Tyranus, born A'Sharad Ahad, is a Human male who served as a Student of the Wizards Tower. After he was exiled from the Tower he lived his life as a Bedabin Warlord. Until he found his Mentor, who taught him more of Dark Magic, Which left him hungering for more.  
Dark Wizard




The Desert


Zamorakianism Zamorak symbol curved


Chaotic Evil



Early Life

Desert Caravan

Tyranus's former Tribe

"You are destined for great things A'Sharad. We expect much from you"

Under the blazing Sun of the Kharidian Desert. A'Sharad Ahad was born in a small and humble tribe to parents who were former Wizards at the Tower. His parents expected him to follow their footsteps and join the Tower as a student. With basic knowledge of magic and his parent's blessing, he entered the Tower when he was 15.

Life at the Tower

A'Sharad Wizard

A'Sharad as a fully fledged Wizard, only aged 25.

Unlike his fellow students, A'Sharad was eager to train his skills to perfection. When others slacked off on their own time, he'd be down in the Library, searching through the ancient tomes and spellbooks, his devotion was encouraged by his peers, and later earned him the title of Wizard. Though it was in his knowledge that Dark practices such as Necromancy were banned, A'Sharad took an expressive interest in it. When he was caught during a minor Ritual, he was immediatly exiled. His hatred of the Tower began to manifest itself.

Exile in the Desert

Desert Bandits

Some men under A'Sharad's command.

Now a wanderer, A'Sharad travelled through the Desert, just like before. Eventually he came across a small group of Bandits, with his powers, he was able to overcome them and quickly take control. This small group grew into one of the many Tribes of the Desert, A'Sharad lived with them for years until the Tribe was ripped apart by rival tribes. Once again, A'Sharad was alone and wandering. Hatred and Anger growing inside him.

Under His Mentor

"You deserve a new name...a Name that will soon strike fear into your enemies...You are..Tyranus"

A'Sharad was lost in the Desert, surviving only from salvaged water and raiding travelling merchant caravans. It seemed to be the end of A'Sharad's story until he found the Temple. Buried deep in the dunes, he had no idea what it was built for nor how old it was. But it drawed him in, as if some force was calling him. He walked inside, and travelled through the darkness until he came to the very heart of the mysterious Temple. He found Her. A dark ethereal Woman floated before him. She seemed to have sensed his arrival and was most please by what came before her. A Man with such anger and hatred inside him, he could be capable of so much more. She offered him to teach him more of the dark arts. Though sceptical, he agreed and kneeled before her, offering loyalty to his new Mistress. As if it was natural. He went through brutal training, any hesitation or mistake, he went through painful punishment, any hint of mercy was awarded with cruelty. When his training was complete, it was as if his Mistress had taken the very shreads of humantiy he had left in him. Now he was a coldblooded killer, with an arsenal of skills in the dark arts and the teachings of his Mistress's lord Zamorak tatooed in his mind. He had no use for her anymore. He slayed her in her sleep.


Desert Mage

Emerging from the Temple

When he finally emerged, he was horrified. He had spent years in the Temple and the world around him had changed dramatically, he was once again a wanderer. But this time, he will find his purpose.

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