The Horde

In the back of Zane's famous horde, stands the mighty Valkire.

The Valkire is a character created by Liam the Big, for use in the Fallen soldiers roleplay. The Valkire is a sentient necromantic creation, made by Zane Aren.


Length(from face to the tip of its tail): 250ft long

Wingspan: 100 ft

Weight: Roughly 40 tons



A creature of Zane Aren's sick and twisted mind, The Valkire(Val-keer) is a monsterous collection of many different avian and dragon bones. It was given life by Zane, after a long and tiring quest for the many bones that created it. At the age of 34, Zane had his monster. Its first action, its very first act done given its new life, Was a vicious cry into the thunderous, night sky. Zane would tell it, to hide south. Valkire would roost on a Karamjan island, away from people. It flew with unholy power, assisted by Zane's magic. 


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Zane's Perfect Pet

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A New Master

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Life's End

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