Unique Eats: 25 Strange Recipes to Impress your Friends
Author Evgeni Avencianci
Illustrator Miranda Avencianci
Publication date Ire of Phyrrys 37th, 21st year, 5th Age
Published by Kriton Publishing Co.
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Unique Eats: 25 Strange Recipes to Impress your Friends is a how-to cooking book written by Evgeni Avencianci. The 113 paged book has an emphasis on multicultural cooking and contains detailed guides on how to produce 25 bizzare but tasty meals created by the legendary chef known as Evgeni Avencianci, complete with detailed drawings by Miranda Avencianci.  The book was edited by Vathara Rasmussen, and there are 59 copies currently available in libraries and book stores around Gielinor.


The following is a quick overview of the various recipies featured in the book.

Fried Octopus

Fried octopus with a salad of cooked sea kale and huckleberries. Served with red wine, meat pie, hard boiled eggs and rocktail soup.

Barbecued Snake

Barbecued Snake with a salad of diced beetroot and Wushanko jackfruits. Served with garden pie, Kandar brioche with butter and cottage cheese.

Soba and Mozuku

Tokoko Soba noodles with stir-fried mozuku and with a side of steamed sea kale, mushroom and lime seasoning.  Beef can be added, optionally.

Rice and Python

Pan-fried white rice with barbecued python, kohlrabi and napa cabbage with a side of diced onion, water spinach and rhubarbs. Served with pita, garden pie, fried eggs, peach cider and a soft cheese.

Char-broiled Deer

Char-broiled deer fillet with limes, beaked hazelnuts and apricots with a side of sauteed napa cabbage and jangerberries. Served with shark soup and jangerberry wine.

Barbecued Jackfruits

Barbecued and marinated Wushanko jackfruits with a salad of cooked peanut, sauteed cardoon and raspberries. Served with Yanillian panettone, hard boiled eggs and salted mild cheddar.

Pan-fried Lamb

Pan-fried lamb with a salad of sauteed Wushanko tatsoi and cranberries. Served with fruit brandy and Kharidian lavash, with butter.

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