Torald Avarr is the son of Raltin and Jikuri Avarr. He used to live a life of travel but all that changed when he enlisted with the Void Knights.

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A Brief Summary Of The Past

Torald was born in Rellekka, while though his parents raised him there, they also traveled across the land and brought him with them nearly wherever they went. As he grew older, his father let him have more freedom until eventually after passing his adult trials: He was named a man and sent out on his own.

Recent History

He joined the Void Knights and made quite a splash with his fierce combat prowess. He was eventually counted among the elite of their ranks and made a captain.


He is boisterous and outgoing, friendly even. He feels kinship for all the different cultures of the Fremennik and associates freely with all of them, even the moonclan. He is slightly more withdrawn with Southern cultures, but for the most part is open, though he often likes to take the chance to make a fool out of Southerners. Currently, Torald resents his father slightly for leaving Gielinor for Zanaris to live alone due to his grief from losing his wife and the constant wars ravaging their homeland. Torald too grieves his mother, and feels anger that his father did not stay with him.


He looks much like his father, with the standard Fremennik features, though his hair is black like his mother's as well as his eyes being blue like his mother's.


His father passed along many of the traditions of the family onto him, and Torald is much the spiritual fighter. Unlike his father however, he prefers using more physical force to that of Summoning. His favorite weapons are longswords and two handed crossbows.

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