Tidus Rzzar is a half-Mahjarrat character played by a user of the same name. He is 25 years in age and is caught religiously between Zamorakianism and Atheism.



  • Torso: A black, silk sleeveless top, opened as if it should have buttons, though it doesn't
  • Legs: A pair of denim trousers, colored black
  • Feet: A pair of leather running shoes
  • Wrists: Mithril Wrist Braces, strapped to his arm with leather
  • Hands: Black gauntlets. They appear metallic, though are only leather


Tidus was born just a walk from Ardougne. He knew not of his father, though his mother, a female Mahjarrat named Luna, told him only that his father was a young coward; human. He grew up a calm life, his mother teaching him the ways of a Mahjarrat, aside from the Power-Hungry attitude, which his mother had long ago stopped. She taught him magicks only in his sleep, so that no one could see. He enjoyed the looks he had when he was fifteen, and thus, he used his shapeshifting abilities to remain in that form. It was only while he was wandering around looking for a time-wasting job that he saw an ad of an Academy in Al Kharid. Shrugging, he decided to go to it.


  • Teleportation Magicks
  • Shapeshifting
  • Powerful Water and Ice Magicks
  • Intermediate Blood Magicks
  • Basic in Fire, Earth and Wind Magicks
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Durability in Normal Form
  • Fair Accuracy with a Crossbow and/or Throwing Short-Blades (Such as Daggers, Knifes, etc)
  • Excellent at Charming


  • Poor Accuracy with a standard bow
  • Poor Melee skills
  • Easily Exhausted in terms of Physical Stamina
  • Poor in Shadow and Smokes Magick
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