The Skrak'gothian Troubles
Beginning End
7th of Raktuber, Year 7 of the Sixth Age 18th of Bennath, Year 17 of the Sixth Age
Cruor, Skrak'goth
Successful containment, reduction of ogre population
The Battle of Skrak'gothian Village

The Battle of the Swamps

Das Kaiserreich der Cruor Ogres of Skrak'goth
Kaiser Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo(until year 9)

Kaiserin Rachel Gonzo(beginning at year 9)
Kaiser Setomus(beginning at year 9)
Head General Irano Forvetta(until Year 14)
Head General Onyx Varkham(starting Year 14)
L.C.S. Commander Agnor Zaort

103 L.C.S. Archers

87 other Cruorian soldiers

Most of the Cruorian ogre population
Concurrent war
Cruor-Lionheart War II(until Year 14)
Previous war
Cruor-Lionheart War II
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The Skrak'gothian Troubles was a time in the swamplands of Das Kaiserreich der Cruor in which the native ogres of the area refused to swear fealty to the Cruorian Crown and were openly hostile. Kaiser Aztarwyn had sent soldiers to contain the area, however as the second Cruor-Lionheart War dawned, Cruorian activity began to decline. Kaiserin Rachel would send more L.C.S. teams to dispatch the ogres with deadly force, and the struggle would continue for three years after the end of the war.

Events Before the Conflict

Das Kaiserreich's Strength

Conflict Timeline


Aztarwyn's Actions

Cruor-Lionheart War II

Rachel/Setomus' Actions


Notable Battles

Skrak'goth After the Conflict


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