The Pacem Order
The Pacem Order's symbol.

Order Name

The Pacem Order

Head of Order

Sindor'ler Hefin-Spero, The Council of Six

Founder of Order

Diastrom Spero



Order Motto

"For what is knowledge, if there is no one to protect it with."

Order Colors

Blue, White, and Gold


Northern Asgarnia, Southern Kandarin, Trollweiss, and Eastern Misthalin.

The Pacem Order is an ancient Asgarnian Order dating back to the first God Wars in the Third Age. They were founded by Diastrom Spero, the brother of Galethorn Aren and second eldest son of Aren the Mage. What little is known about the order is that they follow the three laws set down by their forefather, Diastrom. These laws consist of preserving knowledge, learning knowledge, and then applying it to preserve the peace within the Kingdoms.


​The Third Age

​The Second Born of Aren

The strength of a Diamond and the power of a Maelstrom. Diastrom Spero was named after these two creations of nature, he always followed his father's teachings dutifully, constantly trying to find balance within himself. It was when he reached the age of eighteen that his peaceful life changed, as he and his other siblings all enlisted in the God Wars, each brother picking a faction. Galethorn sided with Zamorak, the God of Chaos, the third eldest son, Riveroak, remained neutral as he followed their father's druidic teachings. Diastrom sided with Saradomin, the God of Order, it is here where the story unfolds.

The Battle for Hallowvale

At the age of eighteen years old, Diastrom joined with Saradomin, though he was not as magically gifted as his brother, Diastrom was a genius on the battlefield and had a good heart. Known as Diastrom the Hope, for every time he stepped onto the battlefield he'd be the one to rally the troops and lead them into the battle, as if he were a living beacon of light. It was the Fall of Hallowvale that changed the scape of his life though, Lord Drakan and his forces had decimated most of King Ascertes' armies as the Vyres pressed for control of the east. Saradomin ordered Diastrom himself to enter the fray, now at the age of 35 he'd arrive on the scene, only a few thousand soldiers remained against Zamorak's hundreds of thousands.


Diastrom before facing off with his brother, Galethorn.

Diastrom was accompanied by his younger brother Riveroak as well, as the forces of Saradomin and druids of Guthix alike fought to maintain control of Hallowvale. Though Lord Drakan's victory was assured as a sect of Zarosian forces pressed from the north, Alucard Draculea leading the squadron of Zarosian forces along with Ovilum Skalov. Diastrom and his battalion of warpriests and monks went to cut off the Zarosian forces from the main battlefield so that Riveroak could hold the line against Galethorn and Ulti'onem. Diastrom and his few hundred men skirmished with the Draculean Lord and the Lady Skalov, though the battle's outcome was a stalemate as both of their forces were killed by the other. Diastrom having succeeded in his battle against the Vyres, retreated back to the south east towards the Icyenic capital, where he dueled Galethorn for the first time. He knew those eyes, brimming with arcane energy. Diastrom faced off with a forty year old Galethorn Aren, the mage had been cursed by Zamorak, increasing his arcane prowess by tenfold making him an even more dangerous opponent for the Saradominist Monk. Though, Diastrom had his own gift as well, Saradomin, knowing Hallowvale couldn't last the onslaught of Zamorak, had blessed Diastrom's mind. Diastrom was gifted with Spectral Vision as his eyes began to glow a serenic blue, his mind had also been expanded, he was able to understand and learn his enemies tactics within minutes. The battle lasted for hours as Galethorn the Red and Diastrom the Hope clashed, the sky lit up with each spell they flung at each other. While Galethorn had Diastrom beat in raw power, it was Diastrom's mind where he caused the battle to end in a stale-mate, he was able to copy his brother's style of fighting to the point. Though, eventually Diastrom was forced to retreat from Hallowvale after it fell to Zamorak and his forces, where it would then be known as Morytania. After the fall of Hallowvale, Diastrom earned the title of 'The Hope.'

The Morytania Campaign

The Morytania Campaign was an event in the late Third Age in the vampyre-controlled region of Morytania. Six brothers named Ahrim, Dharok, Verac, Karil, Guthan and Torag, led a crusade consisting of several thousand Saradominist forces, including mercenaries and hired hands. The aim of the campaign was to reverse the damage done by Lord Drakan, who had conquered Hallowvale. One the men aiding the Barrows Brothers was Diastrom himself, being appointed a Lieutenant by General Zilyana after the death of King Ascertes and Queen Efaritay. After the nation had fallen to Drakan's continued raids, the Saradominists west of Morytania formed an army of the strongest warriors they could muster, including six young and promising brothers who had been provided power, weapons and armour by the Zarosian Mahjarrat Sliske. With a force of several thousand men, and the six brothers at their head, the crusaders left their humble homes in the west and crossed the River Salve into Morytania. As though on cue, the vampyric forces attacked once more. This time, however, the battle was a struggle. The crusaders suffered heavy casualties, and each man that died was a blow to the army. Diastrom led a squadron of crusaders to attack Skalov Castle, facing Ovilum Skalov on the battlefield once more, though again the duel was indecisive and Diastrom's entire squadron perished in the raid. He called in for reinforcements, leading another battalion of warpriests and monks into the Sanguisti Region to aid in the assault on the capital under the charge of the six brothers. The six's efforts were not so grand as well; Karil's bolts would miss, Ahrim's spells would not weaken the enemy as much, Dharok lost strength, Verac did not instil fear in their hearts any longer. They suffered wounds, and eventually were forced to retreat back to their camp. That same night, thus closing the campaign with a despairing sigh, the six Barrows Brothers died. Leaving Diastrom with only but a few hundred men, he retreated back west into the Kingdom of Misthalin. These few hundred Crusaders decided that in order to keep the peace, their minds had to be opened, thus Diastrom created The Pacem Order.

An Order Awakens

With the falling climax of the God Wars, Diastrom found his way into the land of what is known as today as Asgarnia. He'd trek upwards to the top of Ice Mountain, his spectral gaze staring into the distance, Diastrom knew he had to pass his gift along, that in order to have true peace he knew Galethorn had to die and that he'd establish his own legacy through his own order of monks, dedicated to preserving knowledge and applying that knowledge to keep the peace within Gielnor. Diastrom built a Monastery ontop of Ice Mountain with his own two hands, establishing it as the Pacem Order, which stood for hope, he then took on the surname of Spero for himself. As Diastrom Spero grew into his late forties, he had found love through a woman he had met in the God Wars and she bore four sons for him, he eventually raised each of them to be apart of the Pacem Order, and left them to follow the three laws of Pacem. The first being to preserve the knowledge, for if knowledge is lost, it cannot be used to keep the peace. The second of these laws, was to learn the knowledge, one must have a firm understanding of what they're using or what they're up against in order to keep the peace. The third and final law, is to apply the knowledge, the Pacem Order though mainly pacifists and preferring to keep to themselves, will use the knowledge they have learned to protect the ones they love and keep the peace within Gielnor.

