The Underground Pass is one of the main routes to Tirannwn, the westernmost lands in Gielinor. The entrance from West Ardougne is guarded by soldiers of Kandarin.

After the defeat of Lord Iban, the Underground Pass came under the (at least nominal) control of the ruler of Ardougne. However, it remains extremely dangerous to traverse, and is little used as a trading route.


Accepted lore

  • Elves still fear to enter the Underground Pass.
  • The Pass plays tricks on the minds of those who travel there; they may experience hallucinations of images from their past, and severe nightmares may disturb their sleep.
  • The entire Pass is teleblocked.
  • With the defeat of Iban, the Disciples of Iban are dead or dispersed; however, small numbers of Soulless still persist.
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