Wood Dryad


Care, protection; nature.


A rose


Travels to all forests and woods around Gielinor.

Tullipup is a wood dryad played by the user Kingjohnrocks on world 42.  She protects the forests of Gielinor from harm and damage. She also protects the remaining nature in Morytania, attempting to preserve it in hopes of it blooming again. She associates herself with care, protection, and good will.


She choses take on 3 forms; a butterfly, a cat, and a human-like appearance. Her humanoid appearance is not fully human, for it does not have human feet, but nonetheless appears as a human. She has the ability to take on other forms, but it is indeed unknown on what kind.


She will not speak to Zarosians, Zamorakians or Bandosians, for she believes them and their gods have done much damage to the natural life, and has stunted the natural growth of Gielinor. She is calm and understanding for the most part, but very ferocious and violent when someone does considerable amount of damage to nature or wild life of any kind. She dislikes Vampyres and Werewolves, also seeing them as destroyers of nature and haters of the natural world. 

Powers and abilities

Her abilities have been quite interesting. She has the ability to heal wounded wildlife, heal damaged trees and slowly start the growth process of scorched plains if the conditions let her. She rarely does so, but if she must get aggressive she will use Earth Magic at its most aggressive level, relentlessly. She is a great ally, a terrible enemy in battle. She also has the ability to attract and calm wildlife. She also has the ability that she rarely uses: The ability to read the minds and interpet the thoughts of animals and other wildlife. She can also have them come to her and do her bidding, but she won't do that due to her believing that nature should not be manipulated.

She is nearly immortal in terms of age, but she can be killed by a normal human being in armour.


  • Rock Mace: A rock hard mace, capable of crushing bones and severing organs with one blow, if human. It varies on other races.
  • Thorn: She also has a longsword-sized thorn that she can use in combat if she perfers to melee.
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