The Battle for Paddewwa

As part of a campaign to reclaim the regions that would later become Asgarnia and Misthalin, Saradomin and his followers attacked the fortress of Paddewwa, where Edgeville now resides. Some of the few remaining Zarosians outside of the city of Sennisten had retreated to the fortress, and Saradomin wished to claim them as his followers. In an effort to do this, he commanded an army to attack the fortress, sending Diastrom who had rose to the rank of Lieutenant in Saradomin's army, led a battalion of warpriests and monks. Though despite the Zarosians calling for reinforcements, Diastrom and the other Saradomin forces were successful, and the fortress was destroyed, although it is unknown if this was due to Saradomin's actions or the result of a later conflict.

Aren vs Spero


Diastrom in his temple, dueling Galethorn for the final time.

The crack of lightning smashed into the snow ridden ground in the far north, A pair of glowing blue eyes looked at all the dead Saradomin forces before him. The Second Born of Aren was residing in his personal fortress in the far reaches of Trollweiss as the God Wars raged on, a pair of glowing red eyes met with Diastrom's as the doors to his fortress opened, of course it was none other than Galethorn Aren, the Taker of Souls, Butcher of Men, The Mage. Diastrom Spero, known as The Hope, the Monk of Hallowvale, or simply the Pacem Monk, stood up their eyes met as Galethorn immediately began casting high level spells, Diastrom matched him spell for spell, using his copycat ability to ward off Galethorn. Though it proved fruitless in the end, Galethorn began to use branches of magic that Diastrom had never seen before. The Mage used flesh, bone, and even spirit magic to overcome The Monk, and eventually it was learned that Galethorn won the fight due to the help of Ulti'onem the Betrayer. A Demon hailing from the Alyroth Clan, but one of the most powerful of them, the Avernic Demon cut off the monk's arm. Diastrom fell before Galethorn. His blue glowing eyes met Galethorn's, Diastrom didn't say a word, but simply smiled. Galethorn Aren struck Diastrom down, though before his soul was sucked into Galethorn's crystal he split his soul into four aspects spreading them across the four corners of Gielnor so that perhaps one day he may be resurrected, leaving the Pacem Order to be a force to be reckoned with on their own terms.

The Fourth Age

Marik Spero


Marik Spero in the Fourth Age.

The eldest son of Diastrom Spero, Marik, gained Grand Mastership after the death of his father. Marik Spero studied the laws of Diastrom dutifully, and was a master in the art of Air Magic, he was known as Marik, the wind of the north due to his prowess in the branch. It was during the Fourth Age where The Pacem Order prospered under the tutelage of Marik Spero, the monk fell in love with the woman known as Aurelia Daco, she was a fiery red haired warrior who hailed from the Fremmenik lands, together they bore three children, two sons and a daughter. While The Pacem Order prospered, the Kingdom of Kandarin was being threatened by a lich, Marik heard of the fall of the once great Aren site known as Duskfort, and the death of his long time friend Kendrick Aren.

The Pacem Monk decided to take matters into his own hands once he got word that a lich known only as, Thorvald Souleater, was on the loose. The lich spread death across Gielnor and consumed the souls of any unfortunate enough to cross his path, it was at Pacem Keep where the fall of the Pacem Monks began.

The Misthalin-Morytania War

The Misthalin–Morytania War was a conflict between the vampyres of Morytania and the Varrockian army. After taking over all of Hallowvale in the Third Age, Lord Drakan wanted to expand his borders, so he crossed the River Salve and waged war on the Kingdom of Misthalin. The Pacem Order had caught wind of this revolt against the Kingdom, the Grandmaster at the time Marik Spero and his brother, Syren aided Ivandis Seergaze and the Varrockian forces. Marik led a large force of battlemages, assaulting the town of Canifis to drive the werewolves and vampyres back holding the line on the western border, while Syren led another infantry troupe to the Mort Myre swamp so the vampire covens couldn't flank them from the south. After months of war against the humans, the vampyres retreated back to Morytania, and that led to the blessing of the River Salve to keep them there. Of those priestly warriors, Ivandis Seergaze still tried to battle the vampyres, which ultimately lead to his death. In the end Marik and Syren aided in the victory for the Kingdom of Misthalin, returning to Pacem Keep. Though the Warriors kept back the tide, the vampyres had soon recovered from their losses and grew ever stronger, cracking down harder on the struggling humans of the land, and thus ensued the Sanguinesti Liberation War, as the Myreque tried to claim back the Sanguinesti region of Morytania from the control of the merciless House Drakan.

The Pacem Lost

Marik knew immediately, he smelt the death approaching his fortress in the far north-east of Asgarnia. Thorvald Souleater intended to wipe out The Pacem Order, they had attempted to quell the threat of Martin Aren for too long. A pair of white glowing eyes were seen by Thorvald as the doors opened to Pacem Keep, it was none other than Marik Spero himself, the north wind, son of Diastrom Spero. He knew that in order for his family to survive, he had to face the lich alone. An immediate evacuation was ordered, but none escaped Thorvald's wrath. Marik Spero put up the best fight that he could, firing air surges and creating tornadoes every which way in an attempt to stall the immortal Aren, but to no avail. Eventually, Marik succumbed to his wounds, falling to his knees. The lich opened his maw and sucked the soul right out of Marik, his spectral vision leaving him as the light in his eyes die, Thorvald then proceeded to kill every other monk there, leaving no one alive in his destructive wake, The Pacem Order had fallen.

The Invasion from the North

The stench of undeath filled Syren Spero's nostrils, he had already lost most of his order to the undead, it was not going to happen again. The Mahjarrat, Zemouregal, led his this thousands of undead from the Wilderness, laying siege to the rising Kingdom of Avarrocka. Syren Spero led a small troupe of what remaining warpriests and monks he could muster, attacking the hordes of zombies from the west while the Varrockian army pressed from the south. It was a bloody battle as Syren and his troupe bloodied their weapons with necrotic ichor, holy magic searing the rotten flesh from their bodies. In the end though, the hero known as Arrav pushed Zemouregal back, while the Pacem Order aided the Varrockian army in the slaughtering of what zombies were left. After defending the city from the Necromantic Mahjarrat, Syren returned to Pacem Keep, preparing himself to hunt down a lich.

