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The Resolute from the stern.

The Resolute is the name of Corvus Grey Anjou's personal yacht and flagship. It is currently serving with the Grey family navy.


The Resolute is a massive warship, carrying well over 200 guns, two multicannons, and many troop landers. The sides are mithril-plated to prevent enemy cannonballs from having too much of an effect. The ship also sports two dwarven-made steam engines.

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The Resolute, left, takes a hit from pirates.

   The engines and ship were both built at Corvus' behest by Concendo Heavy Industries on Karamja. Despite the large sail area and the two steam engines helping to run the ship, the Resolute is still slow and ponderous due to it's massive size and heavy armor plating and guns. In heavy weather, it is at risk of capsizing.



The Resolute underway.

The Resolute has seen action against the Kandarin Navy in the Anjou Uprising of 169. It also saw battle against pirates and revolutionary forces in the first year of the sixth age, the latter enemy ousting Corvus from power. The Resolute provided an escape vessel for the former king. Currently, while still flying the Grey flag, the massive battlewagon is sitting offshore of Asgarnia, waiting for the orders of Corvus.

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