitude. He thought well of her.

Jade Es'ir - Urie had an equally good working relation with her during his servitude. In a turbulent period of his life, he was ecstatic to see someone he knew again. Despite her proclaiming affection for him, Urie could not bring himself to deceive her that he returned them, and left her without future contact.

Asyria Es'ir - Urie's eldest daughter, he did not meet her until she was a teenager. He was euphoric in his realization of her identity. The two did argue however and Urie disagreed with her plans. He later asked for forgiveness and now the two are on reasonable terms.

Devaki Es'ir - Urie's daughter, he naturally was fond of her and wanted to take care of her. However she left while young to learn magic and he does not know of her recent developments.

Maida Jakkan - Urie's daughter who died at birth. He doesn't know of her.

Ashur / Aquila Es'ir (Junior) - Urie's favoured and, to his belief, only son. He has high expectations of him and will do what he can to make sure he achieves his goals. Urie was particularly proud when Ashur was successful and conceived a new heir, Tarsus.

Saif ibn Urie al-Jakkan - Urie's son. He doesn't know of him.

Sethe Es'ir - Urie's daughter, like all of his children he was very fond and protective of her.

Friends and Associates

Arhus Kahir - Urie respected Arhus, a previous Emir. He admired his loyalty and made him his Guard Captain during his tenure as the Emir of Al Kharid.

Emrin Tarkha - A childhood friend of Urie, he believes him to be a valuable ally.

Seth Detryke - Urie was primarily uncertain of Seth upon his arrival to Al Kharid, but the two formed a friendship that Urie deemed him worthy of him becoming an adviser. He was upset upon his death and swore to protect his possessions.

Zaovyr Es'ir - Urie viewed him with grudging respect. While he was not fond of being remembered of his events in the Es'ir, he considered Zaovyr intelligent and later named him his successor, placing faith in him.

Laila Har'am - Urie holds her in high regard. Despite the fact their meeting lead to an affair and its later troubles, he felt she was one of the only people to truly understand him. He is disappointed that they had to cut off ties.

Althea Sicarius - one of the only people to have earnt Urie's trust. She has helped him numerous times and he admires her reliability. She is essentially his confidant.

Vaako Sicarius - Urie felt responsbility to Vaako as the one who inducted him into the Sicarius. He liked to act as a kind of mentor. Urie favoured Vaako and considered him a close friend and ally. He was guilty to learn of his death and took it upon himself to tell his relatives. He regretted not discovering how he came to his demise, but eventually honoured his promise and laid Vaako's memory to rest in peace. This became one of the things he was most proud to have done.

Tyrael Sicarius - Urie thought Tyrael was a respectable fellow and admired his higher status. They were on decent terms in the Sicarius.

Na'kur Sicarius - an accomplice that Urie helped on several occassions. He is unaware of Na'kur's disappearance.

Eravvi Sicarius - likewise as Na'kur, he helped her on several occassions. He has not kept contact since.

Felix Sicarius - Urie respected Felix and thought he was a valuable ally despite his youth. He was saddened to learn of his death.

Ellie Sicarius - an associate in the Sicarius, Urie thought she was naive. Nevertheless they were on good terms until he contributed to her death.

Domovoi Sicarius - Urie admired his combat prowess and was somewhat pleased to be part of his select brotherhood. He had no disagreements with the Marshal.

Julia - as Felix's partner, Urie pitied the extent she went to be with him. It partially reminded him of himself.

Lucie - an associate servant in the Sicarius. They were on decent terms.

Caius - his mentor, Urie was grateful for his teachings and guidance in learning magic. The two are now friends.

Aldaren - as the partner of Thea, it was natural that the two would be on good terms. When they met years after the Sicarius, he was disappointed to hear of their parting, but he respected him nonetheless and trusted his judgement enough to assist in his plans for the Amaranth. Nonetheless, he disapproved of Aldaren's deception in the Sicarius. Urie would come to consider Aldaren a friend and shared a positive working relationship, but in doing so it led to his eventual demise.