The Hunt for a Lich

Only the four sons of Diastrom had survived the ordeal. They reconvened in their brother monastery in Edgeville, deciding what should be done about the Order. The second eldest, Syren Spero became the new Grandmaster of The Pacem Order and took it upon himself to track down the devastating Aren that had destroyed Duskfort, and now Pacem Keep. Syren Spero spent most of his latter years attempting to track down the lich, finding a pattern as it ravaged throughout the Kingdom of Kandarin. Syren came across a man known as Malik Grest in the late Fourth Age, the two became good friends as they tracked down the Souleater together.

Screenshot 20170722-124457

Syren Spero, about to fight Thorvald.

The time had finally arrived, Syren and Malik's hunt was coming to an end. The two approached Brickforce Tower as they both sensed the Necrotic energies within, Malik and Syren engaged Thorvald in battle. Spero and Aren alike fighting for the peace of the Kingdom, the lich ripped out Grest's eye, Syren took his chance to fight Thorvald alone, attempting to buy his friend some time to recover. It was then, Malik found the Brickforce Mirror that he would use to imprison the lich, Syren fought valiantly so that his friend's plan could succeed, and it did. Syren Spero died a martyr, Malik Grest had imprisoned Thorvald, at the cost of The Pacem Order's Grandmaster.

The Phantom and The Warrior

"You expect me to just stand by, Mason?! Our brothers died defending the Kingdoms, I will not have our Order forgotten because you wish to run!" - Vincent Spero talking to his brother, Mason Spero.

Screenshot 20170722-125059

Vincent Spero in his younger years.

They were on the run for too long, Pacem Keep had been restored under the tutelage of Grandmaster Mason Spero, he had earned his name The Phantom due to his reclusive nature and keeping The Pacem Order secretive for the remainder of the Fourth Age. Though, the youngest of Diastrom's children, Vincent, did not agree with Mason's methods. He believed The Pacem Order should be prominent as it was in the late Third and early Fourth Age, Vincent and Mason had watched their kin die and what did the Grandmaster do? Nothing.

Vincent did what he believed was right, he challenged Mason to single combat, the duel was drawn out due to Mason's defensive style of fighting, eventually Vincent overpowered him though, killing his own brother and earning the title of Grandmaster and The Warrior.

Defending the Crystal City

As the city fell, the Iorwerth clans denied access to the Tower of Voices from within the city for those not of their bloodline, blocked access to the between and the eastern lands, and broke all contact with the eastern elven kingdom, an event known as the Siege of Priffdinas. The six elders of the other clans who remained in the city were captured and imprisoned by the Iorwerth. Baxtorian sent five elven scouts through the to investigate; only one survived, and told Baxtorian of the Iorwerth treachery. Baxtorian's forces and the forces of the other clans rushed back to liberate the city, commencing a five year campaign to fight back for return of the city's control to all eight elven clans, beginning in year 1930 of the Fourth Age. However, Baxtorian's forces were almost annihilated. During this time, Vincent Spero met the love of his life, who hailed from the Hefin Clan. Her name was Emerys Hefin, Vincent a about three hundred warpriests marched outside of the walls of the Crystal City in an attempt to defend them from the Iowerth forces, though ultimately they failed and fled back east of the Arandar Mountains, but not before he took Emerys with him as she was expecting child. Lord Iorwerth had summoned the power of the to strengthen him, easily defeating Baxtorian's elven forces. Baxtorian was unable to penetrate the well-fortified city walls and defeat Lord Iorwerth's army. Meanwhile Baxtorian's kingdom in the eastern lands fell into ruins, with his wife Queen captured by the enemy. Baxtorian could not continue fighting in this way, and the Baxtorian Campaign ended in year 1935 of the Fourth Age.

The Crusade in the Desert

The city of Avarrocka launched a crusade to a Zamorakian temple in the desert. Records have been lost, so the reason for this is unknown. Though some of the documents were recorded and saved by The Pacem Order, Vincent Spero was summoned by the King of Avarrocka at that, the King decided to send Vincent and a few monks from his order into the desert of Kharidia, rumors of demon activity had had reached the King's ears. The Warrior-Grandmaster and about 5-10 monks set out for the trek, they headed to the ruins of Uzer where they found nothing. Out of frustration, Vincent located a nearby Zamorakian temple in the desert, leading his squadron on monks to assault the the temple dedicated to the god of chaos, ransacking the place and killing everyone inside, though his entire raiding party was killed in the process. A waste of time for the violent Grandmaster, they traveled back to the Kingdom of Misthalin, though the monks that had accompanied Vincent died. The Spero Grandmaster furious that the King had wasted his time and resources, gave him a few choice words where Vincent was banished from the Kingdom.

The Fifth Age

The Battle at the Outpost

The Great Battle was a conflict fought in the Fifth Age. The battle was held at the Outpost north of Ardougne, between a small number of Saradominist and Zamorakian forces. Among the Saradominist forces was the Pacem Order, led by Vincent Spero at the time. His aid was not requested by the Commander of the Saradominist forces that were there, but due to his irrational and violent personality, he believed them too weak to win the battle on their own. The Zamorakians, had terrorized Ardougne for some time, their attacks causing the Dreaded Years of Tragedy. Ultimately, neither side was victorious, and the only survivors were the leaders of each side, men who had been former companions. Agreeing to follow Guthix, one went on to become the founder of the Ardougne Market and the other became the first king in the Ardignas line. The end of the battle left many parts of Kandarin in ruins but was soon rebuilt.

The Warrior's Death

Not all the monks agreed with his methods though, during Vincent's thirty year reign as Grandmaster the monks were an Order divided, those who followed the laws that Diastrom had set down for the Order and those who followed Vincent in his bloodthirsty conquest of rebuilding a new Pacem Order, one that wasn't afraid to fight. Eventually though, even Vincent the Warrior died in the battle for the Outpost. Thus leaving his son, Nico Spero to lead the Pacem Order until Carter Spero claimed the title.

Two Sons and a Daughter


Carter Spero studying magic.

