Tirus Vekon
"The worth is in the act. Your worth halts when you surrender the will to change and experience life."








Prince of Kandarin, Champion of Yanille, Rider of S'vanti, Bane of Northern Asgarnia, Bearer of Vyth.


S'vanti 'The Sky Hunter'.

Current Residence:

Ardougne, Kandarin.


House Vekon.

Tirus was born in the Kharidian Deserts to his now deceased mother with a group of brigands. Throughout his life through tasks of honor and valor, he would eventually rise to be a Prince of Kandarin.


Tirus' Sword

Tirus's sword, Vyth.

Tirus is a black-haired, brown-eyed individual with a rough look due to the scars he bears along his body. Standing at the regular height of 5'11", he's not a special sort when it comes to colossal extents of stature. Nor is he toned very well - he seems to simply be a normal individual aside from the fact that he looks to have experienced a tough time in battle through his life. Most often, he is found with his hair brushed aside into a quiff. His beard is cut thinly, so as to not trace downwards like that of an old man.


Tirus is often clad in a chainmail vest made of adamant. Three plates are upon it: one upon either upper-arm, and one at the center of his chest. His graves are made of iron plating and steel chain armor, along with a set of leather and iron tassets at his waist. His boots and gloves are made of steel. Though, his boots are made more for mounted use, as a single spike with a loop at the end is found on either heel. A dark cloak rolls down his back, with beautiful designs engraved into it through different tones of cloth. An amulet made of obsidian is hung around his neck, and an amber-colored Citrine (Quartz) rests at its center.


At either of Tirus' sides on his belt, is a sheath for a blade. The sheath is but a simple leather strap. It also supports a powerful wand, though Tirus does not know how to operate it, so it is rarely with him. At his left hip infront of the sheath is a linen pouch of various runes. At his back is a black scabbard for a bastard sword, which he keeps on him at nearly all times. The bastard sword is titled Vyth, the name etched fancily into the blade's flat on either side. The sword itself is made of Kharidian Steel (Damascus Steel by IRL terms), and the hilt itself is unknown, though magically enhanced to support a spell within the blade. 

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