Second Gonzo Civil War
Beginning End
27th of Moevying, Year 38 of the Sixth Age 17th of Wintumber, Year 41 of the Sixth Age


Tetnaziwyn House of Gonzo victory, traditionalist and Clough forced into exile
See The Gonzo-Clough War
The House of Gonzo
  • The Order of Skodanov
  • The Kingdom of Dargonia
Traditionalist Gonzo
  • The Order of Altus

The House of Clough

  • Das Kaiserreich der Cruor
Tetnaziwyn Gonzo

Evelyn Gonzo

Arrondal Gonzo†

Zephon Gonzo
Xetron Gonzo

62 Gonzo Warriors Arrondal Gonzo

Adolf Gonzo The majority of rebelling Gonzo

Concurrent war
The Gonzo-Clough War

The Cruor-Dargonian War

The Second Gonzo Civil War is a conflict within the House of Gonzo, spewing from Tetnaziwyn's address to kill all the Clough at any cost. Arrondal had grown suspicious of Tetnaziwyn, and had noticed Tetnaziwyn began to siphon power from the Realm of Gonzo, weakening several of the kin of the Gonzo. The war had really begun however in Hauptsitz Stadt, where Tetnaziwyn had struck down Adolf Gonzo, his own brother, enraged at his brothers denial to assist him and seeing him as tainted by the blood of the Clough. Afterwards, Arrondal had enough of Tetnaziwyn's actions and had gone to preach him.

Allying himself with the Clough, a task force was taken to the Lassar Grottoes, now Tetnaziwyn's Lair. After a discussion between Tetnaziwyn and Arrondal, Tetnaziwyn had become so enraged that he lashed out against Arrondal, beginning an epic duel between the two Patriarchs as the Disciples and Clough, as well as Zephon and Xetron, began to do battle. A lengthy battle it was, however in the end, Tetnaziwyn prevailed over Arrondal and slayed him, killing the Mahjarrat once and for all. Afterwards, the rest of the Gonzo who had betrayed him and the Clough were forced to retreat, beginning a rift within the Gonzo.

Tetnaziwyn called the house to the Realm, however the numbers thinned by quite a bit and it was noticeable that he was betrayed. He had preached to his loyal kin, saying a dark time for the Gonzo was upon them and another war within itself had begun. He then siphoned power from the realm, weakening several kin from both sides in attempt to weaken only one.

Battles weren't as frequent as between the Clough and Gonzo, however the majority of battles were joint operations between the traditionalist Gonzo, who came to be known as the Order of Altus and the Clough, as well as Das Kaiserreich der Cruor. The war would continue to rage on for the entirety of the Gonzo-Clough War, however it was more apparent that the House of Gonzo was winning the civil war. Tetnaziwyn would frequently siphon power from the realm and would severly weaken all Gonzo Mahjarrat, including his own. The war itself would end during the Battle of the Gonzo Realm, which led to the ultimate destruction of the realm and the surrender of the Order of Altus, whom would take exile and hide themselves. Tetnaziwyn, left with a broken and frail realm, would siphon the power until the realm would destroy itself and weaken, if not killed, the majority of Gonzo Mahjarrat.




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