Although, all was not lost, not yet. Through Marik Spero's blood-line he had three children. The eldest was Carter Spero, whom became the next Grand Master of the Pacem Order, the second son was Izaya Spero, whom was on the physical strength side instead of magic, preferring to use his weapon, Awakening. The daughter of Marik Spero was Rebecca Spero, who excelled at law magic and lunar magic. The three siblings eventually went on different paths, though it was through Carter Spero who kept the order alive throughout the Fifth Age.

The Last Kingdom of Morytania

In the late Fifth Age, during the reign of the Lordship of the North Coast, the Vampyres and noble Vampyre Covens in the south of Morytania noticed the notable presence of politically free humans living in their territory, and began threatening the lord. One of the denizens of the small Kingdom sent a hatily written letter to the Pacem Order. Izaya Spero, the second born of Marik Spero decided to take action, traveling to the northern coast of Morytania the warrior-monk of the Pacem Order attempted to fight off the vampyres that threatened the safety of the independent Kingdom. He gathered a group of six other monks who were well versed in the art of holy magic, they killed at least fifteen to twenty vampyres during the defense of the Lord's Castle. It was when Lord Drakan made the local Vyre Covens such as the Foryx, Skalov, Nourom, and Draculesti aware of the situation, Izaya was captured by the Vyres, the rest of the monks being killed in the siege of the castle. It is unknown where he is being held captive today. They soon subjugated the area surrounding the castle and trapped the surviving citizens within, acting on the manipulative advice of castle physician Doctor Fenkenstrain, Rologarth began sending residents to the Vampyres as tributes, in the hope that they might be satisfactorily appeased and leave the castle alone. This plan was a failure, and Rologarth realised that Fenkenstrain was in league with Lord Drakan. Desperate, Rologarth penned a letter to his brother Rologarric, who had left the castle some ten years previously due to a mistrust of Fenkenstrain, but received no response. Fenkenstrain, in a failed attempt to steal the Ring of Charos from Rologarth and then flee the castle, was forced to kill him to remain undercover. He was discovered doing this by other family members, whom he also murdered. Drakan enslaved what humans still dwelt in the castle, and he was rewarded for his services with permission to remain in the now empty building without having to pay blood tithes. He renamed the castle Castle Fenkenstrain, and practiced necromantic research there. This is when Izaya's brother, Carter sent a rescue party to find his brother, though they never returned. Assuming his brother dead, Carter led the Pacem Order to the best of his abilities, until eventually secluding himself in an unknown temple.

The Siege of the Holy City

The battle cry was heard for miles, the thousands of Kinshra forces pressed against the northern entrance of Falador. They were the first lineof defense for the city, Carter Spero and his Chief Warpriest, Amon Spero, the son of Jeffrey led the charge. Hundreds of warpriests and monks formed what was known as the 'wall' formation against the thousands of Black Knights. Holy magic was flung through the air, monk's polearms and spears were soaked in Kinshra blood, though the cost was high. It was the third day of the siege, Lord Sulla came in the dead of night, slaughtering what remained of Carter's forces. Among the deaths was Amon Spero. Carter retreated into the city with a handful of monks, maybe fifteen at best. Carter did what he could to aid the White Knights in staving off the remaining Kinshra, eventually the decisive Faladian victory was assured, thus ending the War of 164.

The Losses in the East

The Zamorakians broke through the doors and killed the majority of the Temple's residents with little resistance from the hapless Saradominist defenders. At the time, most of the Pacem Order had taken refuge in Paterdomus or the Edgeville Monastery. Most of the Spero died in the conflict other than the three siblings and four cousins who weren't present during the raid. Only two known priests survived the onslaught, one of the heads of the Priest, who was captured by the Zamorak Monks and imprisoned upstairs in the building. Following the battle, the Zamorakians took up residence in the Temple, calling themselves the Zamorakian Order of Paterdomus, and set about disgracing the lower floors of the Temple, throwing cloth over statues and busts of Saradomin and knocking over altars and other valuable relics. The Zamorakians occupied the temple until the end of the Sanguinesti Liberation War.

The Sixth Age

Returning to his Roots

A fierce wind blew at the bottom of the mountain that Diastrom's Temple was secluded in. The snow picked up as a violent blizzard covered the area, though this did not stop Solus Spero from achieving his goal. He began the trek up the mountain, leaving a set of footprints in the snow that covered up as fast as they were made. The Pacem Monk was not alone though, he turned to see a boy with yellow eyes and pale skin, he claimed to be from Martin Spero's line, though Solus knew there was no one by that name that had ever existed in his Order, therefore he was immediately cautious of the boy. He said his name was Philip, Solus believed he could trap the boy so he allowed him to travel with him to Diastrom's Temple. As they made their way up the mountain, Solus noticed Philip was carrying a large broadsword that had a wild and uncontrolled aura of magic to it, causing him to be more skeptical of the false Spero. They eventually reached the top of the mountain where Diastrom's Temple was said to be, but it was merely a tent. All seemed hopeless before Solus entered the tent, uncovering a secret entrance into his forefather's temple, he and Philip descended down the ladder and into the entrance room.

It was strange though, torches had already been lit inside but Philip seemed to pay no mind, Solus began to lecture the boy on Spero history as they entered the second room which had seven glyphs that radiated a faint magical aura. Six of the glyphs were in an outer circle and a seventh one was in the center, Solus knew this was his chance to trap the boy-lich, while he was lecturing the kid he told him to go read the seventh glyph in the center this is when he sprung his trap. In one swift movement, Solus activated the seven glyphs, as he had set this trap up days prior to Philip and him venturing into the temple. The boy revealed his true nature as he split open a rift in reality itself with his broadsword, Riftwave. Solus then escaped to the second chamber deeper underground, Philip's plans thwarted, escaped as well.

As Solus entered the second chamber, he had found what he was seeking. The Armor of Diastrom Spero, created out of a Copper/Silver mesh so it has much magic fluidity. Though, it was merely ceremonial at this point. After Solus had retrieved the armor, he made Cadava Aren aware of the situation of Philip Aren. Solus then learned there were many more threats to the realm other than Philip, so first thing was first. Solus Spero went to go enchant the Armor of Diastrom Spero.

