Tlaloc auht

Most Used Alias

The Warrior

Other Aliases

Brown one, The Blessed, War-eater






Neutral at the moment


460 (appears to be 29)

Tlaloc is an ancient Bandosian who is in a deep slumber that can only be awoken by the Chosen Commander and the Key of War, played by user Thane Krios0

Brief Bio

Tlaloc's parents were killed in the third age by Bandosians, the Bandosians saw and took pity upon him and raised him a killer, Tlaloc proved to be a very intelligent general, he was a very good planner and he was a very excellent fighter. He was then a "test" in a new form of energy armor (yes it can be broken but it will reassemble) just as it was perfected Bandos was banished and Tlaloc was put into deep slumber...awaiting to be awakened by the Key of War and The Chosen Commander.

Weaponry and Armor

Tlaloc is fitted in a energy made suit in which parts of the armor can be destroyed but reassembled using a lot of energy that could fatigue a normal man. His gauntlet can create a shield that can be destroyed in 10-20 hits/blows. He uses a brown painted steel blade. He also has three daggers and a claw on one arm. His helmet completely hides his face and all that is visible are energetic glowing eyes(like goggles).


Not many people have seen his face, but he has short dark hair, with a goatee sometimes he shaves it. He is also middle aged looking and has a scar that runs down his right eye, causing discoloration of the iris.

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