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This page addresses information about Tuska, her religion, and her followers as it applies to World 42 role-playing. Any valuable contributors are welcome to contribute, especially as new content comes out in-game.


Tuska was a boar-like goddess controlled by a strange race of creatures called Airut. She fought against Saradomin and eventually made him move to another realm due to the destruction she caused. Tuska was described as a mindless beast that has managed to attain a certain tier of godhood.

Brief History

Tuska Destruction

A mural, painted by the Airut, showing Tuska devouring the remains of a world.

Tuska was once a boar-like beast, Through a series of events unknown to any at this time, she somehow managed to ascend to godhood. As a boar-like beast with no intelligence, her very violent and instinctual traits were amplified upon becoming a god. After travelling through the multiverse for sometime, she came upon the Airut, who were impressed be the sheer amount of destruction she caused. They became her followers and continued leading her through the multiverse, until she was finally blinded by Guthix on the Naragi Homeplane. Since then, her followers ad continued riding her through the multiverse, guiding their blind goddess by steering her with a massive pair of reins. When she made it Mazcab, she devoured the anima of that planet which allowed her to grow, she had shook off the Airuts on her back destroying their city as well. She then left to Gielinor, leaving the Airuts behind. She made to close to Gielinor only to be attacked by the world's heroes to weaken her anima barrier, resulting her death by Vorago.

The Religion

Tuska, from what we know of her, doesn't care to be worshipped or praised. However, characters with chaotic goals and chaotic tendencies, if they wish, would have a perfect option in the praise of Tuska. From what we know she has no temples, churches, no dedications to her. This could change in the near future.

Followers and Tuskanist Creatures

Debated lore

  • Tuska mural

    A mural depicting Tuska's rampage.

    It is debated whether Tuska can actually be used as a religion in role-play; as little information is known of her, her philosophy, and history, though after her death and the battle between her and Gielinor, some spark of a religion can be shown.

Common Mistakes

  • It is unlikely that a member of any other race besides the Airut would worship Tuska, but is possible depending on the circumstances
    • This being said the Airuts would still attack those who are of another race, and show no need of converting others.

Other Information

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  • Tuska, albeit the name having the word "tusk" in it, is not actually named after the tusks of a pig. Tuska's name is actually a Finnish word meaning "pain" or "agony", and this, combined with the idea of a ravaging tusked beast, was the inspiration for her name.
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