Retrieving Stormclaw

A light breeze blew through Northern Kandarin as Solus stared at the ruins of Pacem Keep. It was the home of the Pacem Order during the Fourth Age, assaulted by Thorvald Souleater. It is where Marik Spero made his final stand, and saved his three brothers. Solus detected a high amount of necrotic energies, and elemental energies within the Pacem Keep, though like always he was not alone. A mysterious Aren showed up wearing goggles and a mask, the two engaged in conversation as the Aren revealed to be quite the expert in the art of portalmancy. As the two went further and further into the Keep, the memories of wisps danced through their minds, revealing the battle between Marik Spero and . Solus Spero and the Aren, who revealed himself to be Rick the Silent, eventually reached the top of the ruined Keep, where Solus found his grandfather's prized staff, Stormclaw. It was comprised of the very life anima of Marik Spero, which is why it was so powerful. Able to conjure raging thunderstorms and tempests if one can master it. Solus claimed the staff for himself, and decided that Pacem Keep needed some remodeling.

Reviving Tesla Aren

This was a strange occurrence, Solus was approached by a worshipper of at his own Keep. The man made him a proposition, test out his newfound power by aiding him in the revival of his master. Solus agreed but on a set of conditions, they could not do it at Pacem Keep. They instead traveled to his forefather's old temple in Kandarin somewhere, where Solus provided the power source for the soul of Tesla Aren to be conduited into the followers body, it was revealed Tesla Aren is immortal so long as he has a host body. Solus though, fearing what he had done quickly escaped Diastrom's Temple as Tesla set up various odd spells inside the temple.

The Coronation of the Queen

The day had finally arrived, High King Axel Vekon the IV was handing over the Kingdom of Arenvale to the daughter of Marcus Aren and Rebecca Spero, her name was Vynriette Aren. Lord High Inquisitor Christopher Aren was the one who officiated the coronation ceremony, while Solus simply attended. He remained silent for most of the time, until the coronation was over where he was summoned specifically by the new crowned Queen to her court. Solus approached the throne of Vynriette Aren, where she had asked him various questions. Questioning his political experience, how loyal he was to the Aren and so forth. He replied with honest answers, he was more of a spiritual man than a political one. This is when she appointed Solus the Duke of Yanille, in an unexcpected turn of events. She then ordered him and Tesla Aren to investigate another matter, a sect of druids had been discovered living in the southern Kandarin region.

The Oaken Guild

It was a unique pair Queen Vynriette ordered to go on the mission, Tesla Aren and Solus Spero made their way into the forest outside of Yanille. Heading north as they discussed reversal magics for a few minutes before finally arriving at their destination. There was a couple outside, a man with a ginger beard and a woman who wore leaves as clothes, they radiated nature energies in Solus' eyes, he also sensed a great natural anima beneath the grotto that the druidic couple resided in. Tesla Aren greeted them as the Oaken Guild, descendants of Riveroak, the third son of Aren the Mage who followed the teachings of his father, keeping the balance within himself and in nature. Tesla and Solus made their way inside the grotto, where they were greeting with a beautiful, lush valley but in the center was a giant willow tree and a skeleton melded into its bark, the willow tree's anima was fading quickly. Tesla then ordered Solus to summon their lunch, Solus hesitant at first did what he was told, though instead of summoning food, their grand uncle, Luminaero Riveroak was brought back into the world of the living as the willow tree was restored to life as well. The man had a beard comprised of vines, Solus began to question Riveroak about keeping the balance and what Diastrom Spero was like, this is when Riveroak discovered that Diastrom was not truly dead. Witnessing the second battle that occurred between he and Galethorn, Diastrom split his soul into four aspects before he died, sending them across the far reaches of Gielnor, though one resided in Solus' Armor. It was the Aspect of Conviction, it overpowered Solus for a brief moment as Diastrom and Riveroak embraced as brothers, exchanging a few words, Diastrom agreed that he would help Solus locate his other aspects and find a new body. With that, Solus regained his body, eventually figuring out what had transpired during that time. He and Tesla Aren went to report what had happened to the Queen of Arenvale.

Reporting to Brickforce Tower

Solus arrived at the site of Brickforce Tower's construction site, he told Vynriette and Freyl the entire story of what had transpired among him, Tesla, and Riveroak. He told them that the third son of Aren had a sect of druids that still followed his teachings and that Riveroak himself had been brought back from the dead. Solus conversed with Vynriette and Freyl about their various histories, until Vynriette had paperwork to attend to, leaving only Freyl Aren and Solus Spero. The two began to discuss their methods and theories on Alchemy, Freyl practically falling in love with the Pacem Monk, they made their separate ways as Solus headed to the Wizard's Guild in an attempt to find any information on his forefather, Diastrom Spero.

A Man's Greatest Ability

The thunderstorm was a perfect backdrop, the lightning cracking across the northern Kandar sky. Thunderous booms rolling over the Arandar Mountains, the slopes had been made slippery due to the heavy rains. There stood Solus Spero somewhere in the Arandar Mountains, he had tracked down a place of importance to the Pacem Order, it dated back all the way to the Third Age. He reluctantly accepted the company of a certain Janus Spero-Aren, the Lord Keeper under Janet Aren's time. The two traveled into a secret entrance of the Mountains, revealing a large inner chamber that consisted of four pillars. Each belonging to the first four eldest sons of Aren; Galethorn, Diastrom, Riveroak, and William. Solus elaborated on some history of the chamber, before pulling a lever in the center of the room, opening the door to the second chamber as dust billowed into the first chamber. An old man garbed in a nice suit, a dragonstone amulet, and a cane emerged. He had snow white hair, liver spots on his hands and face and shared the spectral vision of the Spero's. He revealed himself to be an aged Carter Spero, Solus' father. Carter had an enhanced spectral vision that saw the very nature of Solus' and Janus' souls, Janus was revealed to be the son of Vincent Spero, the Warrior and brother of Marik, Syren, and Mason Spero. Carter gifted Janus with his father's blade known as Fury, and he imparted his final words to Solus, asking if he remember his trials when he was just a boy? Solus on the verge of tears said yes, Carter asking 'What is the greatest ability man has?' Having gave Solus the answer long ago, Carter repeated it. 'To love one's family, lay their life down for them. To live for them, to die for them. For what good is Knowledge if there is no one to cherish and protect them with it.' With this Carter died, delivering his soul to Saradomin but not before gifting his son with his amulet, which housed the Aspect of Diastrom's Hope. Solus was flooded with memories once more about his great grandfather, as he now has attained Diastrom's Conviction and Hope. He headed to the Kingdom of Arenvale to report what had happened to Queen Vynriette.

