Al "Weasel" Birgtinham
The Weasel
"Lemme explain somethin' to ya right off the bat... whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever crazy shit you think of to rationalize this crazy shit remember one thing: it wont fuckin' matter!"







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Al "Weasel" Birgtinham is a character role-played by Marcus Fine.


Al grew up in the slums of Varrock. His family was very poor, so he had to steal things to get food and money. When he reached seventeen years of age, he learned about Zamorak from a local Zamorakian monk. Shortly afterwards, he became a follower of Zamorak. When Al was twenty years old, he founded a "Mob" of organized criminals. They caused a great deal of trouble in Varrock, often killing innocents and taking whatever they pleased. Their goal was simply to make money quickly. One of the mobsters, named Mitch, was notable for the fact that he murdered the most people.

Fifteen years later he was caught and sent to Excatroz, along with Mitch. Al couldn't stand being in prison, and began to work on an escape plan. He managed to convince three prisoners to help him. These were Mitch, an Easterner, and a man named Billy Mang.

Five years later, they managed to complete their plan and acquire all of the items needed to execute it. When a guard made his rounds one night, Al pretended to be sickly, so the guard entered his cell to check on him. However, Al wasn't sick at all. He stabbed the guard with a poisoned knife, which killed him nearly instantly. Al gave the other three men gunpowder pistols he had taken from the warden's office.

Shortly after, the guard was resurrected as a zombie. The four promptly shot him until he died. Suddenly, a great number of zombies appeared in the prison. The group made it to the warden's office and retrieved a few items, including a blunderbuss. They obtained scrap parts and managed to construct a flying machine. Al converted the blunderbuss into a weapon that fired acid infused rounds, rather than bullets. He named it the "Acidbuss". Billy Mang was killed by the zombies before the group reached the roof. The others quickly built the flying object, but the warden attacked them. They quickly boarded the flying machine and flew away from the prison. However, the warden followed them, but was quickly defeated. Mitch and Al went back to recreate their mob, while the Easterner went on his way.


Al has brown hair and beard. He has a noticeable scar on his right hand. He has a blue eye as well as a green eye, and is often seen wearing a jacket and a beret.


Al is good-natured and doesn't like to get his hands dirty. However, he is very quick to anger.


  • A knife he inherited from his father.
  • The "Acidbuss", a blunderbuss which fired acid infused rounds.
  • A sword.
  • A gunpowder pistol.


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