Rick Miner - despite the fact he's only met Rick once, Urie believes Rick to be of some significance due to the fact Thea trusted Rick too. Urie claimed that he would help Rick if he asked for it. Years later, Rick visited Urie and told him of how he had memories that were not his own. They later found out that these were Vaako's, Urie's old friend, and the two collaborated to bring him to final rest and peace.

The Peregrine - the Prophet of Scabaras' Chosen, the Peregrine was a distant figure until his trials were complete. With that, he personally tutored Urie on all aspects of life that he knew, sharing vast swathes of personal knowledge. The Peregrine was a master figure while Urie was an apprentice.

Neia - another cultist in Scabaras' Chosen, Neia acted as Urie's liaison during his induction and trial period. She mentored him with their base philosophy and practices. Even after Urie was tutored by the Peregrine instead, the two remained close. She supported him when he did not understand his vision.

Bartimaeus - a fellow cultist in Scabaras' Chosen, Bartimaeus respected Urie's combat skill as both were particularly adept in combat.


Vestimir Baudlesti - a fellow Es'ir servant, their working relationship quickly became sour and resulted in both of their deaths. Urie passionately hates the very memory of him.

Issar Ankar - an advisor during his reign of Al Kharid, Urie's trust was apparently misplaced as Issar caused complications. Urie punished his incompetence with a severing of the hand and eventually murdered him in cold blood.

Talbot Baudlesti - a relative of Vestimir, Urie was greatly insulted and angered by his arrival in Al Kharid. He ordered his Grand Vizier, Zaovyr to quickly 'deal with him'. 

Arin/Sihrus Sicarius - Urie took an interest in Sihrus to his magic mastery. He somewhat influenced Urie's later attitude to it and desire to learn about it. He volunteered to assist him a couple of times but vowed revenge after his prompt deceit.

Orion 'The Viper' Khalam - the mastermind behind the Viper syndicate, Urie has worked on his behalf and was one of The Viper's most valuable assets. Urie's abandonment later meant that the members of the crime scene were gunning for his head.

Canaan - a Scabaras' Chosen cultist that was notorious for his predictions of several factual, key events, he met Urie with distrust. Canaan thought that Urie was dangerous and that if he did as fortune foretold, he would bring chaos and ruin to the world. Canaan would eventually be the one to bring Urie's second demise.


  • Urie Sicarius was Letx's oldest serving and most developed character, spanning from 2011-2019.
  • In his original conception Urie's name was going to be Urie Erphos-Jakkan. This idea was later scrapped before the character was created.
  • Despite being half-Kharidian by blood, Urie has only ever regarded himself as pureblood.
  • He suffered from tinnitus and insomnia. 
  • Urie was significantly xenophobic in adolesence.
  • Urie has linguistic mastery in common-speak, Kharidian and Menaphosian.
  • He's right handed, but has a left dominant eye.
  • His theme is this theme by Hans Zimmer, in the film Inception.
  • Urie's favourite colour is gold due to its sentimental value - it reminds him of the sand.
  • Urie is a staunch traditionalist.
  • His alignment is mostly that of a Chaotic Neutral person. Previously, he was Lawful Neutral.
  • During his time with the Sicarius, he lost two crossbows; one during his fight with Artio and another broke when he hit the mask of a captive.
  • Amongst other things, Urie's resurrection has meant he is unable to eat, drink, feel his own heart beat and heal from wounds.
  • Urie must exercise regularly to avoid the occurrence of rigor mortis.
  • Rare among marriages, Urie took and used his wife's surname instead of his own.
  • Considering the fact he has not contacted his first wife since he left Sophanem, he is unaware of the fate of his daughter, Maida, who died shortly after birth.
  • Some aspects of Urie's history have been retconned numerous times for reasons such as an event planned to take place but never did in actuality.
  • Urie entered role-play in the "Northward Bound" chapter aged 26. In "Back to Life", he was aged 30. He was 36 following the events of "The Important Interlude". By the time of "Learning to Live", he was aged 44.
  • To fit the Jagex Canon initiative, the creator headcanoned Urie's leadership roles in Al Kharid and the Twin Cities as an attaché (primarily diplomatic and public relations) and a 'custodian' (a caretaker and protector) for both tenures respectively.
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