The Queen of Two Bloodlines

The Pacem Monk made his way to the castle of Arenvale, seeing Vynriette, Malik Grest, and a boy known as Daemon Aren. It was strange Solus sensed a purified aura of within the boy, Solus reported to the Queen about his encounter with Janus and with his father Carter Spero. Revealing to the Queen he plans to gather all the Aspects of Diastrom so that he can learn all he can from his forefather and provide a new body for him. He has located the third Aspect of Diastrom, it was whispered to be in Rebecca Spero's possession inside of her tome. Solus heads to Araxxi Tower so that he may let his Aunt know of her brother's fate and all that has transpired in the past few weeks.

The Daughter of Marik Spero

The Duke of Yanille, Solus had arrived at Araxxi Tower in the northern Arandar Mountains. He embraced his Aunt with tears in his eyes as he linked his mind with her, whispering his father's final words to her. She had heard his philosophy before and saw the Amulet of Carter on Solus' neck, they both cried and hugged each other. Solus shared with her the information of the Oaken Guild, Carter Spero's demise, and the Aspects of Diastrom Spero. He then revealed to her that the third Aspect was within her very book that she studied lunar magics in, she offered him a challenge in return for the book. Solus had to save Rebecca's friend, Angela Aren from the clutches of a witch within Mortanyia, though he soon discovered she wasn't talking about a witch at all. She was talking about .

Encountering a Vyre

Solus traveled across the River Salve, he was a Saradominist Monk entering into the heart of darkness. He made his way towards Castle Skalov, where he knew Ovilum was holding Angela captive. Though the Lady Vyre was not alone, she was accompanied by another Vyre by the name of Domina, and the man Ren. Ovilum saw Solus approach in his forefather's armor, her eyes widenening she remembered Diastrom from the God Wars, repeating 'You.' The two had fought on the battlefield at one point during the God Wars, though there is no definite winner between their duel, it is rumored Diastrom won as he had only ever last to one man, his brother. The Vyre requested he give her something in return for the freedom of Angela Aren, Solus offered himself as tribute, but she declined claiming she desired the staff of Marik Spero, Stormclaw. After some indecision, Solus agrees but not before he removes the anima of Marik Spero from the staff while Ovilum was busy with Domina and Ren, he placed a false 'power' within the staff to make it seem powerful still. Though she would only be able to conjure one storm before the staff dissipates, Ovilum ordered Domina and Ren to kill Solus and toss him over the Salve after the trade was completed, though Solus knew not to trust the Vyre, he quickly bolted out of the castle with Angela in his arms. Teleporting away once he got out of the area of the teleportation block she had casted. He headed to Araxxi Tower to deliver Angela Aren to his aunt, Rebecca Spero.

The Truth Revealed

After arriving at Araxxi Tower safely with Angela Aren, Solus placed her in the chair nearest to Rebecca. It was found out Angela was actually treated kindly by her Vyrelady master, though that was not the matter at hand. Angela and Rebecca began to discuss a failed summoning ritual that Rebecca performed in her younger years, having summoned a very powerful Alyroth Demon that escaped her. Solus was given Rebecca's tome as the Aspect of Diastrom's Intelligence merged into his soul, revealing more memories. It was discovered that in the second duel between Galethorn and Diastrom, the demon known as Ulti'onem the Betrayer ensured the Aren's victory by cleaving off Diastrom's arm. Diastrom uttered two phrases in the language of power before his death, the first phrase splitting his soul into the four aspects and sending them across Gielnor before Galethorn struck him down, the second phrase banishing Ulti'onem back to the dimension of Infernus. Though, as stated before in Rebecca's younger years sometime in the Fifth Age, the demon she had summoned and lost control of was . Solus declared that the demon must be found along with the last Aspect of Diastrom's soul, though before departing he told his aunt the situation of her youngest daughter, that he was going to bring Jewell Spero home.

The Mission at Timestand Castle

Jewell Spero and Gustav Aren traveled to the southern coast of Kandarin, there it stood. The former Castle of Rick Aren the Silent, long since forgotten since the Fourth Age. They made their way inside the castle, but there was a large amount of anima within the place, causing Jewell's spectral vision to be speratic, she held onto Gustav to guide her through the castle, they were encountered by a demonic presence that frightened them, they blasted a hole in the stone wall, walking in a chamber that held a black bell with various red markings on it. The demon revealed himself to be Khloshi, a servant of Kendrick Aren. Telling them to take the bell to the Pale Manor if they wished for him to restore the castle, Gustav disappeared with the bell as Jewell made her way back to Arenvale Castle to let the Queen know of the news. Though, it was not as it seemed, she met Chief Advisor Mallik Grest where he informed her she had been tricked by the demon, and that all things demonic and necromantic were to be purged inside the Castle. Jewell sighed, heading off once more back to Timestand.

Preparing for War


Misaldi Icau, leader of the remnants of the Myreque.

This time it was Solus who met with Chief Advisor Grest, after informing him the City of Yanille had become prosperous economically under his leadership, he told the man he had found his uncle. Izaya Spero had been captured by a Vyrelord in Morytania when he was defending the Lordship of the North Coast from vampyres. Solus made a battleplan that involved five hundred soldiers, and docking in the infamous island of Mos Le Harmless. Chief Advisor Grest gave Solus his blessings as Solus and Freyl met up, telling the Lord Archmage he's going to need a lot of silver sickles produced. After this, the Duke met with the acting leader of the Myreque, Misaldi Icau. The group was skeptical of him at first, and after much debating and discussion a new plan was revised. Solus will instead only bring fifty soldiers, and will establish a small garrison in Port Phasmays. Solus has sent a letter to Freyl Aren and Mallik Grest informing them of his new plan.

Occupation of Port Phasmays

A militia private sat in the Crow's Nest, he yelled down to the main deck below. He and about fifty-five other individuals were aboard the warship known as Mallakai. Freyl Aren conjured the mist to hide the ship as they approached from the north. Solus and Terenas Haven stood on the commander's deck, they had finally arrived. Solus, Terenas Haven, Freyl Aren, Cyrus Amberose, and Kimi Mela walked onto the Port Phasmays pier, the militia soldiers unloaded the cargo which consisted of preserved food, armor, and components to create blessed flails. They met with Misaldi Icau and Proteus, two members of the Myreque. They discussed the details in their temporary base of operations, a warehouse in Phasmays. Solus and his small militia force occupied the port, gave the Myreque their share of food, armor, and weapons. They discussed the training regime for the men, and the plan to find Izaya Spero and his sword, Valor. The Myreque then departed, both the parties agreeing to help each other to the best of their abilities.

