He's like a mystery wrapped in darkness, the man behind the curtain; He pulls the strings, he's never seen but he's always...there. Watching. Those who know him are more than just privileged.

–Unnamed Journal Entry Recovered from Northern Arctic Base

Tooray Arrav
Tooray Pastel Sketch By Imp
An imp's sketch of Tooray, otherwise occupied. The glare around the skin implies magical origins.

Primary name:



5th/6th age: Arrav


Guthixianism Rumored to be Zarosian


Unknown, seems to be several lifetimes old.


Unknown. Could be Human, Mahjarrat, Automaton (See "Theories" below.)

Tooray Arrav is a person, or people (See "Theories" below), known to appear throughout the fifth and sixth ages of Gielinor, however many sources indicate him to be far older, dating back to the third age. Very little is known about him, and few people have actually met him face-to-face in recent years. "Tooray Arrav" as he currently appears in roleplay is a character currently owned by the player account "Tooray".

Widely believed facts

  • He has reassembled (repeatedly) a group known as "The Rangers", who hand-pick exceptional "students" and train them further in honing their abilities, be they combative or intellectual skills
  • He was against Russia during the war years past
  • He has at least one daughter, Kimmy Arrav
  • He is a master craftsman, though is also highly apt with bow, crossbow, blade and spell alike.


Very prideful. Refuses to give up in the more hopeless situations. constantly regretting mistakes, never letting them go. to most who he gets to know close, a father figure, or big brother. These days he is just lonely and spiteful, though open to friendly conversation.

Notable features

Purple eyes, at least one mechanical limb visible, sideburns that he never shaves.

sometimes seen in a suit, or a set of white and gold armor.


One of the more notable features of Tooray is the "unknown" aspect. This is to say, although some people have heard of him, various people differ as to where he originates from,  and even what race he is. It is a known fact he is able to use magic, has been seen in the 6th and 5th ages, implying that he is relatively modern and apt in all arts, also implying he is not a simple "construct". However, he has been seen and referenced many times throughout the ages, leading to several different theories as to who, or what, he really is.
Tooray Fremmenik Painting 1

Ancient picture of a Rellekan warrior known as "Tooray" helping to fight the trolls in the northern islands (Note the amulet he wears.)

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