The Vipers is a Kharidian based criminal organisation founded and lead by Orion 'Viper' Khalam.

With origins starting from a chaotic group of bandits, the Vipers have since rose up, and spread their criminal empire over the entire Kharid, as well as recently seeping into parts of Misthalin.The Vipers currently are major smugglers and suppliers of various substances, both legal and illegal over the Kharid, and get around customs to export and import their goods. 

Branches of Occupation

Acts in the Vipers are mostly smuggling of luxuries or endorsed bounty hunting. However, it has been known to make grand heists in the past and act as interrogators and executioners for private companies in the Kharidian, much like mercenaries.


The basis of the financial welfare of the group is their contraband. These include a variety of drugs and alcohols, and they often utilize slave traffickers. The consumables are grown in privately owned areas or taken through means of piracy on trade routes on land and sea. The slaves are predominantly stolen from raids on the Wushankan Isles or prisoners of conflicts between rival gangs.

The Eastern females are thought to be a specialty to be concubines and are such treated with a disgustingly affectionate way compared to the others. Needless to say, the slaves are often abused between deliveries for the slave driver's own amusement.

Bounty Hunting

The organization likes to endorse the hunting and killing of individuals for profit. It's widely viewed as a game where more than two hunters search for the same target, often resulting in one never returning. Targets can found anywhere on Gielinor but the majority are restricted to local areas in the Kharidian. There are no clear ways of how to do it; some from a distance and others like to be up close and personal. To keep up with the competition of the Vipers, members often like to purchase and utilize new technology to make their killing more efficient.

Although it does collect bounties for other companies or towns, 'personal' bounties often pay more when the victim is brought back alive - simply so they can be tortured.


Membership is often achieved in the Vipers via kidnapping or meeting at their hotspots, located in various pubs and bars throughout the Kharidian Desert. When deemed useful - if they aren't, they are made a slave - the recruit is given the signia of the syndicate upon their right brachium. It is a black ink tattoo of a Kharidian scimitar on a left to right diagonal; the hilt of the scimitar is to the bottom right and the blade points up to the left. Coiled around the scimitar is a thick viper with its jaws open, a symbolism of it being ever ready to strike. A trait across some veterans is they choose to add venom upon its teeth as a show of the syndicate being deadly.

Membership is all but eternal. Those who try and forsake the organization are quickly brought to their knees and often terminated. Recruits can spend their life in the group without being recognized and given a rank of respect.





The Vipers see anyone who isn't of benefit to them as an opponent, causing them to take an offensive stance towards outsiders; neither do they like to make commitments in defending another. Even to their allies - who are usually only allied for a short amount of time - they are largely isolationist and keep to their own business. 

In the past, the Vipers have had several conflicts with other major gangs and criminal organizations in the heart of the Kharidian desert. Their wars were known to be brutal and fierce; their efforts of continued assault were detrimental to the enemy and the Vipers soon came out on top after years of blooding guerrilla fighting.

In addition, there has been in-fighting in the past where a tertiary overlord in the Vipers organized a coup against Orion due to their clashing ideals. Both sides sustained severe casualties but Orion ultimately crushed the rebellion.

Notable Members

Orion 'Viper' Khalam - Leader

Urie Sicarius - Henchman

Kharron Ahkran - Henchman



  • Every few years, Orion likes to hold competitions that are fights to the death to see who are his top hitmen.
  • The Vipers name comes from the leader's history; he was notorious for killing using poison similar to the snakes in the desert which became his namesake.
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