The Soul of the Second Born

After a small investigation in the settlement on Canifis, along with the prior information we had already gathered in our Duke's adventures, we have three suspects that are to be considered armed and dangerous, but may know the whereabouts of a certain Izaya Spero and his blade, Valor. Following up the investigation into the local vampyres that show their faces in Canifis. Terenas had taken on the disguise of a 'werewolf' because there's no way he could pass for a vampyre. After further investigation he has met three vampyres who know not his true identity, Ovilum Skalov, Seline Draculea, and Domina Draculea. With rumors of the Vyrelord, Ezio Nylsugo. he did not know if any of them tie into the disappearance of Izaya, but surely they know. The men have begun to learn the basics of wielding the flails, though more progress is certainly needed. Though he beared news, he also beared grave news. Their numbers grow, they've turned a Meiyerditch citizen into a sniveling juvenile. Intending to gain their trust by playing the role of a 'blood farmer.' After the investigation work, the Duke himself showed himself at the bar. He found the man responsible for the death of his uncle, and where his blade resided. Solus put up quite the fight against the Vyrelord, think his name was Ezio Nylsugo. And he rightly pissed off the Draculea Coven, much to dismay They marched south in the night, while the Vyres and werewolves were unaware. Had to kill a few of them that tried to attack them, probably around forty of them or so. And what a little treasure they came across, the sniveling juvenile that Ovilum Skalov had turned, they captured him and took him to an old ruin in southern Morytania, hoping Ovilum would come to us. What do you know? This same ruin, I think that's Izaya's sword, and well...his skeletal body. They'll all pay for what they've done Commander Icau, the soul is complete. The Vyrelady, Ovilum eventually showed up, she didn't take us a serious threat. I had her boy's neck wrapped around a silvthril chain. Solus knew the plan though, she had sixty seconds to get a piece of Blisterwood, or the Vyre boy dies. Well she waited until the count of two, so Terenas caught her by surprise. Broke the leeches neck and ripped the head from his shoulders, think it got caught on my chain when they teleported away. If the plan went accordingly, the boys detonated the explosives, knowing they weren't gonna make it back home. Those are the men they fight for, assuming the Myreque will no longer have doings with Yanille after this stunt, but be assured. They will be back for that Blisterwood, and the death of any Vyre that threatens the free people of the Hallowlands.

The Spero Mind

In the Third Age, as the God Wars raged upon Gielnor, Diastrom Spero's mind was blessed by Saradomin, and all those who came after him as well. The abilities that Saradomin gifted Diastrom and his blood line with are as follows

  • Spectral Vision - The ability to see magical auras around all living creatures, as well as being able to see life anima flow through all living things.
  • Enhanced Thought Process - Through the blessing of Saradomin, Diastrom and his Spero blood line are able to learn any form of combat, lore, or anything else of the like at a rapid pace. Example; it only took Marik a week to become an adept in the art of Air Magic.
  • Fortified Mind - The ability of having one's mind like a fortress, Lunar Mages, Cerebralmancers, and any mind mages of the like would find that attempting to enter a Spero's mind will prove very difficult. A good example of this being, A Spero's Mind is similar to that of a fort built entirely of steel.

Notable Speros Today

Living Spero

  • Sindor'ler Hefin-Spero - The Grandson of Vincent Spero and Emerys Hefin, He's also the son of Nico Spero and second cousin of Solus Spero. He has been seen active, he is 1/4 elf due to Vincent marrying into the noble elven House Hefin.
  • Glock Spero - The son of Izaya Spero, first cousin to Solus. He was last seen traveling to the Kingdom of Asgarnia to establish a branch of The Pacem Order.
  • Jewell Spero - The daughter of Rebecca Spero, first cousin to Solus. She was last seen traveling to the Kingdom of Misthalin to establish a branch of The Pacem Order. Recently found by Solus and has returned to Kandarin, participating in the Timestand Campaign.
  • Rebecca Spero - The Third Born of Marik Spero. Quite adept in the darker forms of arcane arts, she defected from the Pacem Order due to dabbling in Demonology and it is said she summoned a very powerful Alyroth Demon in the Wizard's Tower. Having since redeemed herself, she is the mother of Vynriette Aren.
  • Vynriette Spero-Aren - Vynriette has always been Calculated and deceitful, from her time spent with her father in the Khazard army to her time that is now spent with the Aren Family. She is, however, kindhearted and cool-headed. Recently coronated the Queen of Arenvale, her mother is Rebecca Spero.
  • Janus Spero-Aren - An undead lich by unknown means, he was the Lord Keeper for Janet Aren during her reign as Grandmaster, it is known he is one of the sons of Vincent Spero.

Missing Spero

  • Solus Spero - Former Duke of Yanille, former Grandmaster of the Pacem Order. Mastered Alchemy, Enchantments, and Reversal Curses in form of Language. Committed 'suicide' atop of Armadyl's Focus. Son of Carter Spero and Evelyn Aren.

Dead Spero

  • Diastrom Spero - Founder of The Pacem Order, known as Diastrom the Hope in the God Wars. He died at the hands of his brother Galethorn Aren, during their second duel.
  • Marik Spero - Former Grand Master of The Pacem Order, died in the late Fourth Age after keeping his family safe from Thorvald Souleater. He was known as Marik Spero, the North Wind due to his prowess in Air Magic.
  • Syren Spero - Brother of Marik Spero, after the death of Marik he attempted to hunt down Thorvald on his own which led to his demise.
  • Nico Spero - Former Grandmaster of the Pacem Order, said to have died of natural causes.
  • Mason Spero - Brother of Marik Spero and former Grandmaster of The Pacem Order. Kept the Order hidden from Thorvald and any other threats in the Fourth Age after the death of Syren and Marik. Killed by Vincent Spero.
  • Vincent Spero - The youngest of the four brothers, He was irrational and angry that Mason would rather hide than fight. Died in the Great Battle.
  • Carter Spero - Former Grandmaster of the Order and father of Solus Spero. He is the First Born of Marik Spero, and was always wise beyond his years. He contradicted the Order's teachings by instead living by the heart instead of mind, he died after growing old and giving his son his Amulet.
  • Izaya Spero - Brother of Carter Spero, fought in the Lordship of the North Coast. Killed by Ezio Nylsugo.

Land Owned

  • Pacem Keep - A hidden monastery in the far north eastern reaches of Asgarnia, said to be located near Ice Mountain.
  • Diastrom's Temple (Destroyed) - Where Diastrom Spero was blessed by Saradomin during the Third Age, his temple was destroyed by he and Galethorn's duel. It now lies in ruins in the far north, near Trollweiss.


