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Known Penguin Territory

Known Penguin Territory (The Motherland is further North)

The Union of Arctic Penguin Republics (UAPR) Is a Union of Arctic Islands in the continent of Acheron controlled by the Penguin race. It is governed by the Pescallion, who is the ruler of all Penguins. The Unions head Nation is known as the Motherland, with Palingrad as it's capital.

The Penguin Union is a totalitarian state, with the Blue Army and the KGP at the Pescallion's will, citizens are under strict laws, but they support them nevertheless.

Lands Owned

The actual countries that are members of the Penguin Union are unknown to non-penguins 

The Iceberg

Though not a Nation, it serves as a base for the KGP and a training ground for the Blue Army

Pingvin Oblast

A colony of the Penguin Union, it houses armed forces ready to invade the rest of Gielinor

Current Affairs

Penguin Army

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