A Shawsheen Myth about the coming of what most humans would call the God Wars.  They have passed this tale down many generations, warped somewhat with time into its current form.

Tale of the Greatwoods

Mother Gielinor came before us, the life of the world. The Goat carried us with his horns, before it was tired and in need of slumber. They were people of the sky, who settled the soil.

Over time the Greatwoods grew. But as the Guardian slept, Shadows began to cast themselves within. The Falcon and the Falling Star arrived, the Greatwood growing tense as the Shadows drew closer.

It was then, that man learned fire. But when fire comes, change follows. The flames grew from within the Shadows, all the Greatwood set alight. The Falcon and Falling Star rose to fight the flames, while the Mountain that breathes brought men of the Earth in his new dawn. The battle was terrifying, many were carried onward to the next world.

The Falcon began to lose his flock. They all died, one by one, as the Falling Star fell more, turning against his ally. The flames scarred Mother Gielinor, and she cried out in agony.

Her guardian awoke. The Guardian Goat rose from slumber, smashing the Mountain to form the stone we work. The Flame was extinguished, ordered to be kept within pits. The Falling Star was cast into the sky, becoming a source of light for all time. The night is still watched by the Risen Star's people. The Guardian Goat went to his scarred Mother, disappearing as she healed. He was never seen again.

This is life as we know it. We live safe, in harmony with Mother Gielinor.


  • The Shawsheen recognise Guthix's horns as a feature that stands out most.  Some Headresses feature horns in honour of the "Goat Guardian."
  • The Shawsheen compare the rise of Zamorak to man learning fire.  It was an improvement to the darkness of Zaros, but the destruction fire can cause may not be worth it.
  • Goblin's green colour and their races stone-like, low grade armour had them labelled as people of the Earth with Bandos' large appearance and bulk having him compared to a mountain.
  • Armadyl is labelled as a Falcon.  Not a noble bird like an Eagle, but a bird of prey swift to judge and strike.
  • Saradomin is treated with minor contempt.  The relations due to the blanket disease had little impact on the story, but that is mostly due to detachment.
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