The Pacem Order has a rich heritage and lore on the realm of Gielnor, ranging from the God Wars all the way to the present day of the Sixth Age. Over that time they have made enemies, they have made allies. These are the relationships they have established in the past and present;


  • Kingdom of Hynafiaid - Neutral, led by the Hynafiaid Council.
  • Kingdom of Misthalin - Neutral, led by Lord Protector Robyn Lysiar.
  • Caliph of Kharidia - Neutral, led by Caliph-Pharaoh Tumuh Khalam-Dae.
  • Kingdom of Camelot - Neutral, led by King Xel Praven.
  • The Sword-Point Coalition - Neutral, led by Captain Tamitha C. Volt.
  • The Myreque - Neutral, led by Casildiu, though Misaldi Icau acts as commander in his absence.


  • The Zamorakian Council - Hostile, as it is with order and chaos. The Pacem Order has always been a known enemy to Zamorakians. With the God Wars in the Third Age, The Misthalin-Morytania War of the Fourth Age, and the Great Battle, Lordship of the North Coast, and Occupation of Paterdomus in the Fifth Age.
  • Kingdom of Forinthry - Hostile, as it is with order and chaos. The Pacem Order has always been a known enemy to Zamorakians.
  • The Kinshra (Black Knights.) - Hostile, the enemies of the White Knights as they serve Zamorak, the god of chaos. The Pacem Order has never had any direct interaction with the Kinshra, though since they're the enemy of Saradomin and White Knights, the hostility is there.
  • The Vampyre Covens of Morytania - Hostile, due to the warring history between the order and the various vampire covens of Morytania, a strong hatred has grown for the abominations through the God Wars, Misthalin-Morytania War, and Lordship of the North Coast.
  • Goblin Tribes - Hostile, the Pacem Order does not condone the blood lust of the war hungry Bandosians.

List of Grandmasters

Third Age

  • Diastrom Spero - Held for 50 years, Founder of the Order.

Fourth Age

  • Marik Spero - Held for 80 years, Famed Aeromancer of the Fourth Age. Eldest son of Diastrom Spero.
  • Syren Spero - Held for 40 years, first brother of Marik Spero and died attempting to hunt down Thorvald.
  • Darza Spero - Held for 40 years, the eldest son of Syren Spero.
  • Stanis Spero - Held for 60 years, the second son of Syren Spero.
  • Jeffrey Spero - Held for 25 years, the third and last son of Syren Spero.
  • Mason Spero - Held for 50 years, known as The Phantom due to him secluding The Pacem Order away from Gielnor after the invasion of Thorvald. The second brother of Marik Spero.
  • Vincent Spero - Held for 30 years, one of the most irrational Grandmasters. The youngest brother of Marik Spero.

Fifth Age

  • Tormund Spero - Held for 20 years, the only son of Stanis Spero.
  • Nico Spero - Held for 30 years, the eldest son of Vincent Spero.
  • Carter Spero - Held for 80 years, eldest son of Marik Spero.

Sixth Age

  • Solus Spero - Current, Son of Carter Spero, Grandson of Marik Spero. One of the last remaining Pacem Monks, currently enrolled at the Aren Arcane Institute learning about Magic Reversal Curses, Alchemy, and Enchantments.

Spero Artifacts

Armor of Diastrom Spero - The battle-armor Diastrom wore during the God Wars, it is made of a Copper and Silver mesh as to provide a high amount of magical tolerance. Has been recently found and enchanted by Solus Spero, allowing him to use a limited amount of Magic Reversal Curses through the Armor itself.

Stormclaw - Marik Spero's battlestaff, he had this staff since he was in his teens and it was even used in the fight against Thorvald Souleater, it is said to be powerful enough to create tsunamis and typhoons.

Awakening - The blade of Izaya Spero, it was blessed by his brother Carter. The blade has the ability to splice through magic, instead of channeling it.

Amulet of Carter Spero - An amulet worn by Carter Spero, it is said to provide the wearer with speed that surpasses that of a normal man, if used with Awakening or Stormclaw it will provide a deadly combo.

The Tome of Rebecca Spero - Rebecca Spero's personal research on Lunar Magic, she studied the art of mind reading, mind blocking, and when advanced enough perhaps even mind manipulation.

The Council of Six

After the reckless acts of Vincent Spero, the Council of Six was established in the Fifth Age to provide a checks and balances system for the Grandmaster. Declarations of war, forging of alliances, the purchasing of land, and the passing of new laws within the order are held by a voting system in the council. In the event there is a tie, the Grandmaster provides the seventh vote. The positions on the council are;

  • Chief Warpriest - This position is tasked with training the monks in the art of hand to hand combat as well as the basics of magic. They lead any military campaigns launched by the order, and command what militants the order does have. This position is vacant.
  • Lord/Lady Curator - This position is tasked with the keeping of all legal documents for the order; births, deaths, treaties, trade agreements, and such. They also are the loremaster for the order and are tasked with preserving all knowledge gained. This position is vacant.
  • Lord/Lady Keeper - This position is tasked with the burial rites for the members of the order, the embalming of their bodies, and preserving the knowledge of the dead Spero. This position is vacant.
  • Lord/Lady Ambassador - This position is tasked with establishing relationships with other groups that align with the order's goals. They also are the ones who establish the trade agreements and purchasing of land, but not without the consent of the council. This position is held by Jewell Spero.
  • High Priest/Priestess - This position is tasked with the spiritual guidance and teachings of the order. Teaching the monks the ways of Saradominism, they also hold the ascension trials when the members of the order come of age. This position is held by Sindor'ler Hefin-Spero.
  • Herbmaster/Herbmistress - This position is tasked with the collection of spiritual and medicinal herbs. Due to the order not practicing the darker forms of magic, they cannot use blood magic to heal themselves, and instead use herbs and potions. This position is vacant.
  • Grand Advisor - This position is tasked with being the 'second-in-command.' Though they hold no more power than the other council members, they are the personal advisor for the Grandmaster and are the voice of reason within the order. This position is vacant.


  • Diastrom Spero is the Second Eldest son of Aren the Mage.
  • Diastrom was the brother of Galethorn Aren.
  • Marik Spero was one of the most powerful Aeromancers of the Fourth Age.
  • Marik Spero and Kendrick Aren were close friends.
  • It is rumored Carter, Izaya, and Rebecca are